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Adam Gros / Oct 20, 2023

Kate Puteiko, CMO BGaming
BGaming is an online casino game provider, the first to introduce the provably fair feature by player to their games. They work with 1000+ casinos and are a pioneer in supporting cryptocurrencies.
Kate Puteiko, CMO BGaming

We had the chance to ask Kate Puteiko, CMO of BGaming, a few questions. Read the whole interview below and find out more about BGaming in our guide to the best BGaming Casinos.

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Let’s start with the basics. What makes BGaming stand out from other game providers?
BGaming is a rapidly expanding content provider, converting gambling into gaming. Since becoming a stand-alone studio in 2018, the company has established itself as one of the most social and player-driven providers within the iGaming industry.

The studio supplies 1000+ reputable online platforms worldwide with its portfolio of 100+ top-notch and mobile-friendly games, including video slots, roulette, table games, crash and casual games, with ideal visuals and math, rich gameplay, and engaging features.

BGaming is constantly collecting feedback, analyzing and studying player needs and preferences to follow its fundamental value: the player and player choice always come first. Collaborating closely with the Scatters Club community of players and streamers, partners continuously conduct game testing among real gamblers.
Placing a strong emphasis on a 100% secure gambling environment, the company was the first studio to integrate the Provably Fair feature in its fully certified and licensed online games and became a pioneer in supporting cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, BGaming creates customized games for casino operators, analyzing data and tailoring games to fit the casino’s brand and player preferences for enhanced player retention, increased GGR, and improved sense of exclusivity. The studio collaborates with top casino brands in the industry, releasing 100+ branded games each year.

You recently obtained the Spanish certification and launched certified games with any Spanish operator, which allows for an expansion across several regulated European markets. We would like to know more about the whole process – what kind of licenses and approvals do you need before launching a game in a certain market?
Indeed, you are correct. Back in July, BGaming successfully secured the coveted Spanish certification from BMM TestLabs. The official green light came from the Spanish gambling regulator, Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), validating the technical system of BGaming’s gaming software and games.

This newfound certification marks a pivotal milestone, granting BGaming the privilege to launch its certified games with any Spanish operator and reinforcing the expansion across regulated European markets, including Spain, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Slovakia. But it’s worth noting that the landscape of licenses and approvals required for launching online casino games in a specific market can differ, depending on the jurisdiction’s unique regulatory framework.

For instance, there are markets where we need a B2B license – Malta, Romania, Greece, and there are markets where it is not required. However, for all regulated markets, our games must be certified – that is, for markets with both B2B licenses and without. We certify our games with well-recognized testing laboratories like BMM TestLab, Gaming Associates, GLI.

You work with 1000+ casinos. How many of them are crypto casinos? Can you tell us a bit more about those relationships and how do you choose who you work with?
We do not keep such records since almost all casinos now accept cryptocurrency (at least Bitcoin), and there is no way to filter them precisely. BGaming, as a game provider, assesses the reputation and trustworthiness of potential casino partners. We want to ensure that our games are associated with reputable and secure online casinos to maintain the brand integrity.

Ultimately, the decision to collaborate with a particular casino is influenced by a combination of factors, including the casino’s reputation, market reach, technical capabilities, and the alignment of their game portfolio with the casino’s target audience. The goal is to create a mutually beneficial partnership that delivers engaging gaming experiences to players while generating revenue for both parties.

Which crypto do you support and which is most played on your games besides Bitcoin and Ethereum?
As the iGaming pioneer that supports crypto, BGaming currently offers an extensive selection of 100+ cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Without a doubt, BTC and ETH remain the most widely used among our players. However, we also support popular cryptocurrencies such as DOGE, USDT, TRX, XRP, ADA, LTC, BCH, and BNB, reflecting our commitment to continuous growth and providing a diverse cryptocurrency experience.

You are constantly expanding your portfolio. How does it all work – how does a game come to life?
For years of dedicated effort at BGaming, we’re proud to have built an extensive and diverse portfolio of 100+ titles. Our commitment to exceptional gaming experiences is evident in our offerings, catering to players’ diverse needs and preferences in slots, cards, roulette, lottery, dice, and casual games.

And we’ll soon add a set of instant-win games – Scratch Alpaca titles. Instant-win games are engaging quick-play games of chance where players instantly discover if they’ve won, captivating users with simplicity. Our Scratch Alpaca will include three exciting editions: Gold, Silver, and Bronze, each with its unique art styles and varying bet values.

The development journey of each game in our portfolio is a meticulous, collaborative process involving multiple BGaming departments. Our specialist team continuously monitors and analyzes markets and industry trends while closely engaging with the Scatters Club community of streamers and players, pivotal to our success.

Scatters Club is a community of 6000+ passionate streamers and players who love nothing more than spinning reels. These dedicated members actively contribute to our game development by participating in game testing and providing invaluable feedback. Such a player-driven approach helps us fine-tune our products based on audience resonance.

