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Adam Gros / May 10, 2023

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BC.Game is quite a unique casino, they are offering more than 100 cryptocurrencies (the average is about 10) and even having the option to swap currencies and to store them in the casino with interest. But that's not all.
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Then they have a variety of other quite unique features – the option to filter games by volatility, they have crypto lottery and players can enjoy a bunch of perks, including going on luxury trips to name just a few.
Of course we wanted to know more about it.

Listen to the chat with affiliate manager Rayne here:

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You have variety of in-house games available, not just limited to bitcoin crash and crypto dice, but also featuring popular casino games like blackjack, poker, and roulette. Why should a player choose your in-house game over an established game provider that works with a variety of casinos?
I think the benefit of playing with us at BC is that we offer a wide variety of games. So you don’t necessarily need to play our games, but the benefit of playing our in-house games is that they are provably fair. So we initially launched back in 2017 and when we launched we only started with our provably fair games. So our array of games actually started in-house and we’ve since expanded to a wide variety of slots from different software and gaming providers. But in terms of the actual playing experience, I think the biggest benefit coming from our in-house games is the provably fair aspect of it, as well as our incredibly slick and clean user interface for these particular games.

BC.Game also offers high-volatility games, which is a feature that allows players to filter games by volatility, something that most casinos don’t have. Tell us a bit more about this. How else can players find and choose from the thousands of games you have?
In the past it was a little bit harder to navigate between thousands of games. And the more games you add, the more you really need to filter.
So, when you log-in to the BC platform we have a preselected set amount of gaming options. The reason why we’ve selected a certain type of games and gaming selections is just for the user experience to create an easier flow for the particular user to find what they’re really interested in.
So for example, whether it be a live casino, featured games, featured buy-ins, or high volatility slots, those options are added there to create an easier user flow.

But can you tell me which ones are more popular among your players? Do they go more for high-volatility games?
Yeah, so it really does vary depending on the particular market. Based on what we are seeing. Crash is an incredibly popular game. I think we do offer one of the very best crash gambling experiences across the market and that is our provably fair game and our in-house game. Then slots are incredibly popular too. It ranges weekly on which games are trending and I think that really depends on what a lot of streamers are playing, new releases etc. and that’s why we’ve actually added options where you can funnel to see which games are being played the most by users across the world.

Can you tell me which games brought the biggest wins so far?
So I think one of the really interesting aspects of BC is that we actually incorporate a lot of the biggest wins and recent wins onto the actual platform so users can see in real-time which players are winning what games and slots.
In terms of games, slots brought the huge wins. We do have all of our recent large wins found directly on the home page as well as within our comment sections where you can actually see who the biggest winner of the day was. A really good example of this is the current largest winner who won $144.000 playing Crash, and that was a couple of minutes ago.

Then, on the other hand, let’s address losses too. We recently spoke with casinos that return a certain percentage of players’ money in case of big losses, and I’m wondering if you have any similar practices at BC games and how do you encourage responsible gambling.
So I think it’s a two-pronged answer there. In terms of when users do experience larger losses than usual, we do reimburse certain aspects of it in the form of break-back within the deposit bonus, within the weekly bonus, as well as the monthly bonus. And then outside of that, we do have a variety of responsible gambling techniques and strategies that we do deploy, primarily the one being self-exclusion, which is basically the leading point of player protection that we have.

How would one enable that?
So it’s actually really easy to find. When you scroll down to the bottom of the home page, you basically have a selection to self-exclude. On top of that, you can contact any one of your support agents and they will self-exclude you for a given amount of time. Whether it be the amount that you suggest or the amount that you’d like us to permanently close your account. It really does depend on the user.

Your approach to running your casino is very inclusive and community-driven. You offer a bunch of features for players, including chats, referral programs, quests and achievements. Can we talk a little bit about that?
So I think what really gets me excited about BC when looking and comparing ourselves to other casinos is that we don’t necessarily just see ourselves as a betting destination. We see ourselves as incredibly community-focused, and some of the unique features we offer within the platform highlight that. So examples like tipping users, direct chatting to users within the platform, and highlighting large wins to all users, I feel like we’ve added that with community inclusion in mind. A lot of other casinos remove this feature, but we’ve decided to keep it just to keep the community aspect as live and strong as possible.

Sounds great, but I’m wondering, why would others remove that?
I think the primary reason would be the tech would not support large-scale operations as we do with, let’s say, direct conversations. There is a high risk of scamming, so you need to be incredibly vigilant on these things. We obviously keep user privacy in mind, but we do have to keep users aware of scamming. So I think that the tech integrations at scale, as well as the risk of potential scamming attempts, would be the leading driver behind why casinos don’t have these features like we do.

