Toncoin Casinos: The Best TON Gambling Sites

Cryptocurrencies offer faster and instant transactions and anonymity and have become integral to online casinos. This has led to more altcoins, including TON, being incorporated into Bitcoin casinos. But do you know what TON is and which crypto casinos accept it as a payment method? This detailed guide about Toncoin casinos has it all.

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What is Toncoin (TON)?

Toncoin (previously known as Gram) is the native cryptocurrency of a decentralized layer-1 blockchain network created by Telegram in 2018. By then, a private funding of $1.7 billion was raised by Telegram to build its blockchain meant to compete with Ethereum. It was initially introduced as the ‘Telegram Open Network’ but has since rebranded to ‘The Open Network’ under the TON Foundation.


The TON blockchain is among the fastest and most scalable crypto blockchains worldwide and can process over 100,000 transactions per second. It works on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mechanism and acts like a super server coordinating various products and services in the system. It is designed to process millions of transactions per second and is used in Toncoin gambling sites as payment and for paying transaction fees.

Through its uniquely designed architecture, Toncoin is miles ahead of most existing blockchains, enabling unlimited scalability, the core feature being horizontal sharding.

Its unlimited scalability allows ‘partitioning’ into shardchains and smaller workchains, with each node required to store and validate a subset of the network data instead of verifying the whole blockchain.


Through its PoS network, TON casinos are assured security and stability, courtesy of validators. Note that anyone can join the list of validators by Toncoin staking to help secure the network.

To be a validator, you must possess any amount of TON crypto for operation. You just need to join a validator pool that matches your amount of staked Toncoins. Smart contracts give you complete control over your funds and rewards for network maintenance.


As a decentralized currency, TON is revolutionizing Toncoin casinos. Besides, it doesn’t limit you to just one blockchain but several elements, including TON storage, TON blockchain, TON domain naming system (DNS), and more. All these features form a decentralized TON ecosystem.

How Do Toncoin Casinos Work?

Toncoin casino sites work like any other online casino. The main difference is the cryptocurrency used, with requirements to deposit TON cryptocurrency into your wallet before you can play online casino games. In Toncoin gambling sites, deposits and withdrawals are conducted swiftly and securely courtesy of the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.

Besides, most TON casinos ensure transparency and fairness in every game through their innovative contract functionalities. When you cash out, your winnings can be easily converted back into TON from whichever cryptocurrency your winnings are in.

To start playing with Toncoins, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get a TON-compatible wallet that matches your preferences.
  2. Buy Toncoins from crypto exchanges like Bitstamp and Coinbase.
  3. Select a Toncoin casino, like BC.Game or Coinplay and many more, from our list of Bitcoin casinos above.
  4. Register and deposit TON cryptocurrency into your online casino wallet.
  5. Enjoy playing different online casino games.
  6. Withdraw winnings back into your TON wallet.

Transaction Fees

The only accepted token to pay for transactions on the Toncoin blockchain and cross-blockchain transactions is $TON, and you must pay a transaction fee in $TON to process transactions like it happens in other networks. The good thing about Toncoin is that you pay as little as $0.005 TON as transaction fees. Besides, data storage on the Toncoin blockchain and blockchain-based domain names attract a $TON fee.

Games Available in TON Casinos

Like any online gambling site, Toncoin casinos support several crypto games. However, some casinos require you to convert your TON crypto into more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum before you can play. You can then convert your winnings back to Toncoins to withdraw.

Some of the best and easy-to-play TON casino games include Bitcoin slots. In these casinos, you can enjoy crypto casino bonuses by spinning a button in Toncoin-supported casinos and hoping for the best winnings.

Bitcoin casinos have crypto roulette as one of their most popular games, like in BC.Game. Various roulette variants exist, and winning TON casino roulette games requires you to pick the right bracket where the ball falls.

To win Bitcoin poker in Toncoin sites, you must be better than your opponents. Besides, you must understand the rules of the game to succeed.

You must possess moderate skills to succeed in Bitcoin blackjack in Toncoin casinos. For an enjoyable blackjack game, all the rules must be at your fingertips, and you must target a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21.

Another of the most exciting games offered in online casinos is the Bitcoin crash game. You don’t have to bet on given outcomes but must decide when to cash out as the multiplier grows. Like in financial markets, you must choose when to cash out before a crash. Otherwise, you’ll lose your bet if you fail to cash out in time. An excellent example of a crash game is BC.Game crash.

Playing Bitcoin dice in Toncoin casinos differs slightly from playing real-world dice. Crypto dice requires randomly picking numbers and guessing whether the outcome will be lower or higher than the chosen number.

Do All Online Casinos Accept Toncoin?

Despite its increasing popularity, not all casinos accept Toncoin cryptocurrency. Major casinos stick to more established coins, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. However, the current rise of Toncoin gambling sites has expanded options to cater to the growing trend among the TON community.

