Blacklisted Bitcoin Casinos to Avoid in 2024

Betting on online casinos with crypto is fast, easy, and comes with lower fees. However, fake scam casinos are hiding in plain sight. It can be difficult to distinguish them from genuine casinos. To help you choose right every time, we have created a list of blacklisted Bitcoin casinos that appear genuine but have turned out to be scams. We advise you to avoid these casinos to be safe. It will ensure you have a real opportunity to win big by playing in genuine crypto casinos.

What Defines a Blacklisted Casino ?

There are various reasons why a casino can become a blacklisted casino. Some of the most important are:

Delayed Payments

With crypto, payments should be instant or only take a few hours. If a casino keeps delaying payments, sometimes stretching into weeks, there is no justification other than it is a possible scam.

Manipulated Game Results

If a casino’s RTP is manipulated to offer players the worst possible outcome, such a site is only trying to take as much money for players in the least amount of time possible.

Use of Pirated Software

The easiest way to check for pirated software is to use ‘Inspect Element’ by right-clicking the site and clicking ‘Inspect Element’. You can also use F12 as a shortcut to carry out the inspection. If the hosting server has been changed, the site is running on pirated software.

The leading casino software providers use a preset server extension. For instance, NetEnt utilizes the extension. A casino running on pirated software will attempt to emulate the real one by switching a single letter. Always double-check to ensure the domain is correctly spelt.

Using pirated software means the casino operators are willing to break the rules, and cannot be trusted with your funds.

Offers That Are Too Good

If a casino is offering offers that seem too enticing, it is probably fake. It could include a “guarantee” to give you your money back. They could also promise to offer you thousands of dollars worth of crypto for doing the minimum, like signing up.


A genuine casino can easily get a license. One of the most popular licensing jurisdictions is Curacao. No matter the jurisdiction, if a casino has yet to make any effort to get a license, it is probably a scam site.

Crypto Casinos to Avoid

Below is a list of the most notorious casinos we believe you should avoid.

Argo Casino

Blacklisted Casino - Argo

Argo Casino cut off all communication with us. We couldn’t receive the necessary information to review the casino transparently. Due to this reason, we cannot recommend you use this casino.

While poor communication does not mean it is not a good casino, we assume players will receive similar treatment from the Argo Casino team. There is no good reason to take the plunge with your hard-earned crypto.

Betflip Casino

Blacklisted Casino - Betflip

The casino is suspected to operate under a fake license. While a license is not the only requirement for a casino to be considered genuine, licensed casinos are preferable due to the added layer of protection. Betflip’s problem is that it went out of its way to fake a license, an indicator that it is willing to lie to attract players. Such an act of dishonesty, which anyone can easily verify, is a major red flag.

Due to this, we cannot in good conscience recommend that you use their services. To save our visitors from falling into the trap, we have removed all links pointing to Betflip. Please choose another casino from one of the many credible casinos we recommend.

BitDice Casino

Blacklisted Casino - BitDice

BitDice Casino has been down since December 2022 without providing any prior warning to its customers.

While the website’s deposit feature still works, their games no longer work, and you will not receive any payout. Due to this, we will no longer direct our visitors to this gambling site. You are strongly discouraged from visiting the site or using their services.

DolceVita Casino

DolceVita shut down operations in December 2022 without prior notice to its users. While their site is still running, it has glitches all over and is nonfunctional.

While it is still possible to deposit funds, do not expect a payout or deposit confirmation. We have disabled all links from Gamblineers pointing to this site.

Ego Casino

Blacklisted Casino - Ego

Ego Casino is a sister to Argo Casino and has severed all communication with us. We cannot receive timely information to make a detailed and transparent review of the casino. For this reason, we would not advise you to use their services.

While lack of communication is not a sign of being ingenuine, we can only assume their players receive the same treatment.

FoggyStar Casino

FoggyStar Casino Lobby

FoggyStar casino temporarily closed on April 17, 2023. According to the casino, they are “suspending their work to improve the interface, introduce new payment systems and obtain additional licenses. The casino will be suspended for a period of 6 to 9 months”. FoggyStar casino will be removed from this page if they indeed reopen as promissed.

iWild Casino

Blacklisted Casino - iWild

iWild Casino has cut off all communication channels with us. We cannot reach out to them to receive timely, genuine information to undertake a transparent review. For this reason, we recommend that players avoid using this casino.