Right, but what do you do to prevent scams?
So we have community moderators that are specifically focused on this. So one of the interesting features within BC is that not only you can have direct conversations or community chats, there are comment sections within particular types of games. We do have community moderators actively scanning these conversations to basically flag any potential scamming or phishing attempts and protect the user in that regard.

One of the other things that you offer, and I think it’s really exciting, is your VIP program, where I heard that you are going on luxury trips and throw VIP parties. Is this really happening?
So we basically have about five tiers in the VIP club. It varies between bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Diamond basically being super VIP with exclusive super VIP perks. So this is basically very exclusive for our high-end players. And that is something that’s really not available across different casinos. We try and focus and really accommodate our super VIPs to the maximum of our abilities. One of the things that we do offer is luxury getaways. So that is something that does take place every year. However, for privacy reasons, a lot of our super VIPs do not like these details being shared. But we can confirm that we do, in fact take our super VIPs that are available at the given time to luxury resorts and getaways across the world.

You’re also one of the very few casinos with your own lottery. Why did you choose to offer that? How desirable is this among players?
So the lottery was something that we’ve been thinking about for a while. It’s an interesting aspect and unique feature added to the casino. We do have a lot of active users playing the lottery on a daily basis. The interesting thing is we actually have a $100,000 daily lottery. So if you win, you will gain certain prizes and the maximum prize is $100,000. And we’ve already had nine winners in total winning the $100,000 lottery since February of last year. Another interesting aspect of our lottery is that it is provably fair.

You recently added sports betting as well, how come?
Similar to the lottery, we just want to provide more aspects to the actual casino and credit platform, which facilitates betting needs for a variety of users. We’ve closed a wider variety of brand sponsorship deals and ambassador deals with a number of well-known teams and personalities. And sports is a perfect aspect to add on to the brand. It is a good opportunity for us to expand more globally, as sports betting is an incredibly large market.

Any kind of activity in the casino is also closely tied to deposits and withdrawals. Especially withdraws are often one of the main struggles for players. So I would like to talk a little bit about that…
So basically in terms of the maximum deposit and withdrawal limits, we basically don’t have any in terms of the winnings, we do not cap the amount of winnings and that’s something that we really pride ourselves in.
However, in terms of withdrawals, especially in cases of larger withdrawals, the reason why things take a little bit longer occasionally is that we have a team manually checking if it is in fact the correct user withdrawing, basically safeguarding ourselves as well as the player in this case.

So just the verification process can take a bit longer? Anything the players can do to speed that up?
I think one of the key factors that you could do is add 2fa. That does help the verification team confirm that it is, in fact, the correct user withdrawing.

Your casino has the largest number of cryptocurrencies that we know of, offering more than 100 (compared to other casinos that usually offer about 10). Especially since one currency can be easily converted into another, I have to ask, why so many? How valuable is that for the players?
So the reason why we added more cryptocurrencies is basically we want to still be a crypto-focused casino. Obviously, we’ve expanded quite heavily over the last couple of years and integrated FIAT deposits. However, our primary focus is still on cryptocurrency users. And we believe that the more cryptocurrencies added creates more options to play with. And the process of, let’s say, swapping between a particular currency and then depositing on the casino affects the user experience and the betting opportunity. So we have integrated a lot of options within the actual platform to allow a wider variety of token holders to actually participate in gambling. And BC Swap basically allows users to swap between currencies as they please, which is obviously an incredibly valuable aspect too.

Will you keep adding them – what coins are next?
We plan on adding coins until the very end. There’s always new currencies being launched, new narratives running within the crypto market, and we plan on sticking with those narratives. And anything that is creating any sort of hype within the crypto ecosystem, we plan on creating a betting market for that particular coin or token.

You started off as an exclusively crypto casino, but then last year, you added quite a few fiat currencies as well. None of the major ones (USD, EUR …) though. How come you decided to expand into the fiat market? Do you plan to add major fiat currencies as well?
I think the biggest reason why is basically our goals for global expansion. Crypto is obviously incredibly popular around the world, but it still does not make up the majority of betting users across the globe. So in order to facilitate and bring on additional users outside of crypto, we found it incredibly important to add FIAT currencies. So we have actively added currencies, basically on a weekly basis to try and facilitate more markets and create better user experiences. And we’ll continue to do so, just like what we do with crypto in terms of adding tokens, we will continue to add payment methods in a variety of different countries to facilitate better user experiences in that regard.

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