Regarding acceptance of Toncoin in gambling sites, some casinos only accept it in deposits but convert it into major coins like BTC and USDT before playing. If you intend to withdraw your casino winnings in Toncoin, you might have to convert the cryptocurrency to more established ones to complete your withdrawal. Otherwise, withdrawal usually continues like for any other crypto winnings.

Toncoin Casino Bonuses

Suppose you have deposited your TON in an online casino and want a crypto casino bonus in Toncoin. BC.Game and Coinplay are our recommended options since they’ll let you play games directly without asking you to convert your Toncoins.

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect in the bonuses:

  • BC.Game no deposit bonus in the form of a free wheel spin where you can win up to 1 BTC (however, most awards are worth $30), with a wagering of 60x.
  • BC.Game’s first deposit bonus of 150% up to $20,000 + 100 free spins and 40x wagering on bonus.
  • Coinplay’s first deposit bonus of 100% up to $5,000 + 80 free spins, 40x wagering on deposit.

For the two casinos above, we recommend BC.Game bonuses since you’ll get more money and more free spins. Besides, BC.Game is better than Coinplay since they use custom casino software, have in-house provably fair games, and many more features.

If you don’t mind the crypto you’ll receive your bonus in as long as you can deposit in Toncoin cryptocurrency, we recommend TrustDice bonuses.

  • TrustDice no deposit bonus of 0.01 mBTC + 35 free spins. Use the bonus code: FS202303021706.
  • A first deposit bonus of 100% up to 1 BTC + 25 free spins and only 35x wagering on the bonus.


If you’re a fan of NFTs, you’ll have access to over 60 amazing NFTs and can trade them on Disintar, Getgems, and other NFT marketplaces. Besides collecting TON NFTs, you can use them to play games in Toncoin casinos like BC.Game seamlessly without a hassle.

How to Get TON Coins to Play Online Casino Games

Suppose you’ve decided to play on Toncoin gambling sites but don’t yet have the TON cryptocurrency in your wallet. Here’s how to get it:

  • P2P transactions: You can buy TON crypto directly from a peer who owns it on reputable P2P platforms, for example, in Binance.
  • Crypto exchanges: Another option for acquiring Toncoins is purchasing on exchanges like Coinbase and Bitstamp.
  • Crypto ATMs: You can buy Toncoins via a Bitcoin ATM if it’s within your locality.

After successfully acquiring Toncoins, transfer it to your TON casino wallet and enjoy playing.

How to Choose the Best Toncoin Casino

Many factors come into play when selecting the best TON gambling site, like the min. and max. required deposits. The limits can vary across Bitcoin casinos and may differ depending on the cryptocurrency used.

Also, available Bitcoin casino bonus offers matter. Terms and conditions across different casinos, including wagering requirements, vary, and you should review them before settling on a TON casino. Ensure the bonus terms and conditions are familiar and favorable enough to enable you to pick bonuses that meet your desires easily.

You should also check out game varieties. A wider game selection means a more comprehensive and enjoyable Toncoin gaming experience, as you have a range of games to choose from.

At Gamblineers, we use various criteria to assess casinos, including player engagement, fairness and effectiveness of conflict resolution, minimal complaints, speedy resolution of issues, payout speed, overall service quality, and the range of games and promotions. Please visit our front page to learn more about how we rate and rank casinos.

Through an internal scoring system that includes these factors, we rank Toncoin casinos accordingly. Regarding casino rankings, BC.Game and stand out as TON casinos with the best rankings in our previous reviews. This can be confirmed by reading some of our past listings.

Are TON Casinos Safe ?

Toncoin gambling sites prioritize safety and security, like other crypto casinos. You should be least worried about security in Toncoin casinos since your funds are protected against external attacks, and the games are provably fair.

To assess the safety of an online casino, it’s advisable to read online reviews thoroughly and gather sufficient information to help you decide how safe it is. Any past scandals or issues will be disclosed through the collected data.

Among our top TON casinos, BC.Game is the most reputable for various reasons, including its Curacao license, meaning it complies with regulatory standards. Besides, BC.Game has an extensive provably fair games library. Also, it conducts operations on the blockchain and is renowned for secure and transparent operations.

Pros & Cons of Toncoin Casinos

As you play on Toncoin casino sites, here are the pros and cons you should consider.


  • You’ll enjoy crypto anonymity.
  • Swift transactions.
  • Lower TON transaction fees.
  • Enhanced security through blockchain technology.
  • Worldwide access to Toncoin casinos.
  • Innovative gaming experience.


  • Stiff competition from more established blockchains like BTC and ETH.
  • TON is less popular than older cryptocurrencies.

Top Toncoin Casinos

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Yes, you can use Toncoin in crypto casinos that accept TON. However, note that some casinos only allow you to deposit in TON, but you must convert the coins to more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to play. The same might apply in withdrawals – you might be subjected to converting your winnings from Toncoin to major cryptocurrencies to enable you to withdraw.

Available games in TON casinos include crypto slots and table games. For a comprehensive insight into the games available, please read our reviews in this guide.

Yes, all TON gambling sites are legal. However, you must confirm with local laws to ensure you’re not breaking any rules.

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