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Playing with crypto in online gambling sites comes with its fair share of advantages. Samoyedcoin casinos are no different and offer the best experience. But do you know what these casinos are, the games they offer, and their other features? This SAMO casinos guide breaks down all details.



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$21 free chips

  • One of the largest game collections
  • Games from more than 60 game providers
  • One of the best VIP/loyalty programs
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100% up to $100 + 200 free spins

  • High FS
  • Few restricted countries
  • Very low payment limits

What is Samoyedcoin (SAMO)?

Samoyedcoin is a meme token born in 2021 and runs on Solana, one of the most advanced smart contract blockchains. As a dog-themed crypto coin, SAMO uses the Samoyed symbol, representing one among the ancient 14 dog breeds most related to wolves.

Samoyedcoin cryptocurrency is the first meme token issued on the Solana blockchain and competes with leading meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu as payment methods in crypto casinos.


Currently, SAMO trades on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. However, most transactions are conducted on Solana-compatible dAPPs, providing liquidity for token swaps in a decentralized way. Through the decentralized nature of the Solana blockchain, you can complete Somayedcoin gambling seamlessly.


While you play in SAMO casinos, your funds’ security is a top priority. Samoyedcoin combines both proof of stake and proof of history consensus mechanisms to verify transactions. Besides, Samoyedcoin staking helps secure the blockchain further.


The SAMO crypto token is among the most scalable meme coins that have transformed from a meme coin to an experimental Web 3.0 community coin.

Playing in Samoyed casino sites is worth it since the average transaction processing speed for this crypto token is 0.8 seconds, contrary to established blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum which take slightly longer. Besides, Samoyedcoin is less energy-consuming, similar to performing a Google search. All these make this meme coin more scalable compared to more established tokens.

How Do Samoyedcoin Casinos Work?

Samoyedcoin casino sites work like any crypto casino, with the main difference being the cryptocurrency used to play games. You’ll be required to deposit in SAMO before you can play, and transactions are swiftly completed via the Solana blockchain.

Also, Samoyedcoin casinos are fair and transparent through their innovative smart contract functionalities and for every cashout, you can easily convert your winnings from any crypto back to SAMO.

Here’s how to start playing with SAMO crypto:

  1. Get a SAMO-compatible wallet that matches your preferences.
  2. Buy Samoyedcoins from crypto exchanges like Bitstamp and Coinbase.
  3. Select a SAMO casino site, like BC.Game or Kineko and many more, from our list of Bitcoin casinos above.
  4. Register and deposit Samoyedcoin crypto into your online casino wallet.
  5. Enjoy playing different online casino games.
  6. Withdraw winnings back into your SAMO wallet.

Transaction Fees

To complete a Samoyedcoin transaction on the Solana blockchain, you must pay a transaction fee in $SAMO or its USD equivalent, like you would do if you were transacting on other blockchains. On average, you’ll pay $0.0005 to complete a transaction in SAMO Casinos.

Games Available in SAMO Casinos

Samoyedcoin casinos support several crypto casino games. However, some will require that you convert your SAMO tokens into more established cryptos like Bitcoin before you can play. After winning, you can convert your winnings back to Samoyedcoin before withdrawing.

Crypto slots are among the best and easiest-to-play games on SAMO gambling sites. In Samoyedcoin casinos, you can spin a button and enjoy a wide range of crypto casino bonuses and hope the odds favor you.

One of the most popular games in Bitcoin casinos is crypto roulette. Samoyedcoin casino sites like BC.Game have various roulette variants and to win, you must pick the right bracket where the ball falls.

Crypto poker in Samoyedcoin gambling sites requires you to be better than your opponents for a chance to win. Also, you must understand the game’s rules if you want to beat your opponent.

Moderate skills are a must-have if you’re to succeed in Bitcoin blackjack in Samoyedcoin casinos. To enjoy online casino blackjack, you must have all the rules at your fingertips and target a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21.

The crypto crash game is another exciting game in SAMO casinos. You don’t have to bet on given outcomes but must decide when to cash out as the multiplier grows before a crash, like in financial markets. Failure to cash out in time will lead to a loss of funds.

A good example of a crash game is BC.Game crash.

Bitcoin dice in Samoyedcoin casinos differs slightly from real-world dice. In crypto dice, you must pick random numbers and guess if the outcome will be lower or higher than the chosen number.

Do All Online Casinos Accept Samoyedcoin?

Not all crypto casinos accept Samoyedcoin despite its rising acceptance amongst the crypto community. Most online casinos prefer more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic.

