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Not many online crypto casinos offer HBAR as one of the supported cryptocurrencies. So far, one of the best casinos to bet with HBAR is BC.Game. With HBAR gaining popularity amongst crypto casinos, it is only a matter of time before more Hedera casinos start appearing on the scene to support HBAR bets.

Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph

$0.06 0.84%




First deposit

80% up to $79

  • One of the largest game collections
  • One of the best VIP/loyalty programs
  • Wide range of available cryptocurrencies

What is Hedera Hashgraph?

Hedera is an open-source, publicly distributed ledger that runs on a fast, secure, and fair hashgraph consensus. It offers various network services, such as Solidity-powered smart contracts, a native token, and a consensus service to create DApps.


Hedera is decentralized, with a blockchain governed via a governing council with up to 39 enterprise bodies. The council consists of 14 governing council members, some of whom are Hex Trust’s partners. They include major organizations like DLA Piper, IBM, LG, ChainLink Labs, Google, and many others.

The governing members are node operators and decision-makers for the network and services running on it. Decentralization is ensured by giving each node operator equal shares of voting powers. They can only serve a three-year term with a maximum of two consecutive terms.


Security is ensured on the Hedera network via asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerance, which ensures enterprise-grade security. The mechanism supports distributed ledger technology security, the most secure form of network security.

Whilst many networks have faced huge security challenges, Hedera has proven its resilience, having no major security issues to date. That is essential for applications that involve financial transactions. It would create further opportunities for financial institutions to enter the tokenized asset space and boost user confidence when running applications on Hedera.


Hedera Hashgraph uses a unique consensus mechanism based on Hashgraph technology. It allows higher throughput and faster transaction times. The technology also ensures low transaction fees, even during high network demand.

Hedera comes with a “State Proof” feature that lets developers verify the network state without having to query the whole network. This can reduce the amount of data that has to be processed, boosting platform scalability.

Hedera Casino Fees

As with other crypto coins, fees are set by the network. In Hedera, the governing council sets the network fees in USD, which makes it easy to estimate the cost. Due to the scalability of the network, these fees are always low and predictable. For instance, the average fee for a crypto transfer operation is just $0.0001.

Despite its growing popularity, fees on Hedera Hashgraph remain extremely low. Unlike other networks where growing popularity means higher transaction fees, Hedera keeps fees low due to its highly scalable nature.

Games Available in Hedera Casinos

HBAR coins will be converted to internal currency in some Hedera casinos. Upon withdrawal, they are switched back to the HBAR coins. That is just how some HBAR casinos operate.

You can play all games offered where HBAR is supported, as you would with other coins. However, some games have restrictions on what coins can be used. However, in most casinos where the option to use HBAR is supported, they will offer a large collection of HBAR games. Pick a casino you like, deposit your HBAR, and hope for the best odds.


Crypto slots are the most popular option in online casinos because they are easy to play. They offer players a high level of excitement. HBAR casinos are the same. There is also the opportunity to find specific HBAR bonuses. All you do is press the SPIN button and hope the odds favor you.


Crypto roulette is another simple game popular on gambling sites. There are usually different permutations of the game in online casinos. To win on HBAR casino roulette games, pick the right bracket where the ball falls.


HBAR poker is a difficult but popular game in online casinos. However, you only need to be better against other players to boost your chances of winning HBAR. To win, you need to understand the rules of your specific crypto poker game.


HBAR blackjack is a game of moderate skill. You will need to understand the rules to play and win. With HBAR casino blackjack games, you need a higher score than the dealer without exceeding 21.


HBAR crash is an interesting game only offered by blockchain and crypto casinos. You do not need to bet on a given outcome with crypto crash. However, you need to decide which point you will cash out while the multiplier grows. If you have not cashed out before it crashes, you will lose the money you bet with.


HBAR dice is not the same as real-world dice. With crypto dice, all you do is pick a number and guess the outcome, whether it will be higher or lower than the number you picked.

