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Written by Adam Gros



Metaspins is a new crypto-only casino focusing on anonymity and being VPN-friendly. It’s a small casino with not many games and hardly any bonuses, although they have a unique way of giving out promotions called the Metaspin. They have an interesting level-up program with a rakeback promising huge percentages, which is misleading. What sets them apart from most other crypto casinos is the crypto lottery. Not many casinos have this, so this is a nice addition.

Established in 2022, Metaspins is licensed and regulated by the government of Curacao.

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  • Few restricted countries


  • Gambling addiction help links hard to find
  • No regular promotions


Metaspins Traffic Map

Players Top GEO's:

  • US
  • Germany
  • UK

* Acquired from Google Trends. Not an indication that the casino accepts or targets those countries!

Metaspins Bonuses Screenshot
Metaspins Lottery Screenshot
Metaspins Bonuses Screenshot
Metaspins Lottery Screenshot

Metaspins Bonuses


Number of Welcome + Regular Bonuses

They offer very few welcome and regular bonuses (most casinos offer at least 4)

* Regular Bonuses = Reload, Cashback, Free spins, Rakeback, Faucet

Welcome Bonus Amount

The welcome package amount is higher than in most casinos!

Welcome Bonus Free Spins

There are very few or none welcome free spins (most casinos offer at least 100).

Number of Regular Weekly Promotions

They offer very few regular promotions (most casinos have at least 2 weekly promotions).

* Regular Promotions = all time-unlimited promotions without the welcome offer and bonuses in the VIP/loyalty program

Regular Weekly Bonuses Amount

There aren't any regular weekly bonuses.

* Regular Bonuses = Reload, Cashback, Free spins, Rakeback, Faucet

Regular Weekly Free Spins

There are very few weekly free spins (most casinos offer at least 100).

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are very high (most casinos require 40x wagering (on bonus) or less).

* Average wagering requirements across all regular bonuses are taken into account.

When you look at Metaspins Casino, you see that they put all their bets on their level-up program. There is only one welcome bonus, but they promise a huge rakeback in the level-up. But do they deliver?

Metaspins First Deposit Bonus

100% up to 1 BTC
25x wagering (bonus+deposit)

This is the 'classic' crypto casino bonus you can find in most crypto casinos, although it's often coupled with some free spins. The minimum deposit is 0.1 mBTC.

This bonus doesn't reach the standards compared to what you can get in the best crypto casinos. Free spins would be welcome, but most importantly, wagering is high. Most casinos offer a 40x wager on bonus, and even that is considered high wagering. For comparison, look in the FortuneJack review for one of the best first deposit bonuses.


Metaspins promises up to 50% rakeback with the option to get an additional 10% rakeback in your daily metaspin (explained in the loyalty section of the Metaspins review). When you find a promotion this high, you must be careful. There is always a catch.

Imagine: the rakeback is calculated based on the theoretical house edge of casino games, and the house edge is what the casino lives of. In other words, the higher the rakeback, that much less bread and butter for the casino. Metaspins doesn't have its own games, so they must pay commission to game providers offering their games in Metaspins, which again comes from the house edge. So trust me when I tell you that no casino will give up more than half of what they earn.

That's why there is "up to" 50% rakeback. When I started looking at what this 'up-to' means, things became very unclear. The terms and conditions are a mess. There is something about the rakeback in the Level Up Metaspin terms, but you have no idea what goes where. So I turned to support. You can find the screenshot of my chat above.

It turns out that the rakeback isn't calculated by taking your wagers, multiplying them with the house edge percentage, and then with your rakeback percentage, as it should be done. Instead, there is a random multiplier involved for some reason. It took me a while to get this because a random multiplier in rakeback doesn't make sense.

This is not rakeback at all.
Don't expect to get too much from this promotion.

Now I might be wrong about how this all comes together because no terms define this in any way, and I had to drag everything out of support, and even then, I had only bits and pieces. I only know that you get a random multiplier between 1x and 25x on your bet, which defines how much rakeback you actually get at the end.

Support gave me an example: "You get $1 rakeback, you get a 2x multiplier, that means you won $2." That would mean that my rakeback is multiplied by this multiplier, which we know isn't true because then you would get AT LEAST 50% rakeback or whatever your percent is, not 'up-to'. This already made me mistrustful.

