Best Solana Sports Betting Sites A Simplified SOL Sports Betting Guide

Solana sports betting sites have many advantages, including swift transactions, huge sports varieties, fair transaction limits, and many more we’ll discuss below. With the recent popularity of the SOL token, we believe these sites are among the best in our list of crypto bookmakers.

In this guide, we’ve compiled the best Solana bookmakers in one place so you find ample time and start playing immediately.

Top Solana Betting Sites

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How to Choose the Best SOL Sports Betting Platform

Deciding which Solana sites to bet on can be challenging. You should look beyond an appealing design and consider other factors, including game variety, customer care, and odds of winning, among other things explained below.

Sports Selection and Betting Markets

To pick the best Solana bookmakers, consider betting markets and sports offered. Sites with a wide range of options will always meet your needs, irrespective of the sports you’re interested in.

Before settling on one, you should narrow your search by analyzing the sports and betting markets offered by various Solana sports betting websites. Carefully check the sports bets they offer and whether they have any unique sports or leagues that get more attention. For example, if you enjoy crypto eSports betting, narrow your search to a site with your preferred game variety and ensure it meets all other preferences.

Odds of Winning

Top SOL bookies offer value for money through consistently competitive odds of winning against the house. But how do you know a site with the best odds?

The best way is to compare Solana sportsbooks and note the differences in odds for a specific sport you’re interested in. For example, odds for soccer in two or more sites.

Like other crypto bookmakers, there’ll probably be variations between the odds, which is normal. But if a SOL sports betting site offers odds not as good as its competitors, it should be a red flag. We suggest you skip it and keep looking. You can rest assured to find the best from our carefully compiled list above.

Anti-Money Laundering and KYC Policies

Crypto anonymity is among the top benefits of SOL gambling. Unlike fiat bookmakers, most Solana betting sites won’t subject you to a mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) process during signing up. You’ll play ‘privately’ till they ask you to complete the process.

Most crypto bookies have signed KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. You may be requested to verify your identity at one point. This mostly happens if you attempt to withdraw unusually large amounts from the site or perform any suspicious activities. Otherwise, this is a process like any other and you shouldn’t be worried as long as you’re doing the right thing.

Legality of SOL Betting Site

You should ensure that the bookmaker selected is legally registered by betting control bodies and accepts gamblers from your jurisdiction.

At Gamblineers, rest assured you will find the best Solana bookies. We also clarify all restricted countries, and you should take time to read our detailed reviews before signing up on a SOL bookmaker. Otherwise, you risk losing your funds during withdrawal for going against the site’s terms and conditions.

Customer Support

Great customer support plays a huge role in your betting experience. You should go for Solana sports betting websites with multilingual, responsive, and rapid customer support. On average, all the crypto sportsbooks above support at least three languages. You’ll at least switch languages easily if need be.

However, take the time to test if a betting site’s customer service is helpful and responsive before signing up. Check if they have at least two means of contact, including live chat, email, and social media.

For more about customer support, you can read our detailed guide about crypto casinos with the best support.


The best betting sites should let you wager on mobile from anywhere worldwide, as Solana sportsbooks do. No struggles. Absolutely!
Like the web-based type, mobile versions of gambling sites offer everything you need for an enjoyable experience.

Reputation and Security

A site’s reputation should guide you to pick the best bookmaker. At Gamblineers, we list reputable SOL sportsbooks with positive player reviews and high-tech security.

All the sites above are trustworthy and have a secure socket layer (SSL) encryption. They offer the best value for money. However, as advised, read their respective reviews before signing up to ensure you find one that matches your needs.

Payments Methods

Does the site accept other cryptocurrencies like BitcoinEthereum, ICP, or APT besides supporting Solana transactions? Ensure your choice of SOL bookmaker offers flexibility and convenience regarding the banking methods supported, not forgetting traditional ones like credit cards. That way, if you decide to use a different payment method, you’ll never run out of alternatives.

Bonuses and Promotions

Most sites offer crypto casino bonuses and promotions such as welcome bonuses, crypto casino free spins, exclusive SOL bonuses, VIP benefits, and no deposit crypto casino bonuses, among others, to encourage new customers. We recommend going for sportsbooks with a wide range of bonuses and promotions so you can spend more time on the site for an enjoyable Solana sports betting experience.

However, different sites have varying wagering requirements. Ensure you’re conversant with the bonus terms to exploit the promotions and avoid frustrations as you play.

Payout Speeds of Solana Betting Sites

Despite the rapid transaction speed of the Solana blockchain, you should carefully review transaction speeds on these sites before signing up. As earlier highlighted, some websites may require additional verification during payout, leading to delayed transactions.

Also, ensure the platform’s withdrawal limits are acceptable to you. If you’re used to playing in high roller crypto casinos, some SOL bookmakers may not be the best for you due to withdrawal limits. So, watch out for that!

Why Bet With SOL

If you’re unsure why you should bet on sports with SOL, here are a few reasons.

  • Solana betting websites process deposits and withdrawals almost instantly. They won’t subject you to lengthy waiting periods, as in fiat-based bookmakers.
  • You can deposit and play from anywhere in the world. However, ensure you’re not in a geo-restricted jurisdiction.
  • The Solana blockchain is safe, so you can trust these sites to keep your data private as you transact. No third-party access to information is allowed in the SOL blockchain.
  • Despite some crypto gambling sites setting limits on deposits and withdrawals, you won’t be subjected to that in most Solana sports betting websites. You can transact as high as 10 BTC at once.
  • Although volatile, SOL gains value over time, unlike traditional currencies. Keeping your Solana betting winnings can be a great way to avoid inflation.
  • SOL sportsbooks are user-centric and appealing, offering an enjoyable betting experience unlike their fiat competitors.

