DOTA 2 Bitcoin Betting Guide The Best DOTA 2 Crypto Betting Sites 2023

DOTA 2 is one of the three eSports betting giants that stand out from the crowd. In this post we describe all of DOTA 2’s intricacies and what you have to focus on when picking a DOTA 2 Bitcoin betting site, so that you pick the perfect one for you. You will also learn about the most popular bet types, popular tournaments and a lot more!

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DOTA 2, like League of Legends, is a multiplayer online battle arena type game, also known as MOBA for short. With a high potential for extremely strategic plays and combos, it brings quite a lot of attention to itself. There is an enormous variety of betting sites that feature crypto DOTA 2 betting with Bitcoin as an option.

You can find DOTA 2 crypto betting on most betting sites. We can even say, with a fair degree of certainty, that you can find it at pretty much all online betting sites, as long as they have an eSports category. Since DOTA 2 is one of the three most popular eSports for betting, it is fair to say that you will be able to find it almost everywhere.

The game itself is as complex as one can get! So if you are just getting started with crypto eSports gambling, learning about it and how the betting site works at the same time can be quite overwhelming.

We created this section so that you, as a new user or even a more experienced better, know what you should look out for when searching for your online bookmaker.

Here is a short list of all the things that you should keep an eye out for when deciding which bookmaker site to pick.

How easy it is to use – For new players it is recommended that you choose a DOTA 2 crypto betting site with a straightforward and easy to use website design and interface. Since you have yet to learn all the terminology and rules of betting, a complex site can be quite overwhelming – especially if you are also learning about this eSport at the same time.

Bonuses – All of DOTA 2 Bitcoin betting sites (or any other crypto betting websites) feature some sort of bonuses or promotions. Whether it is in the form of a welcome package, no deposit bonus or free bets, they are there! And most importantly, bonuses differ from one betting site to the other, which is one of the reasons why some are more appealing to some players and not to others. You should search for a bonus that is perfect for you when you are deciding on your DOTA 2 crypto betting site.

Withdrawal – Furthermore, like all the online betting sites, DOTA 2 Bitcoin betting sites consist of withdrawal limitations, which are stated in the online bookie’s terms and conditions. The T&C, in addition to bonuses, are typically another thing that sets online betting sites apart. Bonuses usually have some sort of wagering requirement, which prevents you from withdrawing your money as soon as you claim it.

Other games – Once you get more experienced with betting on DOTA 2 you will probably want to try your luck at some other games as well, improving your analysing skills and knowledge gathering abilities. All betting sites include the most popular eSports (DOTA2, CSGO, LOL) however, there is a chance that you will not find everything else inthe same place.

About DOTA 2

Unlike League of Legends, the game is explosive from the get-go and there are no specific conditions in regards to how you have to play your hero. In other words, in DOTA 2 every hero can go in every lane. However there is still a certain ‘meta,’ which dictates which heroes or types of heroes are stronger in a specific patch or season.

DOTA 2 is entirely free to play, unlike CSGO, which you have to purchase, or League of Legends, where you need to buy all champions in order to play with them. DOTA 2 is also not one of the games which are based on the ‘pay to win’ principle, where you can purchase (with real money) items that are better than the regular ones. The eSports industry and DOTA 2 work hand in hand in making this game as popular as it is. DOTA 2 provides entertainment, fun and the potential to mechanically and strategically outplay your opponent, while the eSports industry provides exposure.

DOTA 2 is far more customizable than League of Legends. You can customise your map, cursors, the announcer voice and more. Its main feature is a highly strategic gameplay on a huge map; therefore it is not uncommon for games to last up to 70 minutes! However, the average time is somewhere around 45 minutes in pro play.

It is a highly complex game with even more items and skills required than there are in LoL. Players have to invest A LOT of time to learn the game and even more to master it. This is one of the reasons why betting on DOTA 2 became so popular – because you know that you are watching true masterminds.

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Types of Bets for DOTA 2 Bitcoin Betting

Due to its complexity, DOTA 2 has the ability to have multiple different bet types and overall aspects to betting. Here is a list of different bet types, but you might not find all of them on every betting site.

Match winner – This is the most common type of bet that you will see on your betting journey when it comes to eSports betting and sports betting in general. With this type of bet you try to predict who will win the match.

Map winner – Here you bet on who will win the map – this is not necessarily the match winner! Since DOTA 2’s map is much bigger than LoL’s, players also get rewarded with points. These points are based on the amount of ground someone managed to capture or take over.

Totals – This category covers everything from the total number of buildings, total number of kills, to the total number of creeps killed. You bet on the total amount of how many times certain things will happen. What you can bet on is typically provided by your bookie.

First blood – When you bet on first blood, you try to predict which team or player (depending on the rules) will kill an enemy player first and therefore get the first blood. This type of bet is usually played by more experienced users since you need to possess at least some game knowledge in addition to a pretty good understanding of the players’ playstyle.

First to… – In addition to the first blood, there is also a variety of bets that you can place that cover the ‘first’ category, since there are many titles and awards that are given during the game. You can even bet on which team will be the first to get a certain number of kills. The ‘first to’ betting option typically depends on the DOTA 2 Bitcoin betting site.

There are also a variety of different bets. One of them is called the accumulator bet and it lets you include multiple bets in one. If you are interested in finding out more, you can check our Bitcoin eSports Betting guide!

