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GCODE is a special promotion that we have only with selected crypto casinos and gives you the opportunity to play with real money for free! For those of you who are familiar with BC.Game’s shitcode – this is practically the same thing but for many more casinos. The important thing to know is that GCODE is NOT a bonus, there are no wagering requirements, no minimum deposits, … actually, no terms whatsoever.

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Stupid GCODE

Use code: GCODE

* Use the code in your profile -> Promotion

How Does the GCODE Work?

Firstly, I must let you know that these kinds of offers are EXTREMELY hard to get, which brings out two critical points:

  1. Every GCODE promotion is unique, limited, and very rare,
  2. By offering a GCODE, casinos prove they are willing to go the extra step and offer something outside their comfort zone and what they usually do.

The last point, I think, is crucial. Today, most online casinos are some copy-paste variant of something already existing; they offer nothing new and nothing unique. And the question is, how to sort out those casinos so you know you’re playing in only the best ones? Well, GCODE is one way to do it.

If a casino offers a GCODE, then you can trust me that they know what they are doing. You see, any casino can offer an exclusive first deposit or no deposit bonus because these bonuses have been foreseen upon developing the software for that casino. But to provide a GCODE, a casino must either implement this anew or have already been ‘unique’ enough from the start to offer something like this.

Now to how the GCODE works. It’s very straightforward since there are no special terms to follow.

  1. Firstly, the GCODE only works for new accounts, so you must register using the GCODE button.
  2. You must enter the GCODE code in the Promotion section of your profile.
  3. You get the money and play!

The money is already yours; there is just 1x wagering requirement for AML purposes, no bet limits, and you can play any slot you like. Some casinos might limit your max. wins with the GCODE money to several tens of Dollars, but that’s it.

Can you WIN with a bonus?

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Where Can I Find a GCODE?

There will always be only one single GCODE promotion active on Gamblineers. That means one GCODE and one casino. Each GCODE runs for about two weeks and is then replaced by a new one in a new casino. Every GCODE is limited, and there can only be 100 available, or maybe only 10. That entirely depends on the casino that offers it. When a GCODE runs out, and if that happens before its 14 days are over, you will have to wait for the next GCODE to activate.

Every GCODE will be available on this page and in every listing where the casino that offers the GCODE is present. And on the review page of that casino. You will find it by looking for a green button with the Gamblineers icon and the word “Gcode”. The button will also let you know how many codes are still left. Clicking the button will take you to the casino, where you can register and claim the GCODE.

Past GCODE Casinos

Yes and no. A Shitcode was a promotion in the BC.Game Casino. The GCODE works the same way, but we offer it in many different casinos. You can read more about the difference in our article: What Happened to BC.Game Shitcode?

No. By ‘Bonus’, we assume a casino promotion with terms like minimum deposit, wagering requirement, game limits, bet limits, and so on. GCODE has non of that. It is a promotion, but not a bonus. It’s free money to try out a casino. No strings attached.

Yes! We rotate casinos that offer a GCODE, so every 14 days, a new casino with a new GCODE is featured. We also keep adding new casinos with this promotion. Each time we update this page with a new GCODE, you can come back and use it again. You can signup for our newsletter to get notified of a new offer.

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