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Adam Gros / May 09, 2023

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Welcome to our chat with TrustDice casino. TrustDice is an interesting new crypto casino, requiring only an email to signup, offering a daily dividend model with their own TXT coin and they have no withdrawal fees.
TrustDice Interview podcast cover image

We were talking to TrustDice’s affiliate manager Miruna who shared what happens if and when a player loses a bunch of money at their casino. Does the casino return some of it? We also learned which games had the biggest wins so far and what cryptocurrencies they are planning on adding soon and much more.

You’re welcome to read the TrustDice review to find out more about their casino. Or go to our main crypto casino interviews page, where you can find the entire podcast that has been done so far.

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Please tell us, Miruna, what do players value most in your casino?
First and foremost, fair games. Our crypto original games are all provably fair. And we only work with reputable, established game providers for our casino and live casino games.

Rooted in our background, product-side innovation is something that significantly sets us apart from most competitors. We run a well-tailored platform where players can easily find the game they want to play among 6000+ games, stay constantly intrigued, and provides the smoothest operation at every stage of the procedure.

Customization is also something we take pride in. We apply different communication strategies and prepare different bonuses for different players, so they can have the best possible experience with our platform.

You’re also very engaged with your community of players…
We are proud to be the No.1 rated crypto casino in the world. Just take a look at our TrustPilot profile where we maintain a 4.7/5 rating, and you will see thousands of reviews from players all over the world, in 10+ languages.

We have a team of multilingual customer support agents who answer customer inquiries within 1 minute. People grow trust from their daily, personal interactions like this.

We also have a very active user community where a player can interact with other players from around the world. No one can forge such authentic conversations. We have a constantly rolling chat room where people talk about more than just games. They talk about their daily lives, their hobbies, their trades & investments, etc. This is what real chats look like.

You said you have 6000+ games. What are your most popular games and why? Which game brought the biggest wins so far?
Our own Crash and Dice games are the most popular ones on our platform.
And I think it was Crazy Time by Evolution that brought the biggest win. A player once won $40K in a single bet from a $50 deposit. He later lost most of the winnings though.

How often does this happen?
Sometimes, but it’s worth mentioning that we encourage responsible gambling In case of someone losing a huge amount of money, we would cashback a good portion to show sympathy and respect, and the player might be able to win back something with that money. We try to help the players whenever a difficult situation comes around. We do encounter this a couple of times every month.

Can you tell us a bit more about the daily dividend model and how it works?
So our Dice game has part of its profits being shared with the players and TXT token holders through our Staking program. As long as you stake TXT tokens in our Staking pool, you will receive daily dividends from it, which come from our Dice game’s profits. All dividends are paid in mainstream cryptos e.g. BTC, ETH, and USDT.

Let’s talk about withdrawals for a bit here. This is something players are usually having some struggles with.
Yes, they do, but we’d like to point out that we do not have a min withdrawal requirement at all. For max. withdrawals, our limits are on par with most competitors in the market, if not better. It is an industry-standard practice to ensure a healthy and sustainable bankroll.
If some player complains about it, we will kindly ask him to review the terms and conditions (T&C) they agreed to when they signed up. Complaints might be because of the crypto gas fee, but there is no minimum withdrawal implemented.

Any tips on how players can avoid issues with withdrawals?
Never do duplicate accounts. Every week, we deal with thousands of duplicate accounts, and we have developed expertise in this area. For severe violations, especially those who aim only to obtain risk-free financial gains, we would have to ban the accounts.
Also, do not give your account to other people. Some players, especially sports betters, like to lend their accounts to other bettors. This is forbidden per our T&C. Do not buy accounts from other people. This is also forbidden per our T&C. Don’t provide fake KYC. We have seen players submitting forged passports, which were detected by our professional forensic analysis.

What else are players usually struggling with and how can this be avoided?
Responsible gambling I would say. A healthy mentality is crucial here. Gambling should only be done with money you can afford to lose. But it might still hurt, both financially and emotionally. Therefore we highly recommend all gamblers know their limits and apply appropriate strategies so they can play in a sustainable manner.

Are you planning any specific perks for your players in the future? What is going to be your focus in the coming months?
Yes, we do, like always! Our focuses this year include some interesting and innovative perks that the industry has never seen before I believe.
We have launched sports multi-bet campaigns which further improve our sports betting section and make the whole betting experience more exciting! Players can win a lot more when more than 1 result is met.
Culture-specific bonuses are also something we plan to implement this year. We will design bonuses specific to each of our main GEOs and are even contemplating a special campaign for some GEOs.

What exactly are culture-specific bonuses?
They are related to specific holidays that take place in different cultures. For example, Lunar New Year in Asia, or even smaller holidays that are only celebrated in one GEO.

What about any new cryptocurrencies that you’re planning on adding soon?
Yeah, we have LTC, TRON, XRP, DOGE, and SOL in our pipeline, but we do not have a definite date yet I am afraid.

Let’s speak about anonymity as well. Crypto payers value anonymity and at your casino players only need an email to sign up …
Yes, and we design it to be like this intentionally. Anonymity is a big deal for lots of crypto folks and as crypto folks ourselves, we fully understand. Therefore an email is all you need to sign up on TrustDice. No need for a cell phone, or any IDs.
Players can play and make payments with absolute anonymity in most cases and for 99.4% of the players we have.
Of course, we faced some regulatory pressure. But we managed to hold our position and stay true to who we are: in blockchain we trust. Not ID cards.

But you mentioned before that you caught some people with fake passports. When is it necessary to provide a passport anyways?
Occasionally, we require KYC from specific users exhibiting suspicious behavior, which we suspect is usually related to T&C violations or money laundering.

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