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Qtum casino sites and everything you need to know to find the best Qtum casinos.

Few online casinos currently offer Qtum as their deposit and withdrawal currency. With QTUM slowly but surely following Bitcoin’s popularity, it is only a matter of time before other casinos become Qtum gambling sites as well.



$2.63 -2.45%

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Qtum Casinos

Here are the best Bitcoin Cash casinos you can find.




First deposit

120% up to $96

  • One of the largest game collections
  • Games from more than 60 game providers
  • One of the best VIP/loyalty programs
Coinplay Casino



First deposit

100% up to $5,000 + 80 free spins

  • Games from more than 50 game providers
  • Wide range of available cryptocurrencies
  • Few restricted countries



First deposit

100% up to $700

  • Games from more than 40 game providers
  • Wide range of available cryptocurrencies
  • Very low payment limits



First deposit

50% up to 350 € + 30 free spins

  • One of the largest game collections
  • Games from more than 110 game providers
  • Wide range of available cryptocurrencies

Qtum Bonus

Welcome bonuses in Qtum are listed above for each casino that offers one.

Here is a short summary of the best Qtum bonuses out there:

Best Qtum no deposit bonus: Unfortunately, there are currently no no deposit bonuses available, but do make sure to come back here because I will add them to this list as soon as they are released.

Best Qtum first deposit bonus: MelBet casino offers a bonus of 50 % up to 350 € with a 40x wagering requirement, which comes with additional 30 free spins with 0x wagering requirement! Bonuses with zero wagering are extremely rare and always a great deal!

If a Qtum bonus code is required, you can find it on the list above. If there is no code listed, then all you have to do is click PLAY at your chosen Qtum casino, register, and the bonus will be credited to you automatically.

With my online casino bonus calculator you can test any of the bonuses before using them to see which one you like the most.

If you want to see more bonuses, learn which ones are the best and find out what traps they may be hiding, my bonuses guide is the place to go.

Qtum Free Spins

You can get free spins with MelBet‘s first deposit bonus:

  • 50 % up to 350 € + 30 free spins, 40x wagering on bonus and 0x wagering on free spins.

Qtum Games

I only list casinos which allow you to play with Qtum. Some Qtum casinos will convert it to their internal currency when you make a deposit and then convert it back to QTUM at withdrawal. If this is the case, the casino does so for all currencies and not just for QTUM; it’s simply the way they operate.

You can play almost all games with Qtum just as you would with Bitcoin, for example. Some game providers have certain restrictions in regards to which coins can be used for playing their games. But if a casino offers the option to play with Qtum, then they also have a large collection of Qtum games available, whether you prefer Qtum slots, poker, roulette, blackjack or some other table game or live game.

So pick your favorite casino, deposit your Qtum and

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Qtum Casino Reviews

All Qtum casino reviews include a particular casino’s payment information, accepted currencies, restricted countries, bonuses, pros and cons, and more information about their games and offers.

See each review by clicking on the casino’s logo or on their review link below the PLAY button on the Qtum casinos list above.

Casinos are rated based on 5 criteria:

  1. Safety and reliability of Qtum casinos: Which license do they have? Do they have clear withdrawal information? What is their support like? How long have they been on the market, successfully retaining their satisfied players?
  2. Qtum bonuses: Do they offer bonuses? Is their wagering information clearly displayed? How high is their wagering requirement, etc.
  3. Bet limitations: How does the casino limit you in terms of bets you can make (min./max. bets on different games)?
  4. Provably fair: Whether they offer provably fair games and how many.
  5. Qtum casino anonymity: What information do they require from you so that you can play, deposit and withdraw?


For a detailed description of each category, you can check out my Bitcoin casino guide. You will find all of the above categories and the best casinos for each category, as well as 6 other categories.

Why Play With Qtum?

Qtum is a blockchain that has QTUM cryptocurrency. It is mainly used for paying fees on the blockchain. You can also use the token for staking and voting. Users who hold more tokens have more voting power. Qtum blockchain also has two technologies that help with interoperability, cost, governance and overall blockchain stiffness: They are account abstraction layer (AAL) and decentralized governance protocol (DGP).

DGP allows smart contracts to change the specifications of the networks such as block size and fee without the need for a major update, while AAL allows users to build dApps that have greater adoption than most.

On top of that Qtum also has its own wallet which allows users to operate with their assets more easily.

How Does It Perform?

  1. Decentralization: At first Qtum was released as an Ethereum ERC-20 token, but it soon transitioned to its own modified proof of stake blockchain with a goal of bringing the good qualities of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain together. It operates with Bitcoin’s UTXO transaction model, can execute smart contracts and host decentralized applications.
  2. Safety: Qtum is protected by the mPoS system, which is a modified version of the proof of stake 3.0. Version 3.0 of the proof of stake mechanism has enhanced consensus mechanism for awarding and verifying blocks. In addition, it also improves security and strengthens the overall peer to peer blockchain network. The rewards for blocks are constant and do not depend on the age of the coin for determining how likely you are to get it; they are spread proportionally to the stake. Furthermore, the protocol is protected by splitting 10 % of the reward between the miner who created the block and the previous nine. The rest of the reward is delayed by 500 blocks in the future.
  3. Scalability: Qtum has an advantage to other cryptocurrencies regarding scalability, because it can adjust the block size, depending on the demand. It can host around 1,100 transactions per second, while Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains can only host 15 and about 4.6 transactions per second. This makes the Qtum blockchain as a whole very scalable.


Fees are determined by the demand for block space and by the transaction data size, as is the case for most cryptocurrencies.

Qtum uses a decentralized governance protocol which is able to adjust block sizes, depending on the network’s demand. 1 block is usually set to 2 MB, however it can be automatically set between 0.5 MB up to 32 MB via the DGP technology. This allows the blockchain to have much lower fees. The fees are currently around 0.004 QTUM, although they fluctuate according to the network’s congestion.

Qtum hit its peak in the beginning of 2018, when one coin was valued at approximately $94. The value of the coin has since dropped significantly. One coin is now worth only $5.5. The fees are currently very low. They were low even during the crypto’s peak when compared to other, more popular blockchains such as Ethereum.

Qtum NFT

Qtum has its very own wallet where users can mint, trade and store Qtum NFTs.

Top QTUM Casinos



120% up to $96

Coinplay Casino

100% up to $5,000 + 80 free spins



100% up to $700

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