What is your most played game among crypto players?
BGaming excels in tailoring its game portfolio to cater perfectly to the preferences and requirements of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We offer a wide-ranging selection of both slot and non-slot games that have gained immense popularity among crypto players: Elvis Frog and Aztec Magic lineups, as well as Wild Cash x9990, Alien Fruits, and Gemhalla.

Moreover, BGaming extends its appeal beyond traditional gaming offerings by providing engaging casual and crash games like the Plinko collection, Rocket Dice, Limbo XY, and Space XY, which have resonated deeply with crypto players. BGaming presents top choices for card game fans like Texas Holdem, Multihand Blackjack, and Trey Poker.

Which one brought the biggest/most wins to players?
Our most memorable big win story stems from a bold player who bet $1,000 on BGaming’s Plinko. Although success didn’t come right away, this daring gambler eventually achieved a jaw-dropping $1,000,000 jackpot during a highly fortunate ball drop. This remarkable feat vividly illustrates the wealth of opportunities presented by our game.

What games would you recommend to high-rollers who are looking for high bets and high winnings?
In the realm of iGaming, operators can define and adjust betting limits, including upper boundaries. What sets BGaming apart is its collection of online slot games that feature high maximum exposure levels, a magnet for high-rollers. Take, for instance, the game Mechanical Clover, which offers a maximum win of x24,360, or Deep Sea, where players have a shot at an even grander jackpot of up to x35,000.

Additionally, titles like Alien Fruits, Bonanza Billion, Dice Bonanza, Beer Bonanza, and Clover Bonanza all have a maximum exposure of x15,000, appealing to high-stakes gamers.

As far as we know, you’re the first game provider to introduce a provably fair feature in your games. Why did you decide to do so? Are all your games provably fair by the player?
Provably Fair games represent a BGaming innovation that benefits our business, thanks to the annual growth of at least 15% in interest from crypto projects in this feature. Two of the top three BGaming titles in terms of GGR from 2019-2020 incorporate this technology. This trend carves out a niche for us and enables substantial expansion.

Our Provably Fair titles enhance a vast network of over 1,000 online casinos worldwide, setting us apart in the industry. Players can quickly locate these games on our website using a dedicated filter for “Casual games.”

You have been around for quite a while now, since 2012 to be exact. How has the iGaming landscape changed in that time, especially from the crypto gambling perspective?
Over the past decade, our online gambling journey has witnessed profound changes in the iGaming landscape. Notable developments include mobile-friendly games, live dealer gaming, improved graphics, and engaging new mechanics. Furthermore, the industry has increasingly committed itself to responsible gambling initiatives while expanding its global reach.

One particularly significant evolution in this sector has been the emergence of crypto gambling, which has reshaped our interaction with digital wagering. Crypto gambling platforms now allow players to wager using digital currencies, providing faster transactions, enhanced security, and improved privacy.

Blockchain technology, the foundation of cryptocurrencies, has found applications in creating provably fair gaming environments. This blockchain technology ensures transparent and tamper-proof record-keeping, thereby enhancing players’ trust in online casinos and their perception of fairness.

The traditional payment landscape has also expanded to include crypto payments as a viable option. As a gaming provider, it is imperative for us to adapt to these changes in order to be one of the leaders in the iGaming industry.

What is next for BGaming?
Within our player-driven approach, BGaming recognizes the growing need to shift focus from just game launches to player engagement and retention. For instance, we’ve observed the trend of personalized lobbies and gamification strategies, which foster competition and engagement among players, helping retain more players online. So now we’re working in this direction and planning to reach results soon.

At BGaming, we believe studying players and their reactions can bring incredible results. Our game designers and art creators utilize AI tools to support prototyping and stimulate creative brainstorming. In April 2023, we launched Alien Fruits, followed by the release of the Wild Chicago online slot in June 2023. These games marked our initial foray into AI-powered creations that became accessible to the public. Approximately 90% of their static graphic elements were AI-generated, and additional manual refinements were applied to achieve optimal results. We are actively incorporating AI tools into our workflow and working towards their integration to enhance optimization, automation, and long-term assistance.

This month, we are excited to announce the release of сascade slot Merge Up, where clusters of Gems unite to create symbols of greater worth. BGaming has taken the beloved concept of Bonanza casino slots and added a thrilling twist with merging mechanics – the hottest trend in mobile gaming.

In December, we will release a first-of-a-kind Aztec Clusters game in BGaming’s portfolio completely driven by data insights. BGaming has crafted this title by diving deep into extensive research over 10,000+ hours of watching streamers play in various slot games, focusing on understanding their anticipation, frustration, and timing perception.

Additionally, we’re currently working on increasing our brand awareness, global reach and popularity among players. The highly potential and appealing LatAm market is of interest to us, prompting BGaming to launch a large-scale marketing campaign aimed at showing Latin operators and players that we have a lot in store to offer them.

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