Best Bitcoin Crash Game of 2024

The bitcoin crash game has existed ever since gambling started in the crypto community. In fact, crash gambling sites and bitcoin dice have been one of the first gambling products, originating from the crypto community. Not all casinos offer the same kind of crash game though, not all have the same multipliers and RTP and while it may seen counter-intuitive, even cashing out at 1.01x at all times will leave you at a loss in the end!

Introduction to Crash Gambling Sites

Hey there! In this guide we will walk you through what a crypto crash game really is and various crash gambling sites, so that you’ll have a better understanding of what they are offering.

Just a heads up – this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to play through our link, we might get a commission. But don’t worry, we don’t let the commissions cloud our judgment.

Bc.Game Logo

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BC.Game is a unique crypto casino with a strong focus on technology and software. They offer their own provably fair games, as well as thousands of games from other game providers. They have the largest selection of cryptocurrencies, along with one of the best VIP programs.


You can enjoy BC.Game games by providing only a valid email address, and you can use cryptocurrency to make deposits and withdrawals, making it easy to maintain privacy. However, if you use any of their promotions, then a full KYC is mandatory! BC.Game is thus moving away from the anonymity that crypto offers.


Despite some criticisms at their beginning, BC.Game managed to build their reputation as one of the largest blockchain casinos since their establishment in 2017. They keep building upon their services, adding and perfecting more and more features, which keeps visibly changing their casino for the better and keeping them well ahead of their competition.



No deposit

$21 free chips

  • One of the largest game collections
  • Games from more than 60 game providers
  • One of the best VIP/loyalty programs
  • Deposit and max withdrawal limits hard to find
Stake Casino Logo

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Stake is an online crypto-only casino that offers a range of in-house provably fair games, as well as thousands of games from other providers, with clear indications of the RTP and volatility for all their games. It provides an excellent user experience on both desktop and mobile devices, and it has a mobile app to facilitate this experience.


Although Stake is primarily a crypto casino it requires a lot of personal information to signup and play. They have recently added fiat payments as well, which makes sense to require more personal info, but as you have nowhere to choose what you wish to play with, you are subjected to the same KYC process, regardless of your currency.


Stake is one of the most recognized crypto betting sites, basically pioneering the streaming market in online gambling. They were also one of the first online crypto casinos with in-house games, they continue to offer some of the most diverse casino games and promotions and over the years they have become one of the most reputable crypto gambling brands.



  • Exclusive
  • Low Wager

Bonus Code:

  • Very low payment limits
  • Very low bonus wagering requirements
  • Exclusive rakeback bonus
  • A lot of personal info required at signup
  • No welcome bonuses
Betfury Logo

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BetFury is one of the rare decentralized crypto casino apps, accepting many more cryptocurrencies than an average casino. Being a wholly customized casino, they offer unique features like the crypto box, where you can earn interest, their own token BFG on Binance Smart Chain, every sort of bonus and promotion you can think of, and even some you haven't seen before, and a professionally designed, flawless website.


Being a crypto-only casino, anonymity isn't overlooked in BetFury. You can register with your email, and although you must provide your country of residence, there is no option to enter any other personal info anywhere.


BetFury is one of the most renowned crypto casinos in the crypto gambling community due to its unique services, in-house products, and innovations. Although they have mixed ratings across the internet, they are trusted by many crypto players for being a decentralized and anonymous casino. Compared to other trend-setting crypto casinos that have been on the market for nearly 10 years, BetFury is younger and has already become highly competitive.



No deposit

100 free spins

First deposit

100% up to $1,500

  • One of the largest game collections
  • Games from more than 60 game providers
  • One of the best VIP/loyalty programs
  • Very few supported languages
  • Lots of restricted countries
Trustdice Logo

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TrustDice is one of the decentralized hybrid-blockchain casinos operating on their own software, meaning you can expect exciting unique features like faucets, in-house games, an in-house EOS token, and much more to take your casino experience beyond what 'regular' casinos offer. Apart from having no withdrawal fees, you will also find high bonuses with low wagering and sports betting.