KimVegas Casino

The KimVegas Casino domain was permanently blocked starting on July 4, 2022. There was no reason or communication given to their users. Additionally, they did not state where they planned to continue operating under a new domain. We, therefore, have removed all links on Gamblineers leading to this casino.

Konung Casino

Blacklisted Casino - Konung

Konung Casino shut down permanently on March 15, 2023. We have removed all links pointing to this casino from Gamblineers.

OneHash Casino

OneHash Casino permanently shut down on June 20, 2022, and we have removed all links on Gamblineers pointing to the casino.

Power Casino

Blacklisted Casino - Power

Power Casino shut down in 2022 without prior notice to its customers. The casino’s website became inaccessible suddenly and has remained that way ever since. Due to this reason, we have removed all links on Gamblineers pointing to this casino.

ProfiStarz Casino

ProfitStarz Casino closed its doors in November 2022. Due to this reason, we have removed all links on Gamblineers pointing to the site. cut off communication with us. On investigation, we could only conclude they had closed without warning since their website was inaccessible. We have taken down all links on Gamblineers pointing to the casino.

WildPharao Casino

Blacklisted Casino - Wild Pharaoh

WildPharao Casino joins our blacklist due to various reasons. One major letdown of the casino is that it does not support live chat. Additionally, its RTP is quite poor compared to the industry average. Some players who have used the site describe the entire site as ‘absolutely terrible’. One aspect worth pointing out is the horrendous wagering requirements for the welcome bonus, which is set at 100x.

Other complaints are about the lengthy withdrawal processing time. Additionally, communication is poor, and emails often go unanswered.

After seeing the bad rep the casino has gotten online, we advise all our visitors not to visit the casino. Consequently, we have taken down all links on Gamblineers pointing to this casino.

How to Avoid a Bitcoin Casino Scam

While scammers are always looking for someone to victimize, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Here are a few tips:

Do Enough Research

The best way to keep yourself safe is to conduct research. The research you conduct needs to be high quality. That means you will have to source your information from quality sources. At Gamblineers, we offer the best possible information on any casino. We always look for factual and up-to-date data on all the casinos we list.

Check the Offers

If the offer is too good, it is probably not. Some scam casinos will promise a giveaway, where you must provide your personal information and deposit some coins. Others will offer uncharacteristically good bonuses and promotions to those who sign up.

Check for Reviews on Social Media

A good place to find out if a crypto casino is blacklisted is by reading Reddit and Twitter comments and Bitcoin casino review sites like Gamblineers. These reviews, both good and bad, can help you choose which site to stake on.

Check the About Us Page

A quick place to learn about a casino is the ‘About Us’ page. Here you will find its gambling licenses, who owns it, and where it is located. Visit its licensing authority and verify the license number provided by the site. If the license number is fake, that is enough of a sign to leave the site.

Please read all the information on the ‘About Us’ page, and cross-check it with other sources. If there is at least one blatant lie, like its address, or dead links to social media profiles, it is probably not well-managed and is unsafe.

What to Do if You’re Currently Playing at a Blacklisted Bitcoin Casino

Need help?

If you realize you have been playing on a blacklisted crypto casino, you should attempt to withdraw your funds immediately. It might fail, but it will not hurt to try.

The other step you can take is to share your experience online. While it can seem like extra work, you will be helping to warn others and reduce traffic to the site. Eventually, the scammers will run out of money to keep the scam going and shut down.

You can report the scam site here in the comment section of our casino review pages. Feel free to share your experience at a casino and express what went wrong for you. One review is all it takes to save hundreds or thousands of others from scammers. The more details you provide, the better.

Take time, and compose a complete blow-by-blow account of how it started and how you got where you are. Some sites often use a sophisticated strategy to scam people, which becomes obvious the more you bet. They will often try to replicate with new sites. Your detailed account of events on the site will help to save unsuspecting players.

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Playing in a blacklisted casino does not mean you have been scammed. However, you should not deposit any more money. You should also start taking out all of your funds immediately.

Yes, there are many trustworthy crypto casinos offering fair games, reliable payouts, and excellent customer service. Some of the most popular and reputable Bitcoin casinos include BitStarz, Fortunejack, and mBit casino.

You can search for the casino’s name online alongside keywords like scam, fraud, or blacklisted. You can also check with reputable online gambling forums or review sites like Gamblineers to see if the casino has a history of negative feedback.

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