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Bitcoin pros and cons

Did you know that Bitcoin has a lot of benefits when it comes to transactions and casino games?


Bitcoin was build on blockchain technology, giving it an edge when it comes to security, transparency, fairness and speed.


Bitcoin is decentralized, meaning there is no person or institution behind it, pulling the strings or collecting fees.


All these features give Bitcoin a lot of advantages:

  1. Anonymity: If you gamble with Bitcoin, you only have to provide casinos with your e-wallet address. You get to keep all your other information to yourself. No one knows where you are sending or receiving your Bitcoin from, who exactly you are and which e-wallet you are using.
  2. Fast and cheap transactions: Everything about Bitcoin is virtual and since there is no bank behind it confirming transactions and collecting fees, Bitcoin transactions are extremely fast and also cheap! You do have to pay mining fees (fees to miners who mine Bitcoins and process blockchain transactions through their servers – but they do not control them!).
  3. Fairness: Blockchain offers transparency. Every transaction carries all previous ‘blocks’ with it (in the block-chain), enabling anyone to check everything that was done up to that point. The same principle can be applied to provably fair casino games. Built on blockchain technology, they allow you to check whether a result of a game was actually fair and random.
  4. Secure: Gambling with Bitcoin is secure. No one can hack into your e-wallet like they could hack your credit card because they have no information, apart from your address.


While it is true that you can also run into problems with Bitcoin, you have to be really careless for that to happen. For example, if you accidentally send Bitcoin to the wrong address, there is no way of retrieving it.


More than 10 years after Bitcoin was invented, almost every online casino now accepts Bitcoin, allowing you to play with either crypto or fiat.


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