Best Bitcoin Esports Betting Sites 2024 The 2024 eSports Crypto Betting Guide

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With the rise of eSports, crypto eSports betting became increasingly more popular over the last couple of years. During the pandemic betting on eSports with cryptocurrency hit its all-time high because the majority of regular sports competitions couldn’t take place. In this post we explain everything there is to know about betting on eSports with cryptocurrency so that you don’t have to make guesses – make smart moves instead!

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If you’re interested in regular crypto sports betting, Bitcoin casinos or you want to find out more about crypto casino bonuses and what to watch out fore, read our other guides.

Most popular games in Crypto eSports Betting

League of Legends

When it comes to Bitcoin eSports betting, CS:GO, LoL and DOTA 2 are definitely the most popular games that players like to bet on.

There are quite a few other eSports games that you can place a bet on, but they are perhaps not (yet) as popular as the big three. You can find these games at the majority of casinos, however it is unlikely that a single casino will have all of them.

Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, PUBG, Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, games like FIFA, Madden, NBA2K, King of Glory are not as popular and you might have to do some more searching to find a casino where you can bet on them.

Major eSports Tournaments

Here is a list of all the major eSports tournaments where you can place your bets on.

Crypto eSports Betting Odds

Betting odds indicate how likely it is that a certain outcome will happen. In addition to this betting odds also portray the amount you will have to risk and how much you can gain, if you win. If there is a high chance that something will happen, the odds will be lower and if there is a small chance that something will happen, the odds will be a lot higher.

If you are planning to bet on an outcome that is highly possible, you are going to have to bet more and you will also win less when compared to betting on an outcome which is not as possible and has lower odds. To put it differently, higher odds mean a higher chance of winning with a lower payout, while lower odds mean a lower chance of winning with a higher payout.

There are three common types of betting odds when it comes to crypto eSports betting: decimal, fractional and moneyline. In addition, there are also Hong Kong and Malaysian odds, however they are not available as often. The type of odds usually depends on the region where you are from or the region where the gambling site is based.

The decimal odds format is the most used odds format in the world and is typically preferred by players who are native to Europe. On the other hand, the fractional odds format is largely used by players who are from the UK and Ireland, while moneyline odds format is most typically used in the US and Canada.

types of betting odds

If you know how to calculate certain types of odds but just can’t seem to figure out the other ones, you don’t have to worry. Most gambling sites have an option where you can select your preferred type of odds display.

Decimal odds

One of the reasons why decimal odds are so popular is because they are the easiest to understand, since they don’t contain any fractions or positive and negative signs. For example: If you were to place a $400 bet on the decimal odds of 3.3, all you would have to do is multiply the amount of money placed with those odds and the number you get are your profits – in this case that’s $1,320. With decimal odds the original stake is already in your winnings.

Fractional odds

As the name suggests, fractional odds are based on fractions and are slightly more complex when it comes to calculating your payout. If the first number is bigger than the second one, it means that the profit will be that many times larger than the amount you used to place your bet. If you decided to bet $24 with 6/1 odds you would receive $144 with the addition of the original stake, which is $24. However, if you would bet $24 at the odds of 1/6 you would only receive a profit of $4 – that is, if you win of course.

Moneyline odds

Moneyline odds are also known as American odds and contain + and – signs next to a number. The + sign shows how much you would win if you placed a $100 bet, while the – sign shows how much you would need to wager in order to win $100. If you wanted to bet on a CS:GO team which has -125 odds, you would have to bet $125 in order to make a profit of $100. On the other hand, if you placed a bet of $100 on a different team which has odds of +250, you would make $250 and the original stake of $100 would be returned.

Hong Kong odds

There is quite a lot of similarity between Hong Kong and Malaysian odds. Hong Kong odds are almost the same as decimal. All you have to do in order to convert Hong Kong odds into decimal odds is add 1. So if Hong Kong odds are 2.3, you add 1 to get the equivalent in decimal odds, which is 3.3.

Malaysian odds

Malaysian odds are also shown in decimals. If the betting odds are 0, then the bet will pay out 1/1. The decimals can be either positive or negative. To put it differently, if you decided to bet $100 with +0.2 Malaysian odds you would make a profit of $20.

Crypto eSport betting bonuses and bonus types

Just as eSports are gaining more popularity, so is the adoption of crypto eSports betting on websites and online casinos. And because casinos want to stay competitive and expand their user base, they offer their users a good crypto eSports betting bonus which can typically be claimed on the spot. On top of that, bonuses also help attract new players and serve as a great motivator that can make a certain casino more attractive.

Types of Bitcoin eSports Betting bonuses

  • First deposit bonus and deposit bonus: You can claim this bonus by making a deposit. If you deposit $100 and activate 100 % first deposit bonus, you will receive $200.
  • Free bet: With this bonus a certain amount of money is provided in advance so that players can make bets with the amount.
  • Risk free bet: This bonus type allows you to get a refund of the entire amount if you unfortunately lost a bet.
  • Cashback: With cashback you get your money back in case you lose.
  • No deposit bonuses: All you have to do is register in order to claim this bonus.
  • Odds boost: If you decide to bet an accumulator bet you will receive an odds boost on your winnings.
  • Free skins: Some crypto eSports betting sites give their users free skins!

