How to Find RTP and Use It In Your Favor

Lana / Sep 02, 2022

Every casino game you will ever play has a certain expected outcome; it can play out in your or in the casino’s favor. RTP is a number that describes this expected outcome, and so is HE. RTP or return to player is usually between 93 % and 98 % for most casino games. This means that for every $100 you bet you will win back $93 – $98 on average. Of course, sometimes you can hit big and win a lot more, and sometimes you can lose it all; but on average, the RTP will be correct.

How to Find RTP?

The best casinos that try to stay on top of things and strive to offer better services will provide you with the RTP of the games that they offer on their website. However, such casinos are unfortunately still hard to find.

But luckily for you, every game is released by a licensed game provider who is required to publish the game’s RTP. So even if the casino does not display it, RTP can be found on the game provider’s websites for all major brands.

Here are two example for Microgaming and Netent.

So you found the game’s RTP. Now what?

Use the RTP in Your Favor

Obviously, if you want to win something, you must play A LOT. The downside to this is that up until you win, you are losing. The lower the RTP, the more you lose on average.

The easiest example here are casino bonuses since they all come with wagering requirement which you must fulfill if you want to keep anything at all.

Let’s say you get a 100 % bonus.

You deposit 10 mBTC and play games until you fulfill the wagering requirement (usually between 30x and 50x – we’ll stick to 40x).

40x wagering on your 10 mBTC bonus means you must wager 0.4 BTC. With a 95 % RTP you lose the other 5 %, which equals 20 mBTC. So you just lost you bonus along with your entire deposit.

But with a 98 % RTP you lose only the remaining 2 %, which equals 8 mBTC. This leaves you with 2 mBTC on top of your still intact deposit.

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