CASINO BONUS CALCULATOR - wagering calculator

Welcome to one of the best and most complex online casino bonus calculators!


With this wagering calculator you can calculate not just your wagering amounts but also your odds, potential wins and losses for a deposit bonus, no deposit bonus or faucets.

This calculator uses basic math to determine your odds of winning or losing any money while using casino bonuses.
All results displayed by the calculator are theoretical, which means if a lot of players used a bonus according to the input quantities, their averaged outcome should approach the calculator's result.
You should always keep in mind that gambling your money involves a certain risk and no result produced by this calculator can guarantee you a winning scenario.
This calculator has been developed and is owned exclusively by Gamblineers. Any unauthorised distribution of the calculator is strictly prohibited.

Bonus Calculator

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= WINS: ? Wins are any money left on top of your deposit at the end.


1. Start by choosing the bonus type


You can choose among 3 options:

  1. No deposit bonus (free spins): for any kind of no deposit free spins
  2. Match (deposit) bonus: for any kind of deposit bonus (first deposit, second deposit, …, reload bonus)
  3. Faucet bonus: for any kind of free cash without wagering requirements and deposit


After choosing the bonus type the calculator will display all relevant fields for that bonus type. Fields marked with * are required, all other fields are optional.


2. Input the values for the bonus and wagering


Depending on the bonus type, the calculator will display the following required and optional fields:

The required fields are those that define the basic values of the bonus and wagering and without which the calculator can’t perform any calculation.



For the no deposit bonus, free spins amount and free spins wagering are required because we can’t even begin talking about the bonus without the free spins amount. The wagering is required because it’s the main factor that determines how much you must wager and consequently what your odds are. At the same time both of these values are always set by the casino and can’t be affected by you while the other values can be chosen by picking the appropriate game.


The calculator will display an error if you forget to fill out any of the required fields. If you decide to leave the optional fields empty, the calculator will use preset default values for those quantities.


3. Click the CALCULATE button


When you have entered the desired quantities, click the CALCULATE button and the calculator will display the results.


The results consist of the following information:

  • (Optional) If you left any of the optional fields empty, the calculator will let you know which default values it used in the calculation
  • All playing money: how much money you will be playing with altogether when you get the bonus (your deposit, the bonus money and any money from the free spins)
  • Amount to wager: how much you must wager (how much from your deposit, how much from the bonus and how much from the free spins winnings)
  • After wagering: how much you are left with after you fulfil all the wagering requirements
    • Wins: how much can you win (on top of your deposit)
    • Losses: how much money you lose during wagering altogether
  • The verdict: how much can you win or a warning how much you can lose with this bonus
  • Recommended bonuses: 2 bonuses out of the selection of all bonuses on Gamblineers that most fit your input quantities


By going over the purple question mark circles (or by clicking on them on mobile) a short description appears.

Bonus calculator tooltip

4. Enter a new bonus


By clicking the RESET button, you can reset all fields and input a new bonus.


Each bonus comes with a wagering requirement. That is a number usually between 30 and 50 but can also go all the way to 0 or 60.


It tells you how many times you must wager the bonus amount (or deposit amount or both) before you’re eligible to withdraw any winnings.


For example, a 30x wagering requirement on a 100 % bonus where you deposit 100 USD means you must wager the bonus amount 30 times. In other words, you must wager 30× 100 = 3000 USD. That means you must make 3000 USD worth of bets.


If you don’t meet the wagering requirement, the bonus money will be forfeited and lost.


You can find an example of wagering for each bonus type in the Bitcoin casino bonus guide.

Yes, it can make a lot of difference.


wagering condition


Most wagering conditions apply only to bonus money.


This is best understood through an example: let’s have a 150 % up to $100 bonus and a 50 % up to $100 bonus, you deposit $50 in both cases and they both have a wagering of 30x.


The first bonus gets you 1.5× $50 = $75 of bonus money and the second one 0.5× $50 = $25.


  1. Wagering is on bonus: the amount you must wager for the first bonus is 30× $75 = $2250 and for the second 30× $25 = $750
  2. Wagering is on deposit: the amount you must wager is equal for both bonuses, 30× $50 = $1500
  3. Wagering is on bonus and deposit: the amount you must wager for the first bonus is $2250 from bonus money and $1500 from deposit, $3750 total. The amount you must wager for the second bonus is $750 from bonus money and $1500 from deposit, $2250 total.


So for the same bonus your amount to wager can vary greatly depending on what the wagering is on.

Wagering on150 % up to $100, $50 deposit50 % up to $100, $50 deposit
30x on bonus$2250$750
30x on deposit$1500$1500
30x on bonus and deposit$3750$2250


And the amount you must wager directly effects how much money you will have left at the end.


You can read more about what the wagering applies to in the bonus guide section about what wagering is on.

Which game you choose greatly impacts your odds when wagering.


Most games have an RTP (return to player) between 95 % and 99 %. This number is an indication how much money you bet is returned back to you in form of wins.


So an RTP of 98 % will return 98 cents of every Dollar you bet.


Be careful! This is an average, so if a huge amount of players played, their wins would average out to 98 % of what they put in.


