Bitcoin casinos are essentially software programs, which run with very little human intervention. The “real” Bitcoin casinos use blockchain technology to run, resulting in provably fair games and complete randomness. This technology (or algorithm) is available to display.


In every other aspect Bitcoin casinos are the same as any other except they provide a better overall support for Bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

Slots have several reels (the spinning columns) and paylines. Everything else is just placing a bet and pressing the spin button. Paylines are lines across reels which connect fields where matching symbols must appear for you to win. If any line connects a winning combination when the reels stop spinning, you win. The lines can have different shapes: they can go straight, zig-zag, different “V” shapes, diagonals, …, pretty much any direction the game creators imagine. Some slots allow you to place bet on any chosen payline separately.


How to win at slots? There is no definite way how to score a jackpot or even a bigger win on slots or casinos wouldn’t have them anymore. Like with any other game however, every slot has certain characteristics which can tip the scale more or less your way. Things you can consider are: return-to-player (RTP), volatility, bonus and other players past experience.


Whatever your reason for playing is, you should look for high RTP slots. RTP is a percentage of all wagered money that is paid back to players. It doesn’t guarantee you that much money back every time but it can give you an indication whether the slot pays back enough to be worth trying. You can often find RTP on the site, where you found the slot or simply google it.


Next thing you want is to choose correct volatility. Volatility tells you whether your chances of winning are high but the winning amount is low – low volatility, or if your chances of winning are small but the winning amount is high – high volatility. Neither is a “better” option, it all comes down to what you can afford. Just remember that high volatility requires much more patience and, more importantly, much more money on your behalf. Since your chances of winning are smaller, you could spend a fortune before you get a winning combination. Keep that in mind. Volatility compared to RTP is a bit more difficult to find but “uncle” Google should be the best option here.


One more thing to consider is if you want to win a bigger amount, you will have to make higher bets. Top wins are always connected to higher bets. If you prefer small bets, that’s ok, but make your peace with smaller wins as well.


Next consider using a free spins bonus. Free spins can increase your chances of winning because … well because they are free. Free spins can be no-deposit or deposit free spins. No-deposit doesn’t cost you anything but the conditions usually don’t allow you to make high bets. Deposit free spins usually leave the bet up to you. You want to consider the wagering requirements of the free spins as well. The best option would be to have no wagering requirements but these are extremely rare. However if you find that bonus, go for it!


And the last thing is other players experience. It’s not 100 % but it’s still better than anything else. If a slot doesn’t pay or has something “fishy” about it, other players will fill the forums with it. Also wherever you play, make sure it’s a fully licenced casino. The last thing you want is to score a jackpot and then get ripped off.

How to win at roulette? I wish I could tell you a way that gave you the upper hand over the casino but unfortunately no such thing exists. Whichever type of roulette you choose, there is always at least 1 zero on the roulette wheel. And it is this very zero that gives the casino higher chances of winning. Don’t get misled by thinking you have 50 % chance of winning if you bet on red or black or odd or even. Because zero is neither of those, your chances are always just under 50 %.


Also roulette is one of the games where each spin outcome is independent of anything that happened in earlier rounds. Meaning even if there had been 100 consecutive red numbers already, the next one still has just under 50 % chance of being either red or black. Bottom line: this is a game of chance. You can win big if you are lucky and that is the only way.


So are there any useful strategies? Thinking only “inside” the game no – there is no strategy that works better than other because every event is completely random. However, knowing different roulette game types can give you better chances. You want to pick the roulette type with the lowest house edge and the highest return-to-player (RTP). Here the European and French roulettes both come first at 2.7 % house edge and 97.3 % RTP. But the French roulette can have another advantage. The French roulette has 2 additional rules called ‘La Partage’ (the divide) and ‘En Prison’ (in prison). They both apply only for even money bets. In the first case you get half your money back if the wheel spins zero. In the second case your bet gets “frozen” in case of a zero and you get all your money back if you win the next spin with the frozen bet. Both cases cut the house edge in half to 1.35 %. So if you’re determined on playing roulette with the highest chances pick the French roulette with La Partage or En Prison rules.

Poker is a card game with numerous different game types. I’m not going to go into detail here about how to play each of them, how to bet and so on because there are too many variations. Poker is a card game played using standard 52-card decks. Some poker game types deal 2 cards to each player and then additional cards, each after a round of bets, raises, checks or folds, until you hold 5 cards in your hands. Some poker game types deal 2 cards to each player and then other cards on the table, which are common to all players, other game types deal all 5 cards at once,… and the list goes on. The basic concept of any poker game is trying to get the highest valid card combination that ranks and outranks all your opponent cards.
These combinations are (in descending order):

  1. Royal flush (A-K-Q-J-10, all same suit),
  2. Straight flush (any sequence not including A, all same suit),
  3. Four of a kind (all four suits of the same rank),
  4. Full house (3 suits of the same rank + 2 suits of the same rank),
  5. Flush (all the same suit, no sequence needed),
  6. Straight (any sequence, different suits),
  7. Three of a kind (3 suits of the same rank),
  8. Two-pair (2 suits of the same rank, twice),
  9. Pair (2 suits of the same rank),
  10. High card (single highest card).


