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Written by Adam Gros

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Welcome to one of the best and most complex online casino bonus calculators!

With this wagering calculator, you can calculate not just your wagering amounts but also your odds, potential wins, and losses for a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus.

Online Casino Bonus Calculator Featured Image

This calculator uses basic math to determine your odds of winning or losing any money while using casino bonuses. All results displayed by the calculator are theoretical, which means if a lot of players used a bonus according to the input quantities, their averaged outcome should approach the calculator's result. You should always keep in mind that gambling your money involves a certain risk and no result produced by this calculator can guarantee you a winning scenario. This calculator has been developed and is owned exclusively by Gamblineers. Any unauthorised distribution of the calculator is strictly prohibited.


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Bonuses have always been highly sought in the online casino industry for many reasons. Apart from prolonging your play and allowing you to bet more or longer, they can also increase your odds of winning when picked correctly. Even without counting on big wins!

What I mean is that a big win can be scored at any time, with or without a bonus. Although playing with bonus money can increase the chances of hitting a big win because it allows you to make more bets, this still isn’t something you can count on.

But if you pick a bonus that not only allows more bets (every bonus does this) but also promises a statistically positive return, that means you can much more surely count on coming out on top.

Simply taking into account the publicly available game stats like the RTP (if you’re unfamiliar with RTP, read my article about what is RTP) and picking a bonus with good enough wagering requirements, the averaged statistics can play out in your favor, leaving you with more than your deposit after completing the wagering.

And, if you manage to score a big win along the way, so much better.

This is why I decided to develop the first casino wagering calculator to help you figure out which bonuses allow a positive return on investment (ROI) and how big this return can be (statistically).

With this casino calculator, you will be able to not just calculate the wagering amounts for a chosen bonus but also see whether the return on investment is positive or negative and get a recommendation on similar bonuses (with regards to this ROI) and on better bonuses (with higher ROI).

Here are a few common questions about using this casino bonus calculator and how to get the most out of it:

The wagering amounts and the statistical odds of wins and losses are calculated the same way in both cases. The only difference is that the Advanced mode allows you to define more inputs and, therefore, get a better estimation of what a bonus can bring you.

For example, the Advanced mode lets you set the wagering contribution of the games you intend to play when wagering, the exact RTP of these games, the RTP of the game for free spins, etc. While the Basic mode includes only the data necessary to estimate the value of a bonus.

This depends on the casino, but usually, the RTP can be found in the info section of each game (within the game). If not, most game providers make this information publicly accessible, so Googling it might be the fastest way.

The wagering contribution of games is defined by the casino’s bonus terms. These are either accessible in the main terms, a separate bonus terms page, or sometimes even separately for each bonus within the casino.

Usually, slots contribute 100%, while some progressive slots are exempt. Other games might contribute much less or nothing at all.

There are five different ways the wagering amount can be defined:

  1. The wagering applies only to the bonus amount (most common),
  2. The wagering applies only to the deposit amount,
  3. The wagering applies only to both the bonus and the deposit amounts,
  4. The wagering is calculated by a custom formula defined by the casino,
  5. The bonus is sticky, and there is no wagering.

Only bonuses with the first three wagering types are included in this casino bonus calculator, which also represent 95% of all bonuses offered in online casinos.

This information is very important, so make sure you check what the wagering of your chosen bonus applies to. This, along with the wagering factor, will essentially define your odds of making a profit or not in the end.

First, let’s make sure that by the best bonus, we both mean a bonus that has the highest potential returns (wins). If your goal is to get the best bonus recommendation out of the calculator, then you must pay attention to these things:

  • Input the actual deposit amount that you intend to make. All recommended bonuses and their estimated wins or losses are also based on your deposit.
  • I recommend setting the ‘Wagering applies to’ on ‘Bonus’ because the best bonuses (with the lowest wagering) usually use this wagering type.
  • Set the wagering to 30. Although bonuses with wagering of 30 or less are rare, you want to exclude bonuses with higher wagering because your odds of keeping your wins fall drastically with increasing wagering requirements. You also don’t want to set the wagering too low because such high requirements will filter out too many good bonuses.
  • You can leave the RTP as it is. Granted, a higher RTP will always statistically allow you to keep more money, but you’re only looking for the bonuses with the highest estimated wins, not the highest wins number absolutely speaking. You can increase the potential wins of any bonus by increasing the RTP, so this isn’t relevant when looking for the best bonus.
  • Fill in the bonus percentage, the maximum bonus value, and the number of free spins only if any of these are really important to you. Otherwise, they don’t play a role when looking for the best bonuses.
  • Hit ‘Calculate’ and look for the bonus with the highest wins in the ‘Better bonuses’ results section.

Another way is to look at the bonuses in my Bitcoin casino bonus and crypto casino no deposit bonus guides, where bonuses are ranked based on the same criteria as in this calculator, along with the reputation of the casino offering each bonus.

This is a valid question. Out of all the things that you can input to describe a bonus, this is the only thing I left out. The reason behind it is that most casinos don’t provide this information for their free spins unless you go asking support for every single bonus (which I didn’t do and don’t intend to), and sometimes not even then.

To be able to compare bonuses fairly and objectively, I either need this information for every bonus or none at all. Therefore, this has been excluded.

However, this information is still required to be able to estimate wins or losses for free spins. So, the calculator does use some number as the free spins value, and that value is $0.2.

I chose this number because casinos value a free spin from $0.1 upward. But most players are looking for no deposit or first deposit bonuses, where free spins are valued lower and rarely exceed $0.3. $0.2 is, therefore, an average.

If you’re choosing deposit free spins bonuses (basically any free spins bonus outside the welcome offers) or high-deposit welcome offers, free spins will have a higher value (even up to $1). But those are rare, and, again, it’s hard to get this information for most bonuses.

The number that appears when you Calculate a bonus in a full or semi-full circle is the rating of the input bonus.

This rating reflects how high are the potential wins of the input bonus compared to all bonuses of the same type in our database. This is just to give you an impression of whether bonuses of each type exist that are much better than your input.

The rating is on a scale of 0-10. Please note that getting a rating of 10 is almost impossible because that would require a bonus to have close to zero wagering requirements, which very rarely happens.

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