Best Binance Coin Bookmakers

Think about crypto gambling sites, and Binance Coin bookmakers join the list. These sites are fun to play in and are no different from other crypto bookies.

Binance is not only famous as a crypto exchange platform but also has its native token, BNB, that works like other established cryptocurrencies and is worth trying out in sports betting. However, with the many Binance Coin sportsbooks on the internet, it’s hard to pick the right one without in-depth knowledge.

Our detailed guide walks you through the basics of these bookies and what makes them stand out.

Top Binance Coin Sportsbooks

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Getting Started With Binance Coin Sports Betting

Step 1
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Acquire Binance Coin

Buy BNB (Binance Coin) from its primary platform,, crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Bitstamp, or a Bitcoin ATM.

Step 2
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Choose a BNB Bookie

Pick a Binance Coin betting site from our list above. While at it, ensure your choice suits your preferences. Also, consider factors like whether or not you can convert your winnings to any crypto of choice and ensure the site operates in your country.

Step 3
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Make a Deposit

Deposit BNB to your online bookie wallet. As a multichain cryptocurrency, you can use BNB Beacon Chain or BNB Smart Chain to complete the transaction, and if it’s your first time in that bookmaker, you may receive a deposit bonus.

Step 4
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Place your bet in the BNB sports betting site chosen, similar to how you’d do in Binance Coin casinos.

Step 5
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Withdraw Winnings

Withdraw your Binance Coin sports betting profits as an optional step. Otherwise, keep wagering with your earnings. Remember, some Binance Coin bookmakers don’t support direct BNB withdrawals. You must convert your Binance Coin tokens to more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to withdraw.

Why Play Sports in BNB Betting Sites?

Cryptocurrencies are more advantageous compared to fiat in online betting sites. If you’re wondering why you need to play in BNB gambling sites over other crypto bookies, here are the reasons.

Crypto Anonymity

Crypto anonymity in BNB relieves the pain of fiat transaction traceability. Playing in Binance Coin bookies doesn’t expose you to the risk of a negative credit score.

You won’t use your credit or debit cards; hence, all your BNB bookmakers’ transactions are untraceable. Anonymity is to your advantage since centralized financial institutions like banks won’t access your credit score.

Suppose your bank statement has transactions related to sportsbook activities. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll never receive loan approval, even if it’s just one transaction in the financial statement.

With Binance Coin, all your transactions in BNB betting sites are incognito. You don’t need an intermediary, so your bank will never trace your activities.

Generally, playing in Binance Coin sports betting sites gives you full control of what others or financial institutions see about your transactions.

Huge Potential for BNB Growth

Despite the volatile nature of crypto, Binance Coin has great long-term growth potential. Compared to fiat currency, whose value is prone to inflation, you can double your Binance Coin assets whenever the market curve rises.

Led by founder and current CEO Changpeng Zhao (as of January 2024), BNB leverages crypto scalability and other factors to ensure it grows to be among the most adopted coins by crypto users.

Using BNB in betting sites may multiply your money when the market changes in your favor. However, if you intend to let the funds lie on the betting sites, we advise converting them to a stablecoin like USDT, USDC, or BUSD to avoid losing value.

Payout Speeds

Fiat gambling sites come with a fair share of challenges – one is waiting for too long to receive your payout. Financial institutions may manually verify withdrawals and request supporting documentation if the amount is considerably large. Also, payout requests in fiat-based bookies are processed in 3 to 5 days.

Binance Coin bookmakers have few verification regulations, and payouts are usually processed almost instantly – only special instances require manual verification. Nevertheless, withdrawals in BNB bookies are swift and take under 24 hours to be effected.

Financial Independence

Once you embrace Binance Coin sports betting, you’ll realize the financial independence that comes with it – unlike in fiat-based sportsbooks. You don’t have to worry about any central government’s control.

You’ll never see the need to return to fiat sportsbooks once you taste the positive side of gambling with Binance Coin.

For instance, in April 2020, the UK Gambling Commission banned using credit cards in online betting. This caused panic among gamblers who had no idea about the ban since banks froze their bank accounts upon making credit card transactions with betting companies. The worst part is that banks took a long time to unfreeze some customer accounts. They threatened clients with further action if they made similar transactions ever again.