When you have to wager a few thousand Dollars, the RTP will have a big impact. Let’s say you must wager $2000.

  • An RTP of 95 % will return 0.95× $2000 = $1900, resulting in $100 lost
  • An RTP of 97 % will return 0.97× $2000 = $1940, resulting in $60 lost
  • An RTP of 99 % will return 0.99× $2000 = $1980, resulting in only $20 lost


This applies of course if you don’t hit a big win during the wagering. But that’s the magic of gambling!

The easiest and most reliable source is the game providers themselves. I covered and showed this in my How to Find RTP and Use It In Your Favor article.

Not all games contribute equally to your wagering requirement. Most slots contribute 100% (with the exception of some progressive or jackpot slots), while most live and table games only contribute 10 or 20 % or don’t contribute at all.


So if you plan to wager your bonus with slots or by playing a table game, the process will be widely different.


If you play a slot which contributes 100 % and must wager $2000 then you wager the $2000 and that’s it.


But if you play a poker game for example and it contributes 10 % then you must wager $2000/0.1 = $20000. A times 10 difference!


A wrote some more about this in my bitcoin bonus guide – wagering contribution of games section.

How much games contribute to your wagering is written either in the bonus’ terms and conditions or in general bonus terms on the casino website that issues the bonus.


Sadly that’s the only place where you can find the info. However if you plan on playing a ‘regular’ slot (so not a progressive one or a jackpot one or with some super-extra features), you should be safe to assume it contributes 100 %.


For example:

Any game you play in a casino is subject to randomness determining the outcome of your bet.


While nothing tangible can be predicted for a single bet, you can predict a cumulative outcome of a lot of bets.


Due to legal requirements game developers are required to produce a game with an RTP in a given range. And the RTP determines how much money on average will be returned to players in form of wins.


The key term there is ‘on average’. Due to randomness of each bet outcome there’s no guarantee that you will actually get 98 cents back for every Dollar if the RTP is 98 %. You can get back $1 or $0 or $500. But if you were to make thousands of bets and then average out their outcome, it would come close to 98 cents for a Dollar.


For that reason the calculator is unable to determine any result with certainty. It can only use the information that is known and the randomness of each bet can’t be taken into account until the bet is placed and the result is generated.

Wins are calculated using this formula:


deposit + match_bonus + free_spins_bonus – (amount_to_wager × wagering_requirement × (1 – RTP/100) / game_contribution)


Where the second part in the brackets are losses. If calculated losses are lower than the initial money you have to play, the wins come out negative.


negative wins


Of course, that isn’t possible in reality. What that means is that you would lose all your playing money and there would still be wagering requirements left to fulfil.

‘The best bonus’ is a very relative term as it depends on what you are used to and what you are looking for.


I recommend looking at How to choose the best bonus in the Bitcoin bonus guide to get an idea what to look for.

This is how the no deposit bonus results are calculated:


free_spins_amount × free_spins_value × free_spins_game_RTP/100


Where the free_spins_value is set to o.2 USD. This value varies from casino to casino and from bonus to bonus, but on average it’s between 0.1 and 0.3 USD. Since it’s very hard to get this value from a casino (it’s very rarely publicly written and it’s a pain to extract it from the casino’s support), it’s estimated to 0.2 USD.


all_playing_money × free_spins_wagering


all_playing_money – (amount_to_wager × (1 – RTP/100)/contribution)
WINS: all_playing_money – (amount_to_wager × (1 – RTP/100)/contribution)
LOSSES: amount_to_wager × (1 – RTP/100)/contribution

This is how the match (deposit) bonus results are calculated:


deposit + bonus + (free_spins_amount × free_spins_value × free_spins_game_RTP/100)


Where the free_spins_value is set to o.2 USD. This value varies from casino to casino and from bonus to bonus, but on average it’s between 0.1 and 0.3 USD. Since it’s very hard to get this value from a casino (it’s very rarely publicly written and it’s a pain to extract it from the casino’s support), it’s estimated to 0.2 USD.


all_playing_money × wagering


Where different wagering is applied to the deposit, bonus and free spins bonus, if applicable.


all_playing_money – (amount_to_wager × (1 – RTP/100)/contribution)
WINS: bonus + (free_spins_amount × free_spins_value × free_spins_game_RTP/100) – (amount_to_wager × (1 – RTP/100)/contribution)
LOSSES: amount_to_wager × (1 – RTP/100)/contribution

This is how the faucet bonus results are calculated:






Faucets don’t have a wagering requirement and therefore don’t have to be wagered.


bonus × RTP/100
LOSSES: bonus × (1 – RTP/100)