If you ask me, the 25x multiplier defines the maximum rakeback you can get, so 50% if you're on the highest levels. Or in other words, if you get a 1x multiplier (which I bet is the most common one), you get your rakeback percentage divided by 25. That means you will mostly get a 2% rakeback. And this is for the highest levels.

I work with casinos for a living, and delving into details like this is my job. But most players won't do this.

If I was a player and a casino promised me 50% wagering, I would be betting my socks off to get to the highest levels as quick as possible. And then be thoroughly disappointed.

It's sad because this could be one of the things that would make Metaspins stand out. I don't mean offering 50% rakeback, but a solid number and no misleading would be nice. Instead, they have a crypto lottery, which is rare, and I explain below, but that's it. In every other aspect, they are a lesser casino.

If you want an actual rakeback and unambiguous terms, use our exclusive promotions at Stake Casino and get 10% from the start.

Metaspins Lottery

I decided to single out the Metaspins Lottery because an actual crypto lottery is very hard to come by. Although, after the rakeback fiasco, I'm not sure I would trust Metaspins to do this fairly.

They offer a daily $20,000 in BTC jackpot. You can buy one ticket for $0.2 or a bit less if you buy more than one. Another way to get lottery tickets is with the daily meta spin and leveling up.

Only a handful of casinos offer a lottery that's actually in crypto. The best one is housed by BC.Game.

Other Promotions

There is not much else to speak of. Everything revolves around the level-up program and the daily metaspin if you manage to earn one. The spin can get you a few different things, including a reload bonus of 50% with 15-25x wagering (bonus+deposit), depending on your level.

There are no other bonuses, free spins, or cashbacks. The reload bonus once again has high wagering, so if you're set on using bonuses, choosing another casino will be a better choice—BitStarz, for example, or mBit Casino.

Metaspins Lobby Screenshot
Metaspins Lobby Screenshot

Metaspins Review: Games


Number of Games

They could have more games (the best casinos have at least 4000)

Game Providers

They could offer games from more game providers (the best casinos work with at least 50)

Game Variety

You will find all the popular regular and live games (slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat)!

Provably Fair Games

The casino offers games provably fair by the player

Number of Crypto Games

They have one of the most diverse offers of crypto games!

* Crypto games: Dice, Crash, Plinko

Metaspins offers over 2500 games from almost 50 game providers. This is among the smallest casino game collections, although you can still find all game types, including the crypto crash game and Bitcoin dice, but no in-house games.

There is a provably fair category which is welcome, so you don't have to look for them manually. If you prefer in-house provably fair games, which are usually better designed, BC.Game has the most extensive collection.

The lobby is a clean dark grey with large colorful game thumbnails and looks modern. There are the usual game categories and the menu for the main game types. You can only filter games by providers by clicking on 'All games' and then choosing one provider. Or you can select one of the categories in the lobby or from the menu and sort games by the release date or alphabetically.

This is all very basic, and some more filtering would be welcome, at least by bonus-buy features, jackpot games, and maybe RTP or volatility.

You can play games for free, but if you're not logged in, the signup window will open over every game you play, and you must close it each time.

Your latest games will be shown at the top in the lobby, and you can also access the game history in your account.

Accessibility & UX


Number of Supported Languages

The casino offers it's site only in 7 languages (most casinos have at least 7)


The casino accepts only 9 cryptocurrencies (most casinos accept at least 10)

Restricted Countries

Less countries are restricted from playing than in most casinos!

* Includes restricted countries for using bonuses as well.

Desktop Site Speed

Desktop website is among the fastest!

* Measured with Google Page Speed Insights (Largest Contentful Paint)

Mobile Site Speed

Mobile website is among the fastest!

* Measured with Google Page Speed Insights (Largest Content Paint)

Hard to Find Info

Gambling addiction help links

Lost or Diminished Functionalities on Mobile

All functionalities work well on mobile

Popup Notifications

There are no intrusive and unnecessery notifications and popups

* Popups and notifications are deemed intrusive if they keep opening on multiple pages even after closing, covering the majority of the screen and generally interfering with user experience.

Metaspins has a relatively short list of restricted countries and is available in 7 languages. You can deposit in 7 cryptocurrencies or buy crypto using Banxa or Itez. You can find all lists in the details section of Metaspins review.

Their website is fast both on desktop and mobile, but there are no mobile apps available.