How to win at poker? Have you ever heard of a “poker face”? As silly as it sounds, in reality it is very important when it comes to winning poker. The fact is, no matter which poker you play, the cards you are dealt are random. And so are your opponent’s. Sometimes “worthless”-looking cards can win a game and aces can lose. But in order to win at poker, you must know how to win with “worthless”-looking cards and with worthless cards.




Yes. It means, you must know how to win with your game and not with your cards. Win with your poker face. Consider these 3 play styles:

  • play aggressively with a strong hand (pretty obvious one),
  • play passively with a weak hand,
  • play aggressively to make your opponent fold a better hand.


Unfortunately that takes practice because it must become the way you think subconsciously. But there is also something called the theory of poker game, which you can learn faster and start using it immediately.


Know which hands to play on which position. You might think it’s all up to cards in your hands but in fact position you are starting at can give you a lot of leverage if you know how to use it.


Stay unpredictable. In other words, don’t let your opponents know you either have a strong or a weak hand. If you do, they’ll learn to read you and you might as well stop playing. To keep your opponents in the dark you can follow a few rules: play some of your weak AND strong hands the same way, raise to the same size with ALL hands you play, show your cards ONLY when you really have to.


Choose the right table. This is overlooked too many times. Although this is harder to do online than in real-life poker, you should still consider the house rake, how good the players at the table are, how are they playing – which styles are they using and if the game is safe. In short, find a table with many “just-for-fun” players who make a lot of loose actions and preferably with no house rake. This is the point where you must leave your ego aside.


Study your opponents and adjust. Look for signs telling you when your opponents are playing aggressive, when are they playing hands which don’t really make sense, when they tilt and what hands are they showing. Look for any weakness or pattern and adjust your tactic accordingly. This one is very difficult and requires a lot of focus but at the end many players can be read to some extent especially longer into the game.


Don’t overcomplicate. Take your time to make a decision, don’t rush, try finding a logical decision for your next move and don’t let others pressure you into a premature action. Poker is a game of patience.


If you need any information about the fundamentals of poker theory or terms used, feel free to check out this wikipedia’s article.

… well, I think it all comes down to 2 situations:

  1. If you’re playing for fun, you’re asking the wrong question. You either devote yourself to mastering a game/skill or you play for fun and don’t care if you win at the end.
  2. If your only aim is to win or earn money then prepare to work. Casinos have many different games, where some have better payouts than others, some are completely random and are a “try out your luck” kind of games only and some, especially those played against other players, which allow you to use your skill to rise above your opponents (or even the casino) and win in the long run. Poker and blackjack are two examples. If you are able to study other players, the game and the dealer, understand your odds and master situations when to raise and when to fold then there is always a way. But it takes patience, time and devotion. Are you up to it? That’s for you to find out.


If you haven’t already, I advise you to read the above answers to “How to play and win at slots“, “How to win at roulette” and “How to play and win at poker” first to get a rough feeling how to think and what to look for.

Warning – a lot of tech-talk!

Each time you play a game which is supposed to be provably fair, you receive a so called “hash of the server seed” before you place your bet. That is an encrypted version of the “starting conditions” of the game. When you place your bet (also called “the client seed”) and you win or lose, you receive a revealed version of the server seed or in other words the game reveals what the starting conditions were so you can see if everything was played correctly according to your bet.


The non-rocket-science way:

If the text above didn’t make much sense to you, don’t worry, it doesn’t to most players. And it doesn’t have to. There will always be a handful of players who know their cryptography and will do the above process for you. In case anything doesn’t go as it should they will be screaming it out loud across forums, comments, reviews and other locations. So unless the game you want to play just came out 3 minutes ago and you want to be the first person alive to play it, the odds are someone has tested it, reviewed it and posted the result somewhere. So asking your favourite uncle Google for help should answer your problem in no time. You should still be careful about sites stating they are provably fair. Some may want you to think so knowing you probably won’t try to prove it yourself. So stay on sites you trust, sites you read reviews about and that gained a good reputation over time.

There are a few general signs that something might not be right you can look for. Each casino needs to operate transparently to stay on the scene and earn good reputation. And in order to do that these statements should be true:

  1. Casino’s licence number is written in plain site on the website (usually in the footer).
  2. The company owning the casino, where it’s based and their information is provided on the casino’s website.
  3. Casino uses game software from reputable game providers.
  4. Casino reports and reviews don’t mention long withdrawal times and withdrawal fees aren’t insanely high (like 25 %).
  5. Forums, affiliate sites (such as Gamblineers) and other reviewing sites don’t have major complaints about the casino.


There are so many online casinos today that many regulatory bodies had to be set up in order to keep control over what and how it is done. So usually if you are playing at a casino, which has been on the scene for many years, it almost certainly answers to all the above statements as well or it would have been shut down already.

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