What Happened to BC.Game ShitCode: 2023 Update

Tit / Aug 10, 2023

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BC.Game ShitCode was a fun and exciting way to spice up your online gambling experience. With ShitCodes in existence, there was no reason to settle for any old bonus. Why would you, when you could get your hands on free money with a BC.Game ShitCode. But where are they now?
GCODE vs SHITCODE featured image

Once upon a time, there was a little code everyone loved and enjoyed. THE BC.GAME SHITCODE. It was one of the most incredible things to happen to our crypto-gambling community. And yet, it was discontinued. Why exactly did that happen? Is there anything besides shit code that you can use today?

Shitcodes were discontinued.
But there are alternatives!

A while back, when crypto gambling was still in the earlier stages of development, BC.Game came up with a brilliant marketing idea; the ShitCode. The story behind the shit code was that you could find it anywhere across the forums, websites even across the city, like in random toilets, thus the “shit code”, at least that’s what we were told. ShitCode for BC.Game was a hash code that consisted of a long string of random numbers and letters.

There was always a limited quantity of shit codes, and anyone could use it, whether that person was a total noob or an already registered user. There was always a limited amount of BC.Game ShitCodes and players typically initially got a couple of dollars of random cryptocurrency. Towards the “end,” people started receiving BCD for redeeming the ShitCode, which is BC.Game’s cryptocurrency.

So, Are There Any Shitcode Alternatives?

Seeing all of the great responses got us thinking… So we at Gamblineers have decided to create our promotion that will serve the player base just as well! The GCODE.

GCODE promotion is not some lousy free spins but cold hard cash! GCODE can only be found on our site and redeemed at the casinos that feature the “GCODE” button underneath the “Play Now” button in listings. The GCODE button is also featured in the header of a casino review for casinos that have redeemable GCODES.

The best way to see which casino has it is by looking at our GCODE-designated site. GCODE is not a bonus but a couple of dollars worth of free money, with which you can do anything you please.

Claim the GCODE

The Gamblineers Code

GCODE can be used in any way you want! It doesn’t have a wagering requirement, nor is it bound to any game or game type!!

The only thing that could be a slight, slight downside is that you can’t withdraw it since the casino typically has a minimum withdrawal requirement which is in most cases bigger than the promotion itself (GCODE DOESN’T HAVE A WITHDRAWAL REQUIREMENT, ONLY THE CASINOS DO). But hey, you couldn’t have done that with ShitCodes either.

The only thing that’ve noticed is that some casinos have set maximum withdrawal limits, typically around $50, for winnings with GCODES. Huh, I guess that GCODEs also come with a bunch of luck 😉

Who Is BC.Game?

BC.Game casino is an online cryptocurrency casino that offers a variety of gambling options to its users. Established in 2017, BC.Game is known for its focus on blockchain technology and integration of most cryptocurrencies as payment methods, making it attractive to players who prefer cryptocurrencies’ anonymity and security.

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$21 free chips

BC.Game is an exceptionally inventive crypto casino, consistently outpacing its competitors by introducing many fresh, exclusive features and services. Its VIP program ranks among the finest, complemented by distinctive promotions, achievements, and account functionalities. Additionally, BC.Game allows you to engage in a game within their live chat while awaiting support—a remarkable perk for players seeking seamless entertainment.

BC.Game ShitCode was so popular because there were no strings attached, like no wagering. It was straight cash. You could even withdraw it right after redeeming it. That’s sadly also the reason that led BC.Game ShitCode towards its demise. The codes were too easy to come by and too great of a deal, so it wasn’t profitable enough for the casino to keep hosting them. But, boy, did the players have fun while they were in circulation.

How Can You Get a GCODE?

GCODE can be redeemable only by our players, meaning that you must register through our links by clicking on the play now button to redeem it. It also has to be a new account. The GCODE promotion is meant for new players. Little something from our side to get them (you) started:) As mentioned, the casinos that feature the “GCODE” button have it embedded underneath the “Play Now” button. So we’ll for sure let you know if the casino has the availability to redeem GCODES!

Claim the GCODE

The Gamblineers Code

But the news keeps improving; a new GCODE-accepting casino is available every two weeks. Because of this, the number of casinos with the option to redeem GCODES is constantly growing! If you want to be notified about newly available casinos and their GCODES, subscribe to our newsletter, where you’ll learn everything you need to know & more!

BC.Game Shitcode In Conclusion

It is evident that the days of having thrilling experiences with BC.Game’s codes are, for now, behind us. Gamblineers have risen to the challenge of creating a revolutionary solution for the online gaming community. Our innovative GCode promotion provides players with an enjoyable and thrilling gambling experience.

Our mission has always been to empower players by offering them a platform they can trust and enjoy. So join us today, and together we’ll redefine online gambling as you know it – setting the bar higher and striving for excellence at every step.


You were able to redeem shitcodes on the BC. Game’s website, but they have sadly been discontinued. You can check out our GCODE promotion instead, which functions similarly but is available in a wider variety of casinos. New casinos are also being added to the list every two weeks!

Yes BC.Game is a legit casino, and a very good one. It has an extensive game collection, the biggest arsenal of available cryptocurrencies, and an exceptional VIP program.

You used to be able to find them everywhere; forums, blogs, random websites, even on a wall of a random toilet – thus the “shitcode”. Now they have sadly been discontinued. You can check out our GCODE promotion instead. It works in a comparable fashion but can be used in many different casinos. Make sure to check our post to learn more!

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