Some Samoyedcoin casino sites only accept SAMO deposits and you must convert it into major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin before playing. To withdraw your winnings in SAMO, you must convert the winnings back to Samoyedcoin before completing the withdrawal, like you would with any crypto.

Samoyedcoin Casino Bonuses

If you want a bonus in SAMO, BC.Game Casino is our recommended option since they don’t convert the altcoin.

Here are the bonuses:

  • BC.Game no deposit bonus in the form of a free wheel spin with maximum winnings of up to 1 BTC (however, most awards are worth $30), and a wagering of 60x.
  • BC.Game’s first deposit bonus of 150% up to $20,000 + 100 free spins and 40x wagering on bonus.

If you don’t care which crypto you’ll receive the bonus in as long as you can deposit in Samoyedcoin, we recommend Kineko Casino’s bonuses.

  • A first deposit bonus of 150% up to $150 + 200 free spins, with a 70x wagering on bonus, and 1x on free spins.
  • Three reload bonuses distributed as shown below:
    – 50% up to 25$ + 50 free spins, $50 deposit.
    – 75% up to 75$ + 100 free spins, $100 deposit.
    – 100% up to 20$ + 30 free spins, $20 deposit.


There are over 5,000 randomly generated SAMO NFTs on the Solana blockchain that you can deposit in Samoyedcoin casinos like BC.Game and enjoy gameplay.

How to Get SAMO Coins to Play Online Casino Games

If you want to play in the Samoyedcoin gambling sites listed above but don’t own any SAMO, you can acquire it through any of these ways:

  • P2P transactions: You can directly buy Samoyedcoin cryptocurrency from a peer who owns it on reputable P2P platforms, for example, in Binance.
  • Crypto exchanges: Another option for acquiring SAMO is purchasing on exchanges like Coinbase and Bitstamp.
  • Crypto ATMs: You can buy Samoyedcoin in a Bitcoin ATM if it’s within your locality.

After successfully acquiring SAMO, transfer it to your Samoyedcoin casino wallet and enjoy playing.

How to Choose the Best Samoyedcoin Casino

When selecting the best SAMO casinos, many factors including the minimum and maximum deposits come into play. The limits may vary across crypto casinos and can differ depending on the crypto used.

Besides, the available Bitcoin casino bonuses matter. You should carefully review the terms and conditions, including the wagering requirements, across different Samoyedcoin casinos before settling on one. To pick the right bonuses, ensure you understand the bonus terms and how favorable they are.

Also, remember to check out the available game varieties. If a SAMO gambling site has a wider game selection, it means a more comprehensive and enjoyable Samoyedcoin gambling experience since you can choose games from a large pool.

At Gamblineers, we assess casinos through various criteria, like player engagement, fairness and effectiveness of conflict resolution, minimal complaints, quick resolution of issues, payout speed, overall service quality, and the range of games and promotions. All of these factors are explained in detail under the how we rate and rank casinos section on our front page.

We rank Samoyedcoin casinos through an internal scoring system that includes the aforementioned factors. Regarding casino rankings, BC.Game and Kineko stand out as SAMO casinos with the best rankings in our previous reviews.

Are SAMO Casinos Safe?

Safety and security are a top priority in Samoyedcoin gambling sites. Your funds are secured against unauthorized third-party access through blockchain technology, and games can never be rigged against you.

It’s advisable to read online reviews thoroughly and gather sufficient information so you can confidently assess the safety of an online casino. You’ll spot any past scandals or issues through the data collected.

Of all SAMO casinos in our list above, BC.Game’s reputation stands out for various reasons, including its Curacao license meaning it’s compliant with regulatory standards. Also, BC.Game has an extensive library of provably fair games and conducts operations on the blockchain assuring you of the secure and transparent nature of its operations.

Pros & Cons of Samoyedcoin Casinos


  • Worldwide access to SAMO casinos.
  • Low Samoyedcoin transaction fees.
  • Swift and anonymous transaction processing.
  • Highly secure courtesy of blockchain technology.


  • The low popularity of SAMO compared to more established cryptocurrencies.
  • Stiff competition from leading blockchains like Bitcoin.

Top SAMO Casinos

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$21 free chips

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100% up to $100 + 200 free spins


Samoyedcoin casinos are crypto gambling sites that accept $SAMO for deposits and withdrawals, for example, BC.Game and Kineko.

Samoyedcoin casinos are safe and reliable courtesy of blockchain technology. You can rest assured that your funds will be safe against unauthorized third-party access as you enjoy provably fair games.

SAMO casinos are legal, like any other licensed crypto casino. However, ensure you confirm with local laws so that you don’t break any rules.

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