Generally, everything is easy enough to find, although some terms are unclear or missing some basic information. For example, the first deposit bonus terms say, "No minimum deposit other than that displayed on the website applies." And then you're left wondering whether this is the minimum deposit in your account wallet or is there some other info somewhere else that you missed.

There are also no responsible gambling links in the menus or in the footer, which is usually one of the basic requirements of every decent casino.

There are no annoying pop-ups, and Metaspins is accessible with VPN. In fact, they even urge you to use VPN to play for additional privacy.

Metaspins Signup Screenshot
Metaspins Signup Screenshot

Login, Signup & Payments


Required Personal Info to Sign Up and Play

Only an email is required to sign up and play!

Sign Up Process

The sign up process is short and simple!


Very low min. deposit and unlimited max. deposit!


min. withdrawal is very high and max. withdrawal is very high compared to most casinos.


The casino accepts very few cryptocurrencies compared to most casinos (that accept at least 10).

Use of Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are simple to use if they are needed at all

Wagering deposits

You need to wager your deposit amount only once before being eligible for a withdrawal.

Metaspins advocates anonymity, so their signup is short and simple. You need your email, and you're set to go. They even invite you to use a VPN to play for additional privacy.

You get a random nickname initially, which you can change in your profile.

Metaspins Casino is crypto-only, so you can deposit in one of the 7 major cryptocurrencies or use Banxa and Itez to buy crypto.

They have unlimited max. withdrawals which we don't often see:

Min Max
Deposit 0.1 mBTC unlimited
Withdrawal 1 mBTC unlimited

Regular Players Treatment



You can sign up to a newsletter.

Regular Weekly Promotions

There are very few or no regular weekly promotions.

VIP/Loyalty Program

The casino has an average loyalty program.


Support is one of the best and will sure take care of all your needs!

*Support is rated in the support section of Metaspins review.

There is a newsletter that you're subscribed to automatically and can disable in your account.

When it comes to regular promotions, there is the daily metaspin, which can bring you either lottery tickets, a reload bonus, or an additional rakeback percentage. There are no regular bonuses you can get or free spins. For that, I suggest you turn to BitStarz or mBit Casino.

Their loyalty program relies heavily on the daily metaspin and on the rakeback, which is misleading, as I explain in the bonus section of the Metaspins Casino review.

Their support is fast, but I'm judging my experience from my digging into the rakeback promotions, so I don't have the best experience. They were professional and friendly, but I left with a feeling of mistrust. I'll leave you to make up your own mind. The live chat app they use is also a bit annoying, requiring you to enter your name and email each time you use it for some reason.

Metaspins Level Up program Screenshot
Metaspins Level Up Program Screenshot

VIP + Loyalty


Loyalty Program Accessibility

This loyalty program is one of the most accessible ones!

VIP Program

The casino doesn't have a VIP program

* Learn what makes a VIP program different from a loyalty program.

Unique Loyalty Prizes And Features

This loyalty program doesn't offer unique prizes or features

Number/Value of Added Features For a Loyal Player

The loyalty program adds very little value to player's experience

The Metaspins level-up program has no upper limit to the number of levels, although the benefits stop increasing at 1001.

There are 3 benefits you can get:

  • the level-up metaspin
  • the daily metaspin
  • rakeback

The metaspins are the same, except you get one when you level up and one every day when you managed to wager at least $30 the previous day.

Metaspins have 4 possible rewards:

  • Higher rakeback percentage
  • 50% reload bonus
  • Big win
  • Lottery tickets

The rakeback percentage adds up to your 'basic' rakeback percentage. Although this isn't actually rakeback, as I explained in the bonus section of the Metaspins review, so don't get your hopes up.

The reload bonus max. amount, and the big win amount depend on your level. The bonus comes with a 25x wagering on bonus+deposit, while the big win is wager-free.

The interesting thing is how Metaspins decided to condition leveling up. Usually, there is a wagered amount requirement, but they went for the number of spins. Although no terms define this, I'm assuming they mean slot spins. Each bet of $0.2 or higher counts as 1 spin.