Anonymity is one of the main selling points of TrustDice, as it only requires an email to sign up. There is no option to enter any other personal information, which is a welcome change among anonymous casinos. TrustDice offers games that are provably fair by the player and has a diverse selection of crypto games, making it an interesting option for players looking for something different.


Although still a bit smaller casino compared to the big ones in the crypto industry, Trustdice is becoming popular among crypto players who are looking for in-house games, anonymity, and a wide selection of accepted cryptocurrencies.



No deposit

0.01 mBTC + 35 free spins

  • Exclusive

First deposit

100% up to 1 BTC + 25 free spins

Bonus Code:

  • One of the largest game collections
  • Wide range of available cryptocurrencies
  • Few restricted countries
Bitsler Casino Logo

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Bitsler is a casino and betting site that offers games from over 40 game providers, including their in-house provably fair games. They also offer sports betting, esports, and have their own crypto exchange. The site has an intuitive lobby that is easy to navigate and allows players to create a category of their favourite games.


Anonymity is one of the significant benefits of playing at Bitsler. Players can play using anonymous accounts, and they are not required to provide any personal information. The site also accepts a broad range of cryptocurrencies, making it easy for players to deposit and withdraw funds without revealing their identity.


Reputation is essential, and Bitsler has a good reputation for being fair and transparent. They offer provably fair games, and players can access information about the Return to Player percentage of the games. They also have a history of making payouts promptly, which is essential when choosing an online casino.



First deposit

150% up to $1,050

  • Exclusive
  • Wide range of available cryptocurrencies
  • Exclusive first deposit bonus
  • Minimum withdrawal hard to find
  • Very high bonus wagering requirements

What is a Crypto Crash Game?

The Bitcoin crash game is one of the most iconic crypto games that is still mainly found only at Blockchain and crypto online casinos.

In crypto crash games you have a multiplier that starts at 1.00x and then grows exponentially with time. The multiplier can usually reach any number up to 1,000x or even 1,000,000x! It all depends on the game. At some point the multiplier stops growing and it ‘crashes’ – hence the name of the game. It basically simulates the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, but since then there have been several different themes made.

What Makes Crash Gambling Sites Special?

Casinos that have their own games (like crash or crypto dice) tend to have a better overall service, suited for crypto gamblers. Because if they went so far as to develop their own game, that is known for being played by the crypto community, then there is a high chance that this specific casino will make an effort to satisfy their players in other ways as well. They might provide smaller fees, a greater collection of supported cryptocurrencies, maybe even their own! Or create even more in house crypto games that are unique to that specific casino or have an overall greater level of anonymity.

How Do You Play Crypto Crash Games?

You don’t really have to know much in order to play crypto crash games.

In contrast to many other casino games, at crash gambling sites you don’t actually bet on any specific outcome, but instead you decide at what point, as the multiplier is still growing, you want to cash out. If you wait too long, you might risk losing it all. When the multiplier crashes, all bets that have not been cashed out are automatically lost. Of course, the probability to crash at a higher multiplier is inversely proportional to the multiplier. This means that higher multipliers are much rarer than lower numbers.

Pretty simple huh?

Additionally, (this part might be for more advanced players), if you don’t wish to single handedly place every bet, crash gambling sites also provide you with the option to place auto bets. Where you can set the parameters; such as what to do if you win/lose this round, how many bets you wish to play or if you want to cash out when you win/spend a certain amount. Heck, some crash gambling sites even provide you with the option to speed up the whole process and to save your parameters.

Bitcoin Crash Gambling Strategies

We’re gonna be honest with you, there aren’t any strategies that you can take with which you could outsmart this game. Bitcoin crash game is simply not designed in a way where you could implement various strategies that could actually make a difference. Sure, you might get lucky with a certain system of betting on one day, but then completely fail the next.

However you could use some strategies that would prevent you from spending too much money in a single spree like bankroll management. The gist of bankroll management is that you actually spend only what you can afford, so that even if you spend your entire bankroll dedicated for your crypto gambling, you would still be able to continue living as if nothing happened. You could pay your bills, afford your apartment, food and so on…

Another strategy that you could take is that you don’t chase your losses. Common problem in gambling industry is that players start “chasing their losses” where they want to desperately earn back their winnings, but instead of winning they go on a massive losing streak. When a losing streak starts sneaking up, it is best to take a break from the game and come back later, or to limit yourself to 10 bets a day for example.