Adrenaline deposit010050Bonus0
Argo depositExclusive01540Bonus0
BitStarz depositExclusive02540Bonus0
FortuneJack deposit0500Bonus0
Riobet deposit01530Bonus0
Ego deposit02040Bonus0
CryptoThrills depositExclusive02040Bonus0
Hotline deposit05020Bonus0
24K deposit125300504545Bonus and deposit300 $2020 $x
7Bit deposit10081924.749992004045Bonus and deposit1.5 BTC229.38930.0042 BTCx
7Bit depositExclusive11181924.749991114045Bonus and deposit1.5 BTC229.38930.0042 BTCx
Adrenaline deposit11054616.4999950Bonus1 BTC3030 $x
arcanebet deposit10020017.5Bonus and deposit200 $71.001449990.0013 BTCx
Argo depositExclusive120578.519568440Bonus500 €11.5703913710 €x
Argo deposit100578.519568440Bonus500 €11.5703913710 €x
Bao deposit10027308.25204030Bonus0.5 BTC163.84950.003 BTCx
Bao depositHigh roller1006553.9799991005030Bonus0.12 BTC1310.7960.024 BTC
BitStarz deposit10054616.499991804040Bonus1 BTC327.69899990.006 BTC
Bspin deposit10054616.49999203535Bonus1 BTC54.616499991 mBTCx
Cloudbet deposit100273082.50Bonus5 BTC546.16499990.01 BTC
FortuneJack deposit11081924.749992503050Bonus1.5 BTC109.2330.002 BTCx
GunsBet deposit100819.24749991004040Bonus0.015 BTC1638.4950.03 BTC
iLucki deposit1001001005050Bonus and deposit100 $109.2332 mBTCx
Joo deposit100231.4078274505050Bonus200 €23.1407827420 €x
King Billy deposit10054616.499992003535Bonus1 BTC546.16499990.01 BTC
Konung deposit10027308.25504949Bonus0.5 BTC81.924749990.0015 BTCx
mBit deposit11054616.499992503540Bonus1 BTC273.08250.005 BTCx
mBit depositVIP501092331003540Bonus2 BTC8192.4749990.15 BTC
mBit depositExclusive1501092331004040Bonus2 BTC54.616499990.001 BTCx
Oshi deposit100546.16499991004040Bonus0.01 BTC54.616499990.001 BTCx
Oshi depositExclusive150404.96369792004040Bonus350 €23.1407827420 €x
Riobet deposit100100035Bonus1000 $1010 $x
Syndicate deposit125144.6298921254040Bonus125 €109.2332 mBTCx
True Flip deposit1503276.989999503530Bonus0.06 BTC109.2330.002 BTCx
WildTornado deposit1002184.661004040Bonus0.04 BTC34.954559990.00064 BTCx
WildTornado depositExclusive1252184.661003030Bonus0.04 BTC34.954559990.00064 BTCx
Casino-X deposit1002314.0782742003020Bonus and deposit2000 €578.5195684500 €
Casino-X deposit150347.11174112002520Bonus and deposit300 €57.8519568450 €x
Casino-X deposit20057.851956842002520Bonus and deposit50 €23.1407827420 €x
Vegaz deposit100347.11174115050Deposit300 €273.08255 mBTCx
Vegaz depositCrypto150347.11174115050Deposit300 €273.08255 mBTCx
Melbet deposit50404.963697930400Bonus350 €11.5703913710 €x
Bettilt deposit100578.519568430Bonus500 €17.3555870515 €x
Ego depositBasic1002730.825204040Bonus50 mBTC218.4664 mBTCx
Ego depositSilver1002730.825504040Bonus50 mBTC382.31549997 mBTC
Ego depositGold10011570390.21503040Bonusunlimited2730.82550 mBTC
Thunderpick deposit55002Bonus and deposit500 $1.1570391371 €x
CryptoThrills deposit25054616.4999960Bonus1 BTC273.08255 mBTCx
CryptoThrills depositExclusive50054616.499991004040Bonus1 BTC273.08255 mBTCx
OneHash deposit10054616.499991Bonus1 BTC0no minimum depositx
Everum deposit10010040Bonus100 $10$10x
Wazamba deposit100520.66761161003540Bonus and deposit450 €11.5703913710 €x
Casobet deposit1205461.64999935Bonus and deposit0.1 BTC1010 $x
Bitkingz deposit125273.08251004545Bonus5 mBTC23.1407827420 €x
Bitkingz depositHighroller1252184.6650Bonus0.04 BTC347.1117411300 €
Bitkingz depositExclusive150115.7039137504545Bonus100 €23.1407827420 €x
KimVegas deposit100578.519568440Bonus500 €23.1407827420 €x
Rolletto deposit751157.03913740Bonus and deposit1000 €11.5703913710 €x
Rolletto deposit100231.407827445Bonus and deposit200 €11.5703913710 €x
Hotline deposit100578.519568435Bonus500 €86.7779352675 €x
Hotline deposit150347.111741140Bonus300 €28.9259784225 €x
Hotline deposit200173.555870545Bonus150 €11.5703913710 €x
Hotline deposit05035Bonus17.3555870515 €x
Hotline deposit010035Bonus17.3555870515 €x
Hotline depositNo wager20115.70391370Bonus100 €17.3555870515 €x
TrustDice deposit10054616.49999254040Bonus1 BTC54.616499991 mBTCx
Kosmonaut deposit10013654.125254545Bonus0.25 BTC0x
Slots of Vegas deposit25025005Bonus2500 $3030 $x
Slots of Vegas deposit19019005Bonus1900 $3030 $x
Crypto1Casino deposit4441027.45075435Bonus and deposit888 €23.1407827420 €x