Hedera Casino No Deposit Bonuses

There are numerous HBAR casino bonuses that you may find online, and one of the best bonuses is from BC.Game. The casino offers a daily wheel spin bonus for registered members, where players can earn up to 1 BTC free. Besides the no deposit bonus, the casino supports 3 first deposit bonus options. They include an 80-180% match bonus, depending on how a player deposits.

BC.Game casino also supports 2nd, 3rd, and 4th HBAR deposit bonuses. The bonuses have some unique wagering requirements discussed in our BC.Game casino review.

Hedera NFTs

Hedera supports NFTs. Anyone can use one of the many apps that support Hedera NFT minting in minutes. One example is the Hedera NFT Minter, which allows merchants to start selling NFTs via Shopify in minutes.

A major advantage of Hedera NFTs is that they enjoy the speed of Hashgraph, which is 10,000 transactions per second. Its numerous advantages mean that it is becoming a popular choice for launching NFT projects. Today, Hedera Sentient has grown to become one of the biggest NFT marketplaces globally, with a focus on Hedera-based NFTs.

How to Choose the Best Hedera Hashgraph Casino

There are numerous factors to consider when picking a hedera coin casino. One of the aspects to check is the minimum and maximum deposit amount. These limits differ amongst different casinos. They will sometimes vary depending on the crypto coin being used.

Another issue to consider is the bonus offers. Different bonuses come with different terms and conditions. For instance, bonuses will have different wagering requirements. You can see the wagering requirements in the bonus terms and conditions. Always check the bonuses that best suit your needs.

Finally, the games offered are an important consideration. The more types of games offered, the better a casino will be. You will likely want to test the various games until you find a game you like.

On Gamblineers, we check how well the casino is performing based on several metrics that include:

  • Keeping players engaged,
  • Minimal complaints,
  • The speed at which complaints are resolved,
  • How effective and fair resolutions are,
  • Making payouts often and fast,
  • Offers great services overall, and
  • Having a huge selection of games and promotions.

Based on an internal scoring system that includes all these factors, we rank the casinos. In this instance, while BC.Game is the only one that supports Hedera, it has ranked highly in other reviews. Players can confirm this by checking some of the listings we have posted in the past.

Are Hedera Casinos Safe?

Hedera gaming casinos are safe, just like most crypto casinos. Safety refers to protection from outside hackers and the fairness of the games.

To decide on the safety of an online casino, you can read some online reviews. Read as many reviews as you can until you are satisfied with the safety of a crypto casino. If it has been involved in any scandal, you will find out about it online.

Based on our review of BC.Game, we have found it to be a quality casino. For one, the casino holds a current gaming license in Curacao. Additionally, it offers one of the biggest collections of provably fair in-house games and runs most of its services on the blockchain, which is known for its security, and transparency.

Pros & Cons of Hedera Casinos


  • Fast transactions.
  • Price volatility means that your winnings could increase many times over in value.
  • Transactions are anonymous.


  • HBAR is not supported on all crypto casinos.
  • There is a risk of the HBAR coin losing value.
  • There is always a risk of the network being hacked.

All bonus types are supported on HBAR casinos. You will find numerous variations of all the popular bonus types offered in major online casinos. They include deposit bonuses up to the 4th deposit, and a no deposit bonus, like the free wheel spin bonus on BC.Game.

They work just like conventional casinos. You deposit funds and place bets on the different games. The only difference is that you will deposit HBAR coins instead of fiat.

Yes, it is legal.

HBAR casino gambling does not require any extra transactions compared to other casino gambling. In countries where gambling is permitted, it is legal to transact or gamble in HBAR. You can be assured that when you gamble using HBAR, you are not violating any laws.

HBAR’s robust architecture ensures it is safe and secure for placing bets. The network’s unique architecture ensures it is not vulnerable to attacks or hacks. Holding HBAR assets is secure, and there is no risk of losing them to hackers. To date, the HBAR network has proven its resilience to attacks.

Top HBAR Casinos



80% up to $79

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