Terra Casino Guide Best LUNA Casinos of 2023

Terra casino sites and everything you need to know to find the best Terra casinos.

Few online casinos are already offering Terra as their deposit and withdrawal currency. With LUNA slowly but steadily following Bitcoin’s popularity it is only a matter of time before other casinos become Terra gambling sites as well.



$1.35 2.90%

Terra Casinos

Here are the best Terra casinos you can find.




First deposit

80% up to $79

  • One of the largest game collections
  • One of the best VIP/loyalty programs
  • Wide range of available cryptocurrencies

Terra Bonus

Welcome bonuses in Terra are listed above for each casino that offers one.

Here is a short summary of the best Terra bonuses you can find:

Best Terra no deposit bonus: BC.Game offers all Gamblineers players a $1-3 wager free no deposit bonus!
Best Terra first deposit bonus: 100 % up to 100000 € + 30 free spins from Fairspin, with 25x wagering on bonus and free spins.

If a Terra bonus code is required, you can find it in the list above. If there is no code listed, then all you need to do is click PLAY at your chosen Terra casino, register and the bonus will be credited to you automatically.

With my online casino bonus calculator you can test any of these bonuses before using them to see which one would be the best for you.

If you want to see more bonuses, learn which ones are the best, and find out what traps they may be hiding, my bonuses guide is the place to go.

Terra Free Spins

Among all Terra bonuses you can get the most free spins with Fairspin‘s first deposit bonus:

  • 100 % up to 100000 € + 30 free spins, Wagering: 25x (on bonus), Free spins: 25x

Terra Games

I only list casinos which allow you to play with Terra. Some Terra casinos will convert it to their internal currency when you make a deposit and then turn it back to LUNA at withdrawal. But in such a case, the casino does this for all currencies and not just for LUNA; it’s just the way they operate.

That being said, you can play almost all games with Terra, just as you would with Bitcoin. Some game providers have certain restrictions in regards to which coins can be used to play their games. But if a casino offers the option to play with Terra, then they also have a large collection of Terra games available, whether you prefer Terra slots, poker, roulette, blackjack or some other table game or live game.

So pick your favorite casino, deposit your Terra and

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Terra Casino Reviews

All Terra casino reviews include the particular casino’s payment information, accepted currencies, restricted countries, bonuses, pros and cons, and more information about their games and offers.

Check out a review of a chosen casino by clicking on the casino’s logo or on the review link below the PLAY button in the Terra casinos list above.

Casinos are rated based on 5 criteria:

  1. Safety and reliability of Terra casinos: Which license do they have? Do they have clear withdrawal information? What is their support like and how long have they been on the market? Are they successful at retaining their satisfied players?
  2. Terra bonuses: Do they offer bonuses? Is their wagering information clear? How high is their wagering requirement? Etc.
  3. Bet limitations: How does the casino limit you in terms of bets you can make (min./max. bets on different games)?
  4. Provably fair: Whether they offer provably fair games and how many do they offer.
  5. Terra casino anonymity: What information do they require from you to play, deposit and withdraw?

For a detailed description of each category you can check my Bitcoin casino guide. You will find casinos rated on all of the above criteria and on 6 other criteria, as well as a ranking of the best casinos for each category.

How do we rate crypto casinos at Gamblineers?

Why Play With Terra?

Terra is a blockchain technology that uses a variety of algorithmic decentralized stablecoins, which power the ecosystem that makes the decentralized finance available to the general public. The most popular stablecoin is called TerraUSD, which is pegged to the US dollar and maintains its stability through a coin called LUNA, which is a regular cryptocurrency created by Terraform Labs. LUNA’s supply flexibility keeps the stablecoins under control.

On top of that, LUNA is also used as a governance token, for staking (stakers are called delegators) and in mining. Its purpose is to absorb the volatility of Terra. The Terra blockchain is used for trading, saving, spending and swapping various stablecoins. You can mint new Terra tokens by burning LUNA.

How Does It Perform?

  1. Decentralization: Terra blockchain uses a proof of stake mechanism, which is powered by Cosmos SDK, which solves the problems of sovereignty, scalability, and sustainability.
  2. Safety: For security Terra uses a system of verification called the Tendermint consensus, which ensures that the same transactions are recorded on all the machines in the exact same order. In addition, the interface itself allows the transactions to be processed in all the programming languages. The consensus works in a way where a new validator is chosen to create a new block of transactions, then the validators vote in two rounds if they accept or reject the block. After the block is added the transaction fees from the block are shared among validators and delegators. The one who created the block gets rewarded more for his participation.
  3. Scalability: The Terra protocol is designed to keep Terra’s price in place. The volatility, market size or demand don’t have an impact on it. The policies that are encrypted into the protocol make sure that the price maintains stability in market fluctuations.


All the transactions carried out on the Terra blockchain are accompanied by the gas fee. Gas fee is a small percentage that gets paid in order for a transaction to come through. There are three types of fees on the Terra blockchain: Gas, Tobin and Spread.

Gas covers the cost of processing a transaction. The minimum amount is set by the validators. Tobin tax is a fixed percentage fee. The rate is typically 0.35% however it varies depending on the coin. Spread fee has a minimum amount of 0.5% and gets adjusted based on the market’s volatility (in case it gets extreme). Paid spread fees get spread among the validators.

The types of fees that are applied to a certain transaction depend on the type of swaps between the coins you are planning on doing. If you are planning on swapping two stablecoins you will have to pay gas fee and tobin tax. If you are planning on making a swap between a stablecoin and Luna, however, you will have to pay gas and spread fee.

The average total transaction fee is around $0.17.

Terra reached its all time high in April of 2022 at $116.11. Currently 1 LUNA is worth $82.90. The fees remained low throughout.

Terra NFT

There is a variety of Terra NFT marketplaces that are built on the Terra’s blockchain. One of them is known as Knowhere and it allows users to trade and store their LUNA NFTs.

Terra NFT marketplaces such as Terra Virtua have interactive NFTs. You can store them in the Fan cave or the Terra Dome, which are virtual rooms. There you can explore the environment and place your NFT assets where you please.

Top LUNA Casinos



80% up to $79

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