Why Not Just Cashout at 1.01x Every Time?

This is a very interesting question that is often asked whenever someone talks about Bitcoin crash game outcomes and probabilities. The answer is this: As counter-intuitive as it seems, crypto crash has a house edge as well, meaning that whatever you bet, the house has the upper hand. Even at 1.01x.

In order to avoid complex mathematical equations, we have decided to describe the problem in the simplest terms, so that everyone can understand. Basically, if you (statistically) bet $1 with 1.01x multiplier a hundred times, you will win 1 cent with every bet you make 99 times. However, in one of those 100 bets you will lose $1, which means that in the long run you will lose 1 cent every 100 bets you make. You have to remember that if the multiplier crashes at 1.01x, you can’t cash out at all. And the multiplier is bound to crash before you’re able to double your money.

To put it differently, crypto crash games are designed in a way where losing an amount is more likely to happen than win enough to at least double your money. The game therefore never even gives you the chance to “outsmart” it by implementing this strategy.

Do not misunderstand – hitting a large multiplier and cashing out is still a very viable option! But this is a game of chance, just like any other casino game. Good luck!

How To Calculate Icon

However if you wish to calculate the multiplier yourself, here's the formula:

$$\frac{0.99 * E}{E - H}$$

What Kind of Variations Are Out There

Crypto crash is a very popular game, which leads to it having variations that have some differences in gameplay and features. Of course you have the standard game, where you place a bet and watch as the multiplier grows, with the option to cash out at any point before the multiplier crashes, while the variation is the auto mode.

Auto mode allows you to set automatic parameters like cashouts at predetermined points, instead of clicking the cashout button by yourself. Additionally, it has several more features like what to do on a win or if you lose; if you wish to increase the bet or decrease it. There is also an option that stops the auto mode when you either win a certain amount of money or when you spend the amount of money you were planning on gambling on. This mode really allows you to just cozy up on the couch, grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy the show. Some games even allow you to save your input settings and load them in the future!

On top of that, there are also many themes; such as football or spaceship, pretty much anything you can think of can be done. The game offers quite a wide range of options regarding its theme, since it is fairly simple and uncomplicated.

Additionally, Bitcoin crash games can also be split into two categories based on who you play with. There are single player crash games, where you play against the computer and sort of multiplier crash games, where you also play against the computer BUT you can see other players’ bets and betting history.

In-House Crash Gambling Sites

There are a variety of different Crash games. In this part of the post however, we will describe only the ones that are in-house and can be checked for being provably fair. Otherwise you can find regular crash games in the arsenal of many different game providers. They typically don’t provide you with the option to check the game’s fairness, because they are licensed and already should be fair.


Bitstarz crash game

  • BitStarz’ crash game has a maximum multiplier of 100,000x.
  • While the maximum bet is $20.000.
  • House edge is 4%.

A cool feature of Bitstarz’ crash game is that it actually has two in house crash variations. The one that is called Crash is a multiplayer game, while the other that is called Limbo is a single player, so that players that might be shy to expose themselves can also enjoy. However, there are slight differences between the two.

In the beginning of the post we’ve described their regular in-house crash. Now it’s time to describe Limbo! So basically the maximum bet stays the same, multiplier changes to 9,700x and house edge goes down to 3%.


Stake crash game

  • Stake’s crash game has a maximum multiplier of 1,000,000x.
  • While the maximum bet is unlimited.
  • House edge is 1%.

A cool feature at Stake’s crash game is that it allows you to set controls for automatic betting such as number of bets, increases of bets on win and loss, stop on profit and stop on loss. The latter allows you to stop the automatic betting at either the amount you have wished to achieve or the amount you were planning on gambling away.

Additionally, Stake casino also has a second crash game called Limbo, which is as well a single player game (I’m starting to sense a pattern here). But at Stake’s Limbo all the info remains the same. The sole difference is that Crash is multiplayer, while Limbo is single player.

