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Adam Gros / Apr 20, 2023

Wolfy casino interview with Davor
Welcome to our first interview, we were chatting with Davor, the affiliate manager and the face behind Wolfy Online Casino. Davor doesn't enjoy gambling (whaaat!?), but he absolutely loves being a part of the industry.
Wolfy casino interview with Davor

He is often personally checking in with the players and rushing to help out if there is something they are struggling with.

Davor shared the biggest wins of the casino with us and explained why they usually don’t get cashed out at the end. We learned what exclusive promotions are in Wolfy’s pipeline and talked about some crazy new ideas for the future and much more. You’re welcome to read Wolfy casino review or go to our main crypto casino interviews page, where you can find the entire podcast series that has been done so far.

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So, Davor, an interesting detail about you is that you are not a gambler yourself. Would you care to share why this is something you are not interested in, but you still enjoy working in that industry? Why is that?
I never quite understood gambling and I hate losing money. Of course, I did some gambling back in the day but it never brought me any fun, only stress. That was gambling on a recreational level. On the other hand, I have wagered probably close to a million euros of bets, but as a professional gambler in sports betting (arbitrage betting). I have always found gambling attractive but more as providing it to others than gambling myself. It is a bit of a different industry and this is why I like it so much and everything that comes with it.

What is Wolfy Casino’s competitive advantage? What do players value in your casino and why do they keep returning?
With such tight competition in this industry, it’s hard to really stand out with something special. But according to the feedback from the players, we can say that Wolfy has a really great selection of games, with more than 8.000 of them and 60+ providers. Besides that we make sure to provide daily offers to players with lots of promotions, reload bonuses, free spins, tournaments or leaderboards where they can compete with others and win some extra prizes. Support is another thing we really focus on and players appreciate it and they keep coming back as they know they can trust us and that we are there for them.

What are your most popular games and why?
Pragmatic Play games are by far the most popular ones. Then comes NetEnt and Play’N Go. Those are games such as Gates of Olympus, Big Bass Bonanza, Wanted Dead or Wild, Roman Legion and 888 Dragons. I believe those are the games that have the best graphics and gameplay for players, and of course some extra features such as Bonus buy and Scatters combined with high multipliers. Popularity in games also increases once streamers get some insane wins in them and then players are trying to replicate that.

Out of curiosity – what was the biggest win ever cashed out at your casino?
The biggest live casino win was 105,000 € which has been won playing blackjack. For the slots, we just recently had the biggest single win which was 84,000 Canadian dollars on Big Bass Splash. This one will most likely be cashed out in whole amount as we can see, but other than that we have big wins ranging from 25 to 60,000 € on different slots almost every month but players in most cases lose it all in the end. The thing is that a very small percentage of players will stop playing after winning a big amount of money. So as they continue playing they start losing money which makes them try to win it back and this never happens. The ones who cash it out right away are usually players who only play occasionally.

What are your main ways of interacting with players to build trust and credibility?
Good support. That is the key. We are dealing here with money, and money is something that people are very sensitive about. If you make players feel safe about their money, and if you show them that we will fix any stuck deposit or withdrawal or round in the game that is what makes them feel at ease and builds trust. Because players are trusting us with their money. This also brings us to quick response times. As when something goes wrong on the player’s side we know that they will be anxiously waiting for the answer, and the faster we can provide a solution, the better it is for both sides.

You pride yourself on your support, in one of your previous interviews, you mentioned that you personally talk to players and even know them by now?
Yes, I do. If I have time, or if my team needs me to settle a difficult situation I jump onto the live chat or write an email to the players and chat with them. Usually, it makes players happy and they like to chat with me or some of them even ask me some casino or games related questions. Sometimes they give me negative feedback as well which is also great so we can improve things that way.
I have also become friends with some of the players, or the players have become our partners and so on. Lots of funny things have happened haha.

That’s great to hear. What are the main thing the players are usually struggling with?
Usually, players want either some free spins or bonuses, or they have problems with withdrawals, have questions about withdrawal processing times or have deposit issues … so those are the daily things that are popping up in our emails and chats. Out of those the most struggles are with deposits and withdrawals, then comes the bonus activation or bonus terms and conditions.

Can you tell us a bit more about the issues with not reading the bonus terms and conditions and what kind of difficulties one could stumble upon when claiming a bonus?
That is one of the things we really dislike as a casino as it takes a lot of energy and time for us to argue with players who did not read the bonus terms. Any breach of bonus terms and conditions results in the deposit being returned and winnings forfeited and that is what makes players angry and then you have a chain of emails back and forth for something which would not occur if players would read the bonus terms. I would advise all the players to read them carefully to avoid any possible problems later on. Pay attention to max bet, max. cashout, restricted games and other conditions.

How are you handling withdrawal issues? Any tips on how players can avoid issues with that?
Withdrawal issues are something that really depends on the situation. If there are issues with particular withdrawal methods we instruct players on the alternative methods to use or if they make any mistakes during the withdrawal process we also help them fix it. It’s best for players to check withdrawal methods before they make a deposit, in order to avoid later problems once it comes to withdrawals, but since we have bank transfers available we can process any withdrawal to the countries that we accept players from.

Are you planning any specific perks for your players in the future? What is going to be your focus in 2023?
Currently, we focus on running leaderboard tournaments with our providers which provide great prize pools for our players and also gives players an option to win something extra besides the regular promotions, plus the chances of winning are bigger as those are Wolfy exclusive promotions. We also implemented a new feature besides free spins, to give players the bonus buy feature directly in the game, instead of free spins.
But the biggest focus in 2023 will be our new brand Stupid casino, where everything will be stupid. And by stupid I mean different and funny.

Any new cryptocurrencies that you’re planning on adding soon?
At the moment we are not planning to add anything new, but we are always open to it and excited about finding new crypto niches in cooperation with you, Gamblineers, and offering something exclusive to our players.
At the moment we offer Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash and Tron but out of those we see players using only BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT and Zcash.

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