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Adam Gros / Apr 21, 2024

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You’re probably here because you ran out of the best roulette numbers, to choose from. We can’t tell you which of the best numbers to play in roulette will give you a life-changing win. But, we can suggest a few numbers that might give you some extra luck next time you play and even a couple you can avoid that could potentially make you lose!
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Best Numbers to Play in Roulette

Lucky numbers—we’ve all heard of them. But do they truly bring you luck? Well, there must be something mythical because, throughout the years, people have come to them repeatedly, and they are still considered the lucky numbers. There must be some truth behind it; otherwise, people would just abandon them. So let’s see what they are and get you that sweet roulette win!

4 – Number four is probably one of the best roulette numbers you’ll encounter once you start counting from one. It is lucky because it is associated with the four-leaf clover, representing extreme luck if you’re lucky enough to find one.

5 – The Number five is also considered one of the best roulette numbers because it appears throughout the universe. We have five senses and five fingers on each leg and hand. The sequence is also one of the most common ones in flower petals.

7 – Number seven probably needs no introduction, ladybugs have seven spots, the seven wonders of the world, and seven tones in the music scale. Even mammals mostly have seven vertebrae. It is safe to say that seven is preferred by many.

8 – Number eight is considered to be a lucky number by a lot of Eastern cultures. Especially because it sounds like the word wealth in China, and in astrology, it represents personal power and financial gain, among other things.

9 – The number nine sounds like the word long-lasting in Chinese culture. While in astrology, it represents the completion of a cycle and universal love. So, pretty big stuff, huh?

23 – By combining numbers two and three, we get another from the arsenal of the best roulette numbers. The 23 represents happiness and the fact that good things will happen soon!

33 – In the Bible, the number thirty-three is associated with the divine, the holy trinity, and important blessings!

So that’s the list of best roulette numbers you can use to slightly impact your chance of winning when playing roulette. Of course, no number will give you a greater edge statistically because each spin is completely random! Roulette strategies, however, might be a whole different story. Additionally, a great way to increase your initial investment and potentially get more money when you win is with roulette bonuses.

If you just ran out of the best numbers for roulette to pick, we’ll give you another 10 best numbers on roulette based on various factors that might bring you a win behind the green table.

  • If you’re from the Northern Hemisphere, pick 12
  • If you can stuff your mouth with 12 regular marshmallows, pick 18
  • If you’re older than 40, pick 22
  • If you just had a baby, pick 24
  • If you have three or more kids, pick 17
  • If your hair is curly, pick 8
  • If you can do 100 pushups, pick 12
  • If you’ve broken your leg, pick 32
  • If you’ve cheated on a test, pick 2
  • If you can hold your breath for more than 1 minute, pick 19

Numbers to Avoid in Roulette

What about the numbers to avoid? Are there any? Hmm, at first glance, you might not think of any number. But this one will send shivers down your spine when given in the right contest! You’re probably starting to know which number we are talking about. It’s none other than the number 13! The origins of the number 13, an unlucky number, can be “traced” back to the Bible, where Judas was the 13th guest to appear.

Avoid 13!

Today, we can notice the “impact” of number 13 on the economy of the US, where the market loses around $1 billion in business. Another example would be the notorious 13th floor in hotels and buildings, where the builders tend to skip it since history has shown that people don’t particularly like that number.

In addition, many gamblers tend to avoid numbers on the edge of the board, so 1, 3, 34, and 36.

What to Do If Previous Numbers Didn’t Work?

Another way to go about it is, well, each person is unique, and lucky people tend to choose numbers that have significant importance in their lives, such as their child’s birth date. So the bottom line is it could be anything, any number could be one of the best numbers to play on roulette, as long as it represents some significant event in your life.

Here’s a list of suggestions if you don’t remember anything from the top of your head:

  1. Date of birth (yours, mother’s, father’s, child’s, better halves’)
  2. Graduation date (if it greatly impacted your life)
  3. Wedding day
  4. Various anniversary dates
  5. Date when you bought your first house
  6. What was the score difference of your favorite football or basketball in that championship

Kick Roulette up a Notch? Why Not!

Well, if you haven’t scored by now, no worries. Really, there is still one trick up your sleeve you can try. Let’s say you’ve tried all the previously mentioned possible numbers, and nothing worked out. What you can do is put the numbers together. The roulette wheel is quite big, right? The maximum number on the roulette wheel is 38 (including 0 and 00 in American roulette).

But let’s say you skip the zeros and focus on the rest. That’s still 36 numbers; the longest of months have only 31. Also, the probability of something major happening in your life at the end of the month every single time is quite low unless you’re quirky like that, which is also fun in itself.

Ok, anyway, let’s not get too carried away. To put it briefly, there are 31 days and 12 months, and you can use either addition or subtraction on your significant dates to conjure up a new number with double the meaning. Wow! Now we’re cooking.

So how would you do that? Let’s say you married your spouse on 3.8. You can add 3 + 8 to get 11 and boom. There you have it—another possibility.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, when it comes to roulette gambling, or any kind of gambling for that matter, you must always remember to gamble responsibly. Gambling is fun. There’s no denying about it. However, it is not a way to make someone’s living, especially if you’re already struggling. And the biggest luck you can have is not running out of money in the first place.

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