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Adam Gros / Dec 01, 2023

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Do you remember our first episode? We spoke with Davor from Wolfy Casino (it's the guy who doesn't gamble!!) and we had the chance to talk to him again - this time about a brand-new casino.
Stupid Casino Interview Podcast Cover Image

Stupid Casino is Wolfy Casino’s sister brand and offers a large game selection and sticky, wager-free bonuses. What else is special about it? How does one even establish a new casino and why would you call it stupid?:)

Listen to the whole interview below and find out more about Stupid Casino or check out our entire interviews series on the Crypto Casino interviews page.

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Congratulations on the new casino launch. You called it Stupid Casino – what’s that all about?
Well, first thing, I need to correct one thing. You said that I don’t gamble, which has maybe changed a bit.

Yeah. I need to test the games sometimes and get into the players’ minds. I started to test the games a bit, and they pulled me in.

Anyway, we’re here because of our new brand that’s finally live. And yes, the name is Stupid Casino, but it’s not stupid if it works. My idea from the start was just to create something different. Because most of the new casinos, especially the casino names, are quite boring.

So that’s why I came up with this idea to create something completely new that would spike players’ interest and ask what’s that all about. So far, we got good feedback not only from the players, but from the whole gambling community.

Okay, but what’s stupid about it?
Well, for now, it’s the name, and the content, especially the content when it comes to bonuses, promotions and the VIP program. And also the newsletters. So even if you don’t play, they will make you smile. It’s all about the fun.

Can you walk us through? How do you establish a new casino? How does that work?
Okay, so there are quite a few steps you need to go through that take some time, even though it’s kind of straightforward.

So, first of all, if you plan to create a new casino, it’s good to find a good platform to run the casino on. The next step is the design and layout of the website. Then, in my opinion, one of the most important parts is choosing the name for the casino. Because nowadays from what I see, the names are very similar, “bet” something, “bet” and a random number … And then you will get the games from the platform provider, which are pretty much the same for all the casinos under that platform provider. So there is not much to think about the games. You just choose from that section what you’re going to focus on and when you have the games, you need to focus on the game positioning, create game sections, and what to place where so the players will have an easy time navigating the site.

After that it’s time to focus on the content, creating bonuses, banners, terms and conditions. And then, if you really want to make your life more complicated, you put a couple of foreign languages on the website. Then you run tests, fix bugs and glitches … As easy as it may seem, it takes some time to get things running properly.

Stupid Casino is Wolfy’s sister casino and uses the same casino software so the offers are almost identical. What’s the point of having two very similar online casinos?
Yeah, that’s a good question. When it comes to games, they are indeed completely identical. There is a slight difference in bonuses and that’s pretty much it. However, the design of Stupid Casino was completely new and built from scratch. Now, if you look at other casino groups, you will notice that they are pretty much the same or have similar brands under the same platform with the same games. The only thing that it is changing is the name and the design. So you take one casino and design it for one market, then you create another brand and design it to match another market which you focus on and so on. So, each casino can fit the target market.

On the other hand, if you have multiple brands, you can recycle the players. From what I see, lots of players are playing at both brands at once, and probably many other brands as well. So with another brand, we can have players playing on two of our brands instead of only one and some prefer one brand more than another. Why not give them more options to choose from?

What are Stupid Casino’s perks?
It’s really hard to come up with something new, something that would really stick out. So we have pretty basic perks. We have a VIP program, which is the same as Wolfy Casino’s. A perk for players playing on both brands, for example, is that if they are VIPs on Wolfy Casino, we onboard them into the Stupid Casino VIP program much faster once they join our second brand.

And then Stupid Casino has much higher bonuses than Wolfy Casino. The first deposit bonus is up to 300 eur instead of up to 200 eur as on Wolfy Casino. So even if the name sounds stupid, it ain’t stupid if you get more bonuses, right? It’s only stupid for us as we need to pay out to the players more in the end haha. But you need to stick out somehow.

Sadly, crypto players can’t count on anonymity or all the perks of blockchain technology because Stupid Casino is mostly fiat-oriented, and payments are all processed by third-party providers.
Why do you focus primarily on fiat?
We do have a wide list of cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw, but the transactions are not running directly through blockchain but through third-party payment providers and just recently, we acquired a new crypto provider that offers pretty simple deposits and withdrawals.

Now, 90% of the players will still deposit and withdraw with credit cards or bank deposits. From the player’s point of view, that is still the easiest way to deposit. Times are changing but the majority of players are the old-school ones where credit cards are still the king. Stupid casino is not advertised as a crypto casino, and therefore, we receive a bit of a different segment of players as if it’d be a crypto casino only.

In our last interview you talked about how you pride yourself on support, how you talk to players yourself, how you help them out with different issues. Are you also involved in customer support at Stupid Casinos?
Back in the day I had enough time for all, I focused a lot on support and helping out players personally. Nowadays with more brands and more work, it’s much harder for me to be involved in support as much as before. But our support team is well trained, we gave them good instructions on how to handle the players and keep everyone happy. Because the last thing we would want are sad, angry, or disappointed players.

Stupid Casino has games from more than 110 game providers. Do you have any data already on which are the player’s favorites, and have there been any notable wins so far?
Yeah, there is still to this day one top provider that is sticking out and we all know it – it’s Pragmatic Play. Also, the wins from Pragmatic Play have been pretty insane recently because this month we had a player with a 25 euro bet, that got paid out 100.000 eur at once. Before that, we had another big win from Pragmatic Play on ​​Big Bass Bonanza, where one player bought a bonus buy feature with 250 euros and won 100.000 eur as well. In total, he went up to 180.000 eur on Big Bass Bonanza. Those are the two most recent and biggest wins we had. There are some other very popular game providers as well – for instance, Play’n GO, Evolution, and NetEnt.

We last spoke in April this year, so what else is new?
From April till now we were mostly focusing on releasing this brand and making things work. We’re working on implementing some new features for the player’s journey, more specifically to award them more automatically which is going to improve the players’ experience in general. We are also running a few game provider tournaments every month. Come check it out and win some extra prizes!

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