BC.Game crash game

  • BC.Game’s crash game has a maximum multiplier of 1,000,000x.
  • While the maximum bet is unlimited.
  • House edge is 1%.

A cool feature at BC.Game’s crash game is that it allows you to switch to a different mode of Crash inside of the current game. The mode is called Trenball where you place a bet on a specific line color (red, green or moon). It is basically a simplified crash that is kinda turning into a crypto dice game.

  • Red means that the crash is at less than 2.
  • Green means that the crash is equal to or more than 2.
  • Moon means that the crash is equal to or more than 10.

Additionally, BC.Game also has Limbo that allows you to play in single player mode.


Thunderpick crash game

  • Thunderpick’s crash game has an unlimited maximum multiplier.
  • While the maximum bet is $163,780.50.
  • House edge is 4%.

A cool feature at Thunderpick’s crash game is that it allows you to set controls for automatic betting such as base bet, auto cashout, “stop if bet is above”, and what to do if you win or lose a round, where you can decide whether to return to base bet or to multiply it by x amount of times. The game also features a history of when the multiplier has previously crashed.


Bitsler crash game

  • Bitsler’s crash game is called Boom and has a maximum multiplier of 1,000,000x.
  • While the maximum bet is 2 BTC.
  • House edge is 2%.

A cool feature at Bitsler’s crash game is that it allows you to set controls for automatic betting such as number of rolls and the speed of betting. It also allows you to set actions on wins and on losses like change the amount of bet either reset or increase by x amount of times, stop on profit/loss and stop if balance is above/below a certain point.

Additionally you can also SAVE a certain strategy that you’ve set with previous points and load in later on. That is a pretty neat feature where you can just save your winning settings, try something else and then go back to them without actually having to remember what they were… only what you’ve named them.


Trustdice crash game

  • TrustDice’s crash game has a maximum multiplier of 5000x.
  • While the maximum bet is 0.5 BTC.
  • House edge is 1%.

At TrustDice’ Crash game you have the ability to set the automatic betting. It allows you to set base bet, auto cash out, stop if bet amount over and stop if number of bets over. You can also set what to do on loss and on win by either returning to base or increasing the bet amount by x for both options.


We added Crashino on our list because it has the biggest collection of crash games, 4 of them are also provably fair and are named Zeppelin, Pilot, Coin Pilot and Cup Pilot. However, none of them are in-house. We recommend that you choose this casino if you want to try out different crash games. But if you wish you try out some of the in-house games, we suggest that you choose another casino.

Rocket Play

Rocket x crash game

  • Rocket Play’s crash game has a maximum multiplier of 1400x.
  • While the maximum bet is $100.
  • House edge is not displayed. Support also doesn’t know what it is.

A cool feature at Rocket Play’s crash game is that it allows you to see how long you have played for. Additionally the game also keeps on record how many games you’ve played, your average multiplier and the maximum multiplier you’ve hit. However, we don’t recommend this game, since they don’t provide their players with house edge or RTP.

Starbets crash game

  •’s Limbo has a maximum multiplier of 5000x.
  • While the maximum bet is 0.02 BTC.
  • House edge is 2.5%. has a Limbo crash game where you are playing in single player mode. The game also gives you the chance to make auto bets by setting the number of bets, max bet amount, if you wish to reset or increase your bet on win & loss and on which win/loss you wish to stop the auto betting.

Game provider - Spribe

If you wish to play good crash games that aren’t in house, we recommend that you choose games by Spribe game provider. One of their crash games is called Aviator and has made quite an impact on the gaming community. You can find Spribe games at BitStarz and mBit.


The best crash gambling site is definitely BitStarz. It offers really good bonuses and is one of the best operating casinos on the market.

Of course you can! Crash is just like any other crypto gambling game, that allows you to get some massive wins. BC.Game’s Bitcoin crash game, for example, allows you to hit a multiplier of 1,000,000x!

The answer is yes! Additionally, if you want to make sure that the game is not rigged, you should opt for either in house crash games, that allow you to check if they were provably fair, or crash gambling sites that support reputable and licensed game providers.

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