Best Dota 2 Bitcoin Betting Bonuses

In this part of the guide we provide you with a list of one of the most popular bonuses that you can claim when betting on DOTA 2 with Bitcoin. It is worth mentioning that these bonuses are the best ones in our opinion – if you find one that better suits your needs, you should always opt for the one that will be the best choice for you.

If you are searching for bonus types that are not mentioned among the ones below, you can read all about them in our Bitcoin eSports Bonuses guide!

Best First deposit bonus: bonus of 100 % up to 1 BTC, with a 25x wagering requirement on bonus by BitDice.

Best No deposit bonus: bonus of 100 satoshi, with 40x wagering requirement on bonus by Trust Dice.

Best Free bet bonus: 30 € with 3x wagering requirement at Melbet.

Largest DOTA 2 Tournaments

The biggest DOTA 2 tournament is called The International and it is hosted annually by Valve. In 2021 its total prize pool reached $40 million, which broke the record for the biggest eSports prize pool to ever exist!

Most Popular DOTA 2 Crypto Betting Events

Here are some of the most popular DOTA 2 betting events. You can find them on pretty much all betting sites, as long as they include the eSports category.

  • The International
  • DPC tournaments
  • ESL One
  • OGA Dota PIT
  • OGA Dota PIT Invitational
  • BTS Pro Series

Best DOTA 2 teams

In order for a team to be the one of the very best, they have to consistently implement and execute a high level of performance. In addition to this, players have to work together well and highly efficiently in order to continuously climb the ladder and stay on top for more than one season.

Here is a list of a couple of the best DOTA 2 teams to ever exist (in no particular order):

  • Alliance
  • OG
  • Wings Gaming
  • Team Secret 2.0
  • Team DK

How the Game Works

The game’s objective is to push down enemy lanes by destroying towers and barracks. You win the game by destroying the enemy’s Ancient. The map is extremely big, which allows unpredictable plays to happen at any point. In addition, the terrain is elevated in certain parts and, like in real life, gives the advantage to those who have the high ground. On top of that, players can modify the terrain of the map for a certain period of time by destroying trees which regrow at some later point in the game. This option allows teams to perform sneaky gank tactics and trap the enemy by surrounding them or by allowing for an easier escape.

There are 122 different heroes in DOTA 2 and they all have different turn rates, which means that when your hero goes into a different direction it has a specific set amount of how much time it takes him to turn and then proceed to move forward.

All heroes are designed to be ‘broken’ (overpowered), meaning that every hero has the ability to counter another and carry the game. However, none of them are perfect; they all lack either mobility, damage or defence. This is how DOTA 2 balances the game.

The heroes themselves are very diverse and are not designed to fit any predefined role. In DOTA 2 there are two duo lanes. Two players from each team go into the same lane; to the one at the bottom and to the one at the top of the map. Meanwhile, the middle lane remains a solo lane, same as in League. There are five positions that players can choose from:

Position 1: Carry, goes to the safe lane
Position 2: Mid Laner, goes to the mid lane
Position 3: Off laner, goes to the off lane
Position 4: Roaming support, off lane + roams
Position 5: Main support, goes to the safe lane

The creep farm priority is assigned based on the position. This is why position 1 always gets the highest farm priority, while 4 and 5, the supports, get the lowest priority and sometimes do not even farm at all. Creeps spawn in waves and grant players gold, as well as experience points, which help level up their heroes and allow them to purchase stronger items.

Carry’s job is to do the most damage in the late game by farming as much gold as possible during the early stages and buying stronger items. They go to a side lane with the Main support. The side lanes are asymmetrical; as a result, one team’s Support and Carry face the enemy team’s Off laner and vice versa. Items typically come with special active effects that are used for offensive or defensive purposes.

Off laners buy items that make them harder to kill and make them good at initiating fights.

Mid Laners face each other in one on one combat. After making a successful kill, they can gain items quicker in the early game.

The Roaming support roams the map and ganks lanes. Ganking lanes means joining teammates in calculated attacks on the enemy, which, if executed correctly, results in the enemy hero’s death.

The game is divided into three stages: early, mid and late.

In the early game everyone’s objective is to not die, to defend their towers and farm as many creeps as possible in order to purchase better items sooner. At this stage, the Roaming support looks for a gank opportunity. In pro play, no one typically comes on top if only farming takes place in the early game, since the players’ farming skills are as good as they can be.

In the mid game teams try to gain more map control by pushing towers and placing strategic wards, which give them the information on the enemy’s whereabouts. In addition, ganks become more frequent; if executed successfully, they give the team the ability to push even further.

In the late game things become more explosive, with a lot more teamwork, strategy and organisation required to pull off successful fights. If the teamfight is won, the team can decide to either push more lanes or to kill Roshan. Roshan is a monster who is positioned on the top side of the map in the middle of the river. When Roshan is slayed, it drops an Aegis of the Immortal, which grants the player who picks it up (typically the Carry) a respawn at the same place with full health, only 5 seconds after being killed by the enemy. In this case the enemy team is basically playing a 6v5, due to such a short respawn timer. Special items are also dropped at specific camps that are strategically placed around the map. Players try to farm as many as possible in order to best the enemy and ultimately win the game.

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