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In this post we describe everything you need to know about online gambling software. This will help you get a better understanding of casinos’ bonuses, help you decide which casino to pick and more! With this software you will be able to play better and win bigger prizes.

Being at peak popularity, online gambling introduces its users to quite a few different types of games and bets, depending on your preferred method of playing; casino games or sports betting.

Online Casino Comparators

Comparators are specifically designed to compare casinos to one another. All you have to do is pick at least two and the software will display different features to you, such as their bonus type and amount, the pros and cons list, and, depending on the casino, also a few other options in a more transparent and easy to read format. The casino list however, is typically limited to the casinos that are featured on the website itself.

As far as we know, there are currently no crypto casino comparators.

Casino Comparators

Bonus and Odds Calculators

In addition to casino reviews, we also provide our users with a bonus calculator that allows you to calculate the amount you have to wager in order to withdraw. It also suggests if the bonus is worth using, based on how much money you are allowed to lose in order for the bonus to still be profitable. Furthermore, the bonus calculator recommends a couple of bonuses that you might find interesting, based on your input data!

There are a ton of different calculators that you can find online, which are either general, or serve a more specific purpose.

Sports betting odds

Betting odds calculator allows you to enter your stake and odds in a specific odds format (which typically varies from calculator to calculator, or it consists of the option to set it to your preferred odds format) so that you can know the exact payoff of your bet in advance. This means that you will also have a better understanding of how much you have to deposit in order to make a profit that you are aiming for.

Odds calculators are designed to help you calculate the odds of potential winnings. They usually cover different odds formats so that you can place your bet at the best possible odds. They can typically be found in sports betting.

Wizard of odds’ Black Jack hand calculator showcases the best odds for a given hand, depending on which option you choose.

Odds calculator

Parlay calculators are also odds calculators, however they function in a way where they actually add all of the odds together from multiple bets and then calculate the outcome. So for example, a Parlay calculator would come in handy if you are placing an accumulator bet.

Hash calculators allow users to calculate and test if the game and the outcome were in fact fair and not altered in any kind of way by the casino.

Special, built in provably fair calculators also exist – such as the calculator at Thunderpick. They are typically exclusive to crypto casinos and allow users to check the outcome of the betting before the actual outcome occurs ingame. This assures players that the outcome was generated beforehand and was not altered in any way whatsoever. You can check in more detail how this works in our step by step guide to proving fairness.

Casino Game Simulators

Simulators are quite a useful tool especially if you are a beginner, since they enable you to practice and perfect your strategies for free, without having to spend money on it. This way, when you are ready to start playing with your own money, you already have a couple of tricks up your sleeve and know what to do in advance in certain situations.

The majority of simulators are designed for table games such as baccarat and poker, because you have to know a lot of information in order to successfully play and win these games. They require a lot of strategy and knowledge to begin with, and this is why you can more often find simulators for table games. They enable you to experience the game and get good at it first, without risking your money.

Wizard of odds’ ultimate Texas hold’em simulator is especially good because it not only allows you to practice, but the simulator also has an option to give advice on the best next possible move that will bring you one step closer to victory!

Ultimate Texas Hold'em simulator

Betting bots

Betting bots are programs that do the betting for you, which typically give players quite an advantage since they don’t consist of human emotions such as anxiousness that come into play when gambling. They also make decisions a lot faster. There are even more top of the line bots that are programmed to learn from their opponents. You can also use numerous bots and play on different websites at the same time, which drastically increases your chances of making a good profit.

In conclusion, there are a ton of useful tools that will help you sharpen your skills and assist you by increasing your performance. So pick your favourite game, the corresponding tool and start winning. And may the odds be ever in your favour!

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