Sandbox Casino Guide Best SAND Casinos of 2023

Sandbox casino sites and everything you need to know to find the best Sandbox casinos.

Very little online casinos are already offering Sandbox as their deposit and withdrawal currency. But, with SAND slowly and steadily following Bitcoin’s popularity, there is only a matter of time before other casinos become Sandbox gambling sites as well.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox

$0.62 -1.24%

Sandbox Casinos

Here is the best and the only Sandbox casino I currently trust:




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Sandbox Bonus

BC.Game offered all Gamblineers players a $1-3 wager free bonus! No deposit required and no wagering requirements, you simply register through Gamblineers and get the reward!

After that they offer numerous welcome bonuses, faucets and games where you can win additional crypto. Find all info in the BC.Game review!

If you want to see more bonuses, learn which are the best and find out what traps they may be hiding, my bonuses guide is the place to go.

Sandbox Free Spins

Unfortunately, there are no free spins available in any Sandbox accepting casinos for now. However, there is a no deposit bonus in Sandbox – BC.Game offers $1-3 wager free for all who register through Gamblineers!

But be sure to come back to this guide as I will be adding more Sandbox casinos and their bonuses as they come out!

Sandbox Games

You can play almost all games with Sandbox as you would with Bitcoin, for example. Some game providers have certain restrictions to which coins can be used to play their games. But if a casino offers the option to play with Sandbox, then they also have a large collection of Sandbox games available, whether you prefer Sandbox slots, poker, roulette, blackjack or some other table game or live game.

Besides, BC.Game has plenty of games, which will keep you busy for quite a while, so pick your favorite, deposit your Sandbox and

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Sandbox Casino Reviews

All Sandbox casino reviews include casino’s payment information, accepted currencies, restricted countries, bonuses, pros and cons and more information about their games and offers.

View each review by clicking on the casino’s logo or their review link below the PLAY button in the Sandbox casinos list above.

Casinos are rated based on 5 characteristics:

  1. safety and reliability of Sandbox casinos: which license they have, do they have clear withdrawal information, their support and how long have they been on the market, successfully retaining their satisfied players.
  2. Sandbox bonuses: do they offer bonuses, is their wagering information clear, how high is their wagering requirement, …
  3. bet limitations: how does the casino limit you in terms of bets you can make (min./max. bets on different games)
  4. provably fair: whether they offer provably fair games and how many
  5. Sandbox casino anonymity: what info do they require from you to play, deposit and withdraw

For a detailed description of each category, you can check my Bitcoin casino guide. There you will find all above categories and the best casinos for each category, as well as 6 other categories.

How do we rate crypto casinos at Gamblineers?

Why Play With Sandbox?

Sandbox is a virtual world where users can create, buy and even sell various game assets in the form of NFTs. Sandbox is decentralized, which means that it is based on a blockchain. Programs such as VoxEdit allow you to create your very own NFTs in the game. The entire metaverse is built out of building blocks which are called voxels; this term is native to virtual reality development as a whole, not just Sandbox. Things you create such as items, characters or anything else really, is called an ASSET and can be then turned into ERC-1155 NFTs. This particular standard (ERC-1155) allows the creator to make as many copies of the asset as he pleases assets.

In addition to ASSETs there are also CATALYSTs and GEMs, both ERC-20 tokens. GEMs give ASSETs attributes. More attributes a certain ASSET has, the more valuable it is. One GEM can give 25 attributes to an ASSET.

CATALYSTs on the other hand, give ASSET their tier (common, rare, epic or legendary) and rarity. The tiers might have 25, 50, 75 or 100 attributes.

It is worth mentioning that Sandbox isn’t a single game and that it consists of many different blockchain based games. Users can make various gaming experiences in a tool called Game Maker completely free of charge! However, in order to share such an experience with others, you’re going to need a digital piece of real estate called LAND, which is an ERC-721 NFT and can be bought with Sandbox’ native currency SAND.

On top of that SAND can also be used for staking, voting on the future of the project and trading, like any other cryptocurrency.

How Does It Perform?

  1. Decentralization: Sandbox is an Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 token and it operates on a proof of stake protocol. Many cryptocurrencies are built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. Safety: Sandbox relies on Ethereum’s proof of stake mechanism for its security database, which caches the smart contract events for keeping track of ownership. However, it is worth mentioning that no cryptocurrency is 100% safe and that users should always exercise caution when operating with their digital assets.
  3. Scalability: Like all Ethereum blockchain based tokens, Sandbox has some major scalability issues due to the popularity of the network, which results in a higher congestion and therefore expensive fees. In late December 2021 Sandbox announced that they will be implementing a layer 2 scaling solution, by moving to the Polygon network, which will reduce the fees and processing time.


Fee is determined by demand for block space and transaction data size, like with the majority of the cryptocurrency. Being an Ethereum blockchain based token, the fees reflect the success of Ethereum and all the other cryptocurrencies which are native to it. That is why they are currently rather high.

Sandbox cryptocurrency reached its peak at the end of December in 2021, where a single token was worth $8.4. Currently 1 SAND is worth $4.2, which is half from what it was at its all time high. The fees remained high throughout, because of the high network demand on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sandbox NFT

Sandbox is a platform designed to host games that contain Sandbox NFTs. In addition, it also serves as a marketplace, where users can create and trade their SAND NFTs.

Top SAND Casinos



80% up to $79

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