  • Level 2: 200 spins, up to 10% rakeback, 50% up to $50 reload, $50 big win
  • Level 3: 300 spins, up to 10% rakeback, 50% up to $50 reload, $50 big win
  • Level 4: 400 spins, up to 10% rakeback, 50% up to $50 reload, $50 big win
  • Level 5: 500 spins, up to 10% rakeback, 50% up to $50 reload, $50 big win
  • Level 6-25: 500 spins, up to 15% rakeback, 50% up to $150 reload, $150 big win
  • Level 26-150: 500 spins, up to 25% rakeback, 50% up to $250 reload, $300 big win
  • Level 151-1000: 500 spins, up to 35% rakeback, 50% up to $500 reload, $500 big win
  • Level 1001-infinity: 500 spins, up to 50% rakeback, 50% up to $1000 reload, $1000 big win

You're automatically level 1 when you sign up and have no perks.

The level-up condition with the number of spins makes this loyalty program one of the most accessible ones. However, the rewards aren't so big. This could be an amazing program if the rakeback was actually a rakeback.



Number of Support Options

They could have more support options apart from live chat (the best casinos include live chat, email and telephone)

Live Chat Experience

Live chat requires additional personal info to use.

Response Time

Live chat response time is a few seconds or up to a few minutes tops!

Bots & Agents

Live chat agents give usefull and to the point answers and they are both professional and friendly. You have to talk to a bot before getting to an agent.

* Talking to a bot is not necesserily a bad thing but it does prolong the time for resolving your issue if you must talk to an agent.

You can contact Metaspins through the use of live chat or over email.

The live chat requires you to talk to a bot, although if you start typing your own question and ignore the recommended categories, you can get to a live agent instantly. I don't like the live chat app too much. It requires you to enter your name and email each time you open the chat, which feels redundant.

The live chat button is in the side menu instead of the bottom right corner, where you usually find it.

The live chat agents are quick to respond and are friendly and professional, although I left the chat with a feeling of mistrust due to the rakeback debate there. You can see my conversation in the bonus section of the Metaspins Casino review.

There is also an FAQ or help section available through the live chat app, which is welcome, although I think it could be even better if it was accessible from the footer or somewhere more handy.

Resposible Gambling

You can self-exclude by contacting support, which isn't the best way to implement this if we can even call it that way. However, most casinos don't have these tools worked out because, let's face it, it's not exactly in their best interest.

To see all your responsible gaming options, you can read our guide.

Social Media & Groups

Metaspins uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to post about which games they have, but that's about it. They also use Discord and Telegram, but honestly, I haven't checked those. I'm assuming the content is once again the same.

100% up to 1 BTC

Claim bonus

Review Details



Casino type:


Casino licence:


Number of games:


Min. Deposit:

Crypto: 0.1 mBTC

Max. Deposit:

Crypto: unlimited

Min. Withdrawal:

Crypto: 1 mBTC

Max. Withdrawal:

Crypto: unlimited



live chat, email

Software (game) providers:

Big Time Gaming
Candle Bets
Evolution Gaming
Golden Hero Group
Hacksaw Gaming
KA Gaming
Kalamba Games
Mancala Gaming
Mascot Gaming
Max Win Gaming
No Limit City
Northern Lights Gaming
Only Play
Peter & Sons
Play’n Go
Pocket Games Soft
Pragmatic Play
Print Studio
Push Gaming
Red Tiger
Reel Play
Relax Gaming
Tom Horn Gaming
Turbo Games
Wizard Games
Zillion Games
3 Oaks



Accepted Cryptocurrencies:

Restricted Countries:

Metaspins Review Afghanistan
Metaspins Review Belarus
Metaspins Review Cuba
Metaspins Review Curaçao
Metaspins Review Cyprus
Metaspins Review Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Metaspins Review Iran
Metaspins Review Iraq
Metaspins Review Isle of Man
Metaspins Review Italy
Metaspins Review Lithuania
Metaspins Review Malta
Metaspins Review Netherlands
Metaspins Review Spain
Metaspins Review Sudan
Metaspins Review Syrian Arab Republic
Metaspins Review UK
Metaspins Review US

Accepted fiat currencies:

No Countries Are Listed By The Casino Icon None

Other payment methods:

Banxa Logo Banxa
Itez Logo Itez

Current bonuses:

  • First Deposit: 100% up to 1 BTC


Adam Gros | CEO & Founder

A gambling enthusiast and founder of Gamblineers with 10+ years of experience in online casinos, specializing in crypto gambling. Anything that needs calculating and charting is my passion, my goal is finding new opportunities and I believe that crypto is the future. I find weird things interesting, because they spice up my life. My work has been featured in many renowned gambling publications like the Gambling Insider and the iGB Affiliate Magazine.

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