Generally, crypto betting websites give you greater control and SOL bookies are no different. The decentralized nature of Solana means there are no third parties, hence greater control as you play.

Top Solana Betting Tactics to Boost Your Odds of Winning

You can’t manipulate the odds of winning in Solana bookies. However, you can employ proven strategies to stay in the game longer and win.

Bet on Sports You Understand

Placing bets on sports you know well can boost your chances of winning. You can easily predict a sport’s outcome if you understand its unique rules and dynamics. That way, no unpleasant encounters as you bet in Solana bookmakers.

Do Your Research

You need to do your homework well to beat the house in SOL sports betting. Knowing the sport isn’t enough. Conduct thorough research to know teams or competitors and check the stats to enable you to make more informed decisions. The more knowledgeable you are, the higher the probability of successfully wagering in SOL bookies.

Start Slow

Consider placing smaller bets as you start. This will give you time to learn more about the site and the sports it offers, so you don’t lose a huge amount as a newbie.

Check Transaction Fees

Before signing up, checking the different crypto fees across competing bookmakers is advisable.

In most sportsbooks, there are little to no deposit and withdrawal fees. However, SOL is a multichain cryptocurrency, and some networks may charge extremely high transaction fees. To avoid this, always ensure you transact on the Solana or cross-chain networks with minimal fees.

Grow Your Bankroll Via Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses and promotions can be meaningful to your SOL betting budget. You should take advantage of them since they let you boost your bankroll, hence more money to bet with. Utilizing crypto casino bonuses enhances your betting experience and increases your odds of winning by staying longer on the site.

How to Get Started With Solana Sportsbooks

Step 1
How To Step Icon

Create a Crypto Exchange or Wallet Account

Set up reputable, Solana-compatible crypto crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Bitstamp, or Binance. Alternatively, crypto wallets like Trust Wallet can serve the purpose.

Step 2
Step By Step Crypto Icon

Acquire Solana Coins

Buy SOL from any of the exchanges or wallets above.

Step 3
Read step icon

Open a Solana Bookmaker Account

Sign up for a Solana sportsbook account. We advise signing up on several sites to explore them before settling on one that best meets your needs.

Step 4
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Transfer SOL

Transfer the purchased coins to your Solana sports betting wallet. You only need to copy the address provided by the betting site and paste it into the ‘send’ field of the exchange.

Step 5
game step icon


Start betting with the deposited SOL tokens.

As an extra step, you can withdraw winnings to the exchanges set up above if you wish to. Otherwise, try cold wallets like Trezor or Ledger if you want to hold SOL long-term. They are among the most secure ways to store crypto offline.

Games Available on SOL Bookies

Players from all over the world can enjoy sports betting on Solana sites. You’ll find these sports listed below to bet on, plus many more.

Given its popularity, many players worldwide compete in regional FIFA tournaments in SOL bookies. This sport dates back to the World Cyber Games in 2001 and has been a players’ favorite since then. If you win a FIFA event, you qualify for regional playoffs, a part of the FIFA Global Series.

This sport has a massive fanbase across the crypto betting community and shall remain among the best esports in Solana bookmakers.

This sport is among the best multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games made up of two teams of five players aside.

To win in Dota 2, you must destroy a huge opponent’s structure at the heart of their territory called an ‘Ancient’. This sport is particularly exciting because its biggest annual tournament, ‘The International’, attracts 30 teams.

League of Legends (LoL) was created by Riot Games and released in 2009. It has since then become a favorite in Solana sports betting sites.

Like Dota 2, this game features two five-aside teams competing to destroy each other’s base, called the ‘Nexus’. It also has 130 uniquely-attributed playable characters, and you must finish challenges to boost your character’s power and give your team an edge.

This is a game of two teams competing against each other across various game modes, as explained below.

  • Hardpoint: For every second a team controls the ‘hardpoint’ area of the map, it scores a point.
  • Domination: Your team tries to control three static objectives signified by flags, and you’ll earn points depending on how long you control the flags.
  • Search and destroy: in this mode, you have only one life, and the opponent must plant and detonate bombs at one or two bomb sites. To win, you must stop them from exploding.

If you fall among the best Call of Duty players worldwide, you qualify to compete in the Call of Duty League (CoDL).

Other Solana Sportsbook Games

Apart from the sports discussed above, you can also find the following games on SOL betting sites:

  • Tennis.
  • Horse racing.
  • Formula 1.
  • Ice hockey.
  • Soccer.
  • American Football.
  • Basketball.
  • Baseball.

Generally, you’ll be spoilt for choice regarding which sport to play from our list of bookmakers above.

Pros & Cons of Solana Sports Betting

Here’s why you should or shouldn’t play on these sites.


  • Near-instant transactions.
  • Low transaction fees.
  • A broad range of sports to pick from.
  • Growing SOL popularity.
  • Fair transaction limits, unlike in fiat bookmakers.


  • Crypto volatility.
  • You must know how crypto transactions work to play in SOL bookmakers.

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Yes, they are. However, to avoid getting in trouble with the law, ensure your jurisdiction permits online gambling.

The primary payment method in Solana betting sites is the SOL token. However, you can find options like credit cards and more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Yes, there are. Most SOL sports betting websites offer crypto casino bonuses in the form of either no deposit crypto casino bonuses, free spins, loyalty rewards, and exclusive bonuses, among others.

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