4th End of Bitcoin Bull Market After last week’s downfall this might just be the end of the bull market for Bitcoin.

Lana / Sep 02, 2022

Although the rising and falling of Bitcoin’s price is a constant quarrel between believers and skeptics, the last drop of over $15,000 in one week is a clear indicator that something larger may be happening to the crypto giant. According to Philip Swift‘s Pi Cycle Top Indicator, Bitcoin’s market cycle high should have happened on April 12, preluding the start of the bear market. The market high actually happened on April 14, which is still well within the promised 3 day accuracy by Look Into Bitcoin.

Although we have been given only 4 results by the Pi Cycle Top Indicator so far, the first three in the last 8 years were correctly predicted, which makes us wonder if they can get it right 4 times in a row.

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