Coins in Crypto eSports Betting & Bet Types

In addition to eSports, cryptocurrency is also gaining popularity and with it the best Bitcoin eSports betting websites and casinos. Betting sites that use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for betting have an advantage when it comes to managing your assets since transactions are usually completed in less than an hour and with better anonymity. Personal information such as name and address are not needed when opting for Bitcoin eSports betting websites. Furthermore, cryptocurrency is much more secure than the regular banking system, which is also one of the reasons why betting with Bitcoin on eSports betting sites became so popular in such a short period of time.

There are quite a lot of different cryptocurrencies you can use when deciding to bet on an eSports match with crypto. Currently, the most popular method is betting on eSports with Bitcoin. If the website of your choice supports cryptocurrency betting you will most certainly find it there, amongst a few others such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Eos, Ripple, Tron, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, USD Coin, Dai, Chainlink, Cardano, Monero, Zcash, Paxos Standard, Dash and Dogecoin, all of which are slowly starting to gain more recognition among crypto eSports betting sites and even in the metaverse.

In the world of crypto eSports betting you can find a variety of different bet types and betting styles. There are even types of bets that are specifically designed for a certain game and are made possible due to the game’s special type of rules and the overall play.

Crypto eSports bet types

Winner by region – With winners by region bet you can bet on all the teams that are from a certain region at once. However, it is worth mentioning that the odds will constantly shift as the season progresses and that the players who bet at the beginning will typically have more profitable odds.

Match winner – This is the most straightforward and common bet type there is. It is pretty self-explanatory; all you do is bet on who will win a certain match.

Correct score – When betting on the correct score gamblers try to predict the exact result of how many rounds a certain team has won at the end of an eSports match.

Outright betting – The majority of eSports allows gamblers to place a bet on the overall winner of a specific tournament or competition. These types of bets have become increasingly more popular due to the fact that you place your bets in advance, as well as later on when the tournament has already started.

Over or under – When a gambler bets over or under, he or she tries to predict how often a certain thing will happen in a specific match – more or fewer times than a predetermined number. For example in CS:GO you can bet if the total score will be over or under a given number. This number is usually provided by the gambling site.

Odd or even bets – With this type of bet gamblers try to predict if a certain thing will happen an even or odd number of times, for example the number of rounds won by a certain team.
Here are some of the less frequent bets that you can find only on certain Bitcoin eSports betting platforms.

Handicap betting – This type of betting is introduced when one team has a significant advantage over the other one and it becomes pretty apparent who is going to win. This is why the betting site gives one team, typically the better one, a disadvantage in the form of an obstacle which they have to overcome in order for you to win the bet.

Accumulator bets – Accumulator bets consist of multiple different selections and are quite a handful for new players, but they become fairly simple once you get a hang of them. The biggest advantage of these bets, which are more like bonuses, is that they multiply the odds for each betting selection in a single bet. This makes the rewards ridiculously high, but on the other hand accumulator bets are also much riskier than regular bets.

System bets – This type of bet is similar to the accumulator bet, however you don’t need all of your selections to win. Instead, system bets consist of doublets, triplets, etc. Here you combine odds in order to gain a much greater profit.

Conditionals – Conditionals are a bit different from accumulator bets. They add an additional condition to the game, which, if guessed correctly, increases your profit. On the other hand, if the condition that is set is not met, you won’t receive anything.

Betting on streamers – Watching streamers play games can be incredibly fun, especially if they are exceptional entertainers or really good at the game. The option to bet on streamers is available, at least theoretically – casinos and crypto betting sites have yet to start supporting this option. Make sure to come back and check this post every so often because we will be adding betting on streamers to the list as soon as it appears on crypto betting sites!

There is also quite a wide range of bets which are designed specifically for a certain game.

In League of Legends you can bet on: first blood, first team to reach 10 kills, first team to destroy the inhibitor, first team to slay Rift Herald, first team to slay Baron Nashor, first team to destroy the tower, game’s duration, first team to slay the dragon and even what the first dragon’s element will be.

In Dota 2 you can bet on: who will earn first blood, who will win the race to 10 kills and which team will kill Roshan first.

In CS:GO you can bet on: map winner, first pistol round winner, total maps played and total number of rounds.

Unique features when betting on eSports with Bitcoin

eSports tournament

Crypto eSports betting and online betting as a whole is constantly evolving, with new innovations and creative solutions being added every so often. When we compare crypto eSports betting to regular crypto Sports betting, the most common unique feature is that eSports betting has added attributes on which you can bet. Video games consist of many more different objectives than regular sports.

These typically only have a couple of different betting options such as: who will win, who will get more points, which team will beat the first one to reach x amount of goals and so on. With crypto eSports betting you have all that (with the exception that goals typically become kills), but on top of that you also have a huge variety of other objectives which you can place a bet on; who will slay the first dragon or who will die first, for example.

Once in a while a new, truly unique feature emerges, like the possibility to bet on your own playing. Unikrn casino allowed you to do just that – bet on your own ranked games in their UMode. The website was unfortunately shut down and there is no info whether it’s coming back or not. As far as we know, there aren’t any other crypto eSports betting sites that offer this option. Make sure to come back to this post because we will be adding them as soon as they emerge!

Arcanebet, on the other hand, has a unique feature where you can withdraw your money at any point when your bonus is active. However, by doing so you don’t receive any of the bonus amount. Some crypto eSports betting sites provide a unique feature in the form of an in-depth statistical analysis on each team. This can help you discover some important information which will help you make a smart decision, leading to a decent profit.

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