If a sports betting site meets all your requirements and accepts BNB, go ahead and play on it with financial independence.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

In traditional betting companies, you’ll face transaction limits. This is a disadvantage, especially if you’re used to high-roller crypto casinos since your deposits and withdrawal limits are restricted.

In fiat-based bookmakers, you’ll only be asked for additional documents to be allowed to hold large sums of money in your account. Besides, they may ban you permanently and keep your funds if they feel you have gone against their terms and conditions.

BNB gambling sites have less of this restriction, and you can freely deposit and withdraw substantial amounts. For example, it’s as high as 10 BTC in BitStarz! You can explore more options from our list above.

Good Promotional Value

Generous incentives are part of what makes BNB betting sites stand out. As you play on these sites, you’ll realize the many bonuses, great odds (here’s a guide about casino games with the best odds), and other exclusive incentives.

Some of the promotional offers on Binance Coin gambling websites include:

  • Welcome bonus: Upon signup on a Binance Coin betting website, you’ll receive this bonus as a match-up of up to 100% on your initial deposit. For example, if you deposit $100, you’ll get an extra $100, something unlikely to happen in fiat gambling sites. However, you must adhere to the set welcome bonus terms. Otherwise, you may be disqualified.
  • No deposit bonuses: These come as crypto casino free spins or money in your BNB sportsbook account for new gamblers. Despite these offers being no deposit crypto casino bonuses, you must follow the set terms, for example, the amount of wager on the bonus, to withdraw winnings.
  • Cashback bonus: If you lose while playing on some Binance Coin bookmakers, you may get a percentage of your losses back as a crypto casino cashback bonus.
  • You’ll also enjoy other perks like exclusive VIP programs and loyalty schemes as a way for the BNB crypto bookmakers to promote themselves.

Shield Against Inflation of Fiat Currency

Nobody likes how fiat currency gets hit by inflation over time due to various fiscal and monetary policies, do you? Probably not. Sometimes, there may be cases of hyperinflation, exposing you to potential loss of value for your money.

The purchasing power of fiat currency reduces over time, so BNB is a great option in your day-to-day gambling activities. Binance Coin is only open to crypto volatility, not inflation. Whether you let your funds stay on the betting website for long or not, they won’t be affected. You stand a chance of gaining more when you decide to withdraw.

Comprehensive Sports Betting Options

Another thing that makes BNB bookies stand out is their large collection of sports betting options. From our list above, you’ll find various sports across various bookmakers, including Dota, soccer, American football, hockey, horse racing, dog racing, ice hockey, and ski jumping.

All these sports can be conveniently played anonymously in BNB gambling sites, unlike in traditional bookmakers whose game collection is limited.

Pros & Cons of BNB Bookmakers


  • Quick payouts, unlike fiat gambling sites.
  • Low transaction fees.
  • Advanced security of the Binance Coin bookmakers.
  • Enhanced anonymity, safeguarding your online betting activities.
  • Global accessibility of BNB betting sites.
  • Large BNB crypto bookie bonuses.
  • Low and high deposit and withdrawal limits, respectively.
  • You can convert BNB to any supported cryptocurrency in some bookies and withdraw.


  • In most cases, you must create an account in a crypto exchange to buy BNB tokens.
  • Not all crypto bookmakers accept Binance Coin.
  • Some Binance Coin sportsbooks may not support direct BNB payouts.

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100% up to 1 BTC + 150 free spins

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BNB bookies are online sports betting websites that support the Binance Coin banking method.

Yes, you can. Binance Coin is globally accessible and acceptable to most crypto bookmakers. You only need to find a crypto exchange like Coinbase, Bitstamp, or Binance, buy it, and deposit it in your online gambling site wallet.

Most top crypto bookmakers will let you play with BNB on their websites. You can check out a comprehensive list of Binance Coin bookies at the start of this guide, read the reviews, and choose one that meets your preferences.

Most BNB bookmakers are safe, though it depends on the site’s security measures and online reputation. We recommend choosing well-established and licensed platforms to ensure the safety of your data and funds.

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