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Adam Gros / Jun 26, 2023

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This time we chatted with Jovan from Bitkingz Casino about their new casino site. Bitkingz is a hybrid casino, accepting both fiat and crypto and the new design brings along some new features, among others a daily reload bonus called King’z chest.
Bitkingz Casino Podcast Interview Cover Image

They also have an extensive collection of over 8000 games from a variety of providers. If you’re looking for a specific game, Bitkingz most probably has it.

You can listen to the interview here:

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We liked the retro design of your previous site, the redesign is more modern. Why did you decide to shift?
We are getting that question quite a lot, so to be honest, we loved the previous design too, but we decided it was time to step up and make a more modern version. We discussed it between ourselves and we were in contact with some of the players at our casino because their opinion is of most importance to us.
And after all, we decided that now is the right time for a big change. After six months of hard work on this project, we are sure that this casino will be our most successful one.

What else is new besides the design?
So in addition to the design itself, we practically raised everything else to a higher level. So we improved the standard promotions and added new ones. We increased the number of game providers games, and payment methods, added a lot of new features, and a more advanced VIP program.
We practically introduced all the novelties an online casino needs.

You have an amazing game selection and you can filter them by many criteria, among others they can be filtered by providers. You work with more than 80 game providers, which is a very high number. Why so many, what are the benefits?
That’s right and I can say that we are very proud of this number. Our idea is to provide players with as wide a range of games as possible so that each of them can find what suits them best. When someone, for example, asks us for a game that we don’t have in the casino, which is really rare now, we try to integrate the game provider as soon as possible so that players can have the desired experience of the games they want.

I believe that the next time we chat about this, we will have even more providers.

Which games are the most desirable and why do you think that is?
I mean, it’s hard to generalize because the players at our casino really differ when it comes to their preferences. What I have noticed, what information I get from our game management is that, the bonus buy option, for example, is very popular at the moment.

On the other hand, a relatively new provider, Poppy Play, has been played a lot lately.

On top of that, you offer some unique features like Lucky Drops. Can you share more about that and how else can players benefit from playing at your casino?
Yeah, Luck Drops is one of our new features, but we also have Speeding Wheel, King’s Chest and the new VIP program among others.
I wouldn’t go into details about each feature separately, but they are all worth a try and we believe they will elevate the gambling experience at Bitkingz.

But which one is your favorite?
My favorite is King’z Chest. It’s because you can get a bonus every day. You just need to make a deposit and you’ll have the opportunity to choose between three chests where you will have the opportunity to win up to 10,000 euros.

Do you gamble yourself?
To be honest, no. I believe it is because I have the opportunity to try and test a large number of games and features, and this is where I satisfy my urge for playing.

But you’ve been working in this industry for a while now and do you have some insider tips and tricks that you could share?
There are no insider tips for gambling. I think that in general you need to be lucky, simply to have the luck to win.

You have a section on your website highlighting recent and biggest wins. How often do big wins happen and do players cash them out or keep playing? Do you see any trend going on there?
Yeah, these are some of the new features we introduced on the site. It’s all down to the mathematics of the games and how our players play. I can say that sometimes we have several huge wins in one day.
When it comes to cashouts, there are no rules. Some players immediately pay out the entire win, and some withdraw only a part of it, and continue to play with the other part. It really depends on the player.

So my next question would be, how do you encourage responsible gambling and what features are available for your players?
Responsible gambling is certainly a topic that we take great care of and try to bring it closer to the players in the best possible way.

Some of the options we offer for the players to set themselves are our deposit limits, loss limits, wager limits, cooling off, self-exclusion, and so on.

Do you have any data on how often players reach out for those options?
Again, it totally depends on the players. Some of them are setting them up when they do the registration. Some of them never set any of those limits, so it really depends.

You also offer 24/7 support. What are the things your players are struggling with the most?
This also varies from player to player, but what I’m proud of is knowing that the number of questions related to a certain problem, has really been reduced to a minimum. There are no big problems, just regular daily things like players asking about promotions, how they participate in the promotion, and so on.

Well, generally, in this industry, people struggle a lot with withdrawals…
Yes, this is one of the biggest problems in the industry, but when it comes to our casino cashouts, no matter how large, are approved practically immediately or in just a few minutes via all payment methods except via bank transfer where it may take a little longer. I think that the formula is to keep the communication between everyone involved at the highest possible level. And I consider that one of the most important things in order for the payment process to run as smoothly as possible.

You offer 10 cryptocurrencies to play with. What are your plans for the future – are you adding any new ones?
Yep. We only had a few cryptocurrencies on the previous version of the casino, now there are over 10 of them and there will be even more in the future, for sure.

Especially players who play with crypto value their anonymity. What’s your stand on that and how anonymous can players be at your casino?
We like to say that we are a crypto-friendly rather than a crypto-focused casino. Having said that, we are absolutely aware that one of the most important perks crypto players are looking for is anonymity. And it’s important for us to live up to that expectation. But not doing any KYC (“Know your customer”) is a big potential risk. So we do have certain rules in place and crypto players are asked to complete the KYC procedure, but if there is no risky behavior, players can enjoy full anonymity while playing.

One last question. What’s in for the future for Bit Kings? Any new features?
Yep, we are planning to add some new features but I cannot tell you more about them at the moment as I would like to surprise you when we launch. But one thing I mentioned before is that we are planning to integrate new payment portions regarding cryptocurrencies.

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