Progressive Bitcoin Slots Guide

So many different crypto slots are available for you to play online and in land-based casinos. Progressive Bitcoin slots are just one of the most popular crypto slots categories.

Best Casinos for Progressive Slots

Here are some of the best casinos where you can play top progressive slots as well as choose from a wide variety of other crypto slots:



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What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive crypto slots accumulate a small part of players’ bets, adding that money to the jackpot which, naturally, increases every time someone makes a bet. You just have to hope that you will be the lucky gambler who wins that jackpot in the end!

Progressive slots can be found at online- as well as land-based casinos. Of course, it can take a while for the jackpot to grow since small percentages of your bet are accumulated, but ultimately, that jackpot number can get pretty high, and this is the most lucrative aspect of progressive slots.

Otherwise, progressive slots work the same way as regular slots as far as the mechanics are concerned. You have several reels and rows (this usually differs from game to game) and a number of paylines. You place your bet, press the ‘spin’ button and keep your fingers crossed that you get matching symbols (usually three to five) along the same payline. Many slots also have bonus features such as wilds, scatter symbols, free spins and more – you can either unlock them as you play or in some cases you can even pay to unlock them right away. You will be able to find the information on how much each symbol is worth in the game’s info section.

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Mega Moolah Symbols

Example of various symbols in the progressive slot Mega Moolah.

Types of Progressive Slots

  • Standalone Progressives: This type of a progressive slot machine means that the jackpot only builds upon the slot machine where you are playing. In other words, one progressive slot counts towards the big jackpot at one particular casino. Consequently, the jackpot amount can take a long time to build up and it may not be the first choice for those who have their eye set on a big prize.
  • In-House Progressives: These work in a fairly similar way to standalone progressive slots, but the ever increasing jackpot comes from several slot machines in a single casino. This means there is one casino, but several progressive slot machines count towards the jackpot. Jackpots here can range from a few hundred thousand dollars, but are usually not much higher than a million.
  • Wide-Area Progressives: Unlike local progressives, these slot machines cover a wider area, as the name reveals. This refers to not only multiple progressive slot games, but also to multiple casinos. They can be interconnected on a nationwide or even worldwide level. The big jackpot then builds up from all those slots and all the players playing them. As the number of machines from which the money is accumulated grows, so does the number of players, and your chances of winning decrease. But don’t let that discourage you – these slots usually promise huge rewards and if you do hit the jackpot on a wide-area progressive slot, you just may get a couple million dollars richer!

*Unfortunately, it is not really easy to find out which slots belong to which category. The casino usually does not provide this information and neither do the game providers. You can make a guess based on the amount of money that the jackpot is worth, but it is hard to know for sure what kind of progressive jackpot you are playing.

How to Win at Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots tend to have lower payouts when compared to other types of slots. This is understandable since the jackpot could not grow that big if it had payouts very often. When playing progressive slots it is generally best to stake the maximum bet. You can always stake less or whatever amount is within your budget, but if you want to win big time, there is no way around it other than staking high amounts. It all comes down to how much you are hoping to win. If you are content with small sums, then small bets should do just fine – but for those who are looking to hit that big win, unless you are really fortunate, don’t get your hopes up if you are making low bets.

A good strategy is also to pick a slot that you actually enjoy playing. If you just think about that big prize, you will get bored pretty quickly unless you actually have fun playing the game and get some payouts during standard play as well.

It is also always a good idea to check the RTP of any game. The abbreviation stands for ‘return to player’ and it basically tells you your odds of winning. Keep in mind that generally, the RTP percentage in progressive slots tends to be lower. If you want to learn more about RTP, HE and how these percentages work, feel free to check our article on How to Find RTP. In connection with RTP, we have volatility, which you should also be mindful of since it tells you how often you should expect to win.

Never go over your budget and risk spending more than you have. In connection to this, you might want to adjust your spending according to what your objective is: several small wins or that big jackpot.

Mega Moolah win

Here is an example of a Mega Moolah slot winning combination.

Most Popular Progressive Slots

Here are two of the most popular types of progressive slot games that you can find and have almost certainly already come across at your favorite casinos.

You can play these games by clicking the casino link we included – or you can choose your own favorite top crypto casino!

Mega Moolah: This is one of the most popular and well-known online casino progressive jackpot games. Developed by Microgaming, Mega Moolah has a colorful animal theme that attracts players from around the globe to try their luck at this game. It has 5 reels and 25 lines. Various combinations of animal symbols can earn you a win, but you also have some fun bonus features that will keep you interested and allow you to keep your eye on the prize. Its RTP is 88,12 %.

You can play Mega Moolah right here at BitStarz casino or at you favourite online crypto casino.

Mega moolah

Major Millions: This is another hugely popular progressive slot game with big wins and it also comes from Microgaming. This game is a bit older but a classic. It is military-themed, has 5×3 reels and 15 paylines. You will not get bored easily playing this game; iIt has several interesting features such as a wild, bonus game, scatter and multiplier. RTP for this progressive slot is 89,37 %.

You can play Major Millions right here at BitStarz casino or choose your own best Bitcoin casino.

Major millions

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