AMP Casino Guide of 2024

Amp casino sites and everything you need to know to find the best Amp casinos.

Very few online casinos currently offer Amp as their deposit and withdrawal currency. However, with AMP slowly but steadily following Bitcoin’s popularity, it is only a matter of time before other casinos become Amp gambling sites as well.



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AMP Casinos

Here are only the best Amp casinos that I trust.

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AMP Bonus

BC.Game offers all Gamblineers players a $1-3 wager free bonus! No deposit is required and there are no wagering requirements – you simply register through Gamblineers and claim your reward!

Additionally, they offer numerous welcome bonuses, faucets and games where you can win additional crypto. Find all the information in our BC.Game review!

If you want to see more bonuses, learn which ones are the best, and find out what traps they may be hiding, my bonuses guide is the place to go.

AMP Free Spins

Unfortunately, there are no free spins available in any Amp accepting casinos (yet!). But you do have a no deposit bonus in Amp – BC.Game offers $1-3 wager free for all who register through Gamblineers!

Make sure to come back to this guide and check it often – I will be adding more Amp casinos and their bonuses as soon as they come out!

AMP Games

You can play almost all games with Amp, just as you would with Bitcoin, for example. Some game providers have certain restrictions in regards to which coins can be used for playing their games. But if a casino offers the option to play with Amp, then they also have a large collection of Amp games available, whether you prefer Amp slots, poker, roulette, blackjack or some other table game or live game.

Besides, you will be taken care of since BC.Game casino even has some of their own games in their collection – so pick your favorite game, deposit your Amp and

May the odds be ever in your favor!

AMP Casino Reviews

All Amp casino reviews include a particular casino’s payment information, accepted currencies, restricted countries, bonuses, pros and cons, and more information about their games and offers.

See each review by clicking on the casino’s logo or on their review link below the PLAY button in the Amp casinos list above.

Casinos are rated based on 5 criteria:

  1. Safety and reliability of Amp casinos: Which license so they have? Do they have clear withdrawal information? What is their support like? How long have they been on the market, successfully retaining their satisfied players?
  2. Amp bonuses: Do they offer bonuses? Is their wagering information clear? How high is their wagering requirement, etc.
  3. Bet limitations: How does the casino limit you in terms of bets that you can make (min./max. bets on different games)?
  4. Provably fair: Whether they offer provably fair games and how many.
  5. Amp casino anonymity: What information do they require from you to play, deposit and withdraw?

For a detailed description of each category you can check my Bitcoin guide. There you will find all of above categories and the best casinos for each category, as well as 6 other categories.

How do we rate crypto casinos at Gamblineers?

Why Play With AMP?

Amp is mostly used as a collateral for payments on the Flexa Network, in case if payments with other coins such as Ethereum or Bitcoin fail to be completed due to problems like network congestion or long transaction time. In such a case, the Amp collateral can be liquidated and cover potential losses. If this happens, the seller receives payment in fiat, which enables better assurances for all participants.

Like most cryptocurrencies, Amp is also used for investing and trading.

How Does It Perform?

  1. Decentralization: Amp was created in September 2020 by a company called Flexa and is native to the Ethereum blockchain, which allows it to execute smart contracts.
  2. Safety: Amp handles security by getting security audits from independent security companies such as ConsenSys Diligence and Trail of Bits. However, there were some malfunctions on the AMP token contract in mid-2021, where around $25 million of ETH and AMP was lost. It happened because there was a reentrancy bug which was introduced by Amp. Amp got exploited by borrowing assets again before updating the first loan.
  3. Scalability: Amp’s main purpose is to speed up transactions, which is really important especially now when crypto is becoming more widely adopted. As a result of this, blockchains are becoming more congested. It is a solid project with good potential for future growth.

AMP Fees

Amp is an Ethereum blockchain based token. This is why its fees reflect the success of Ethereum’s blockchain; in other words, the fees depend on the token’s usage. The fees are currently quite high due to the popularity of the network.

Amp had a huge bull run in mid-2021, reaching its peak at $0.109, and it is currently worth around $0.04. Even though its value dropped for about 50 %, the fees remain high throughout because they reflect the Ethereum blockchain’s success.


There are no Amp NFTs that we are aware of yet -but stay tuned, this is a fast growing area and if AMP adds NFT, you will be able to find this information right here when it happens!

Top AMP Casinos

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