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Adam Gros / Aug 24, 2023

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GameArt is a game provider with a variety of popular games. They have 120 + Games in their portfolio, releasing 2-3 games per month. Did you know that one of the GameArt slots scored a lucky soul a jackpot of $2.4 million?
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We chatted with Almir, COO at GameArt, and explored what makes GameArt popular among crypto players even though none of their games are provably fair.

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Can we talk a bit about what you, as a game provider, even do? You are a team of Slot Game Mathematicians, Business and Game developers, and much more. How does a new game come to life?
We are a team of many different people, like Slot Game Mathematicians, Business and Game Developers, game developers, account managers, QA and sales. Crafting exceptional games entirely in-house, starting from the ground up. We have ideas, we have people who are thinking about the games, who are studying the market, who are studying the players … We develop everything in-house. From art, sound, math, and everything that the game has at the end.

Can you tell me how long it takes to develop a game?
It depends on the complexity of the game. As you know, there are some games that are more complex compared to others. If we are talking about, let’s say, shirt sizes game, so small, medium, large, we can say that for the small game, which is a super simple game, like a fruit game with 10 lines with no special features, it would take a month or even less. If we are talking about more complex games or XL games or DoubleXL games, we are talking six months and more.

What sets GameArt apart from other game providers? Why should players choose GameArt games?
I would say that it’s very difficult to be different from what others are doing. That’s something that everyone is trying to achieve in the market. So all the competitors are fighting for the same thing – to be innovative. But we figured out that providing the players what they like is the way to go.
The concepts and features we are trying to put into our games are solid, I would say.
Taking into consideration also the technologies that are now evolving, we are trying to be always on top of that. But the point is that technology is the same for everyone now. Also, 90-plus % of players are playing on mobile, so the client technology or the framework we use is very important.
We are also following the complexity of the games. Keeping or having games in our portfolio and releasing the games that are famous among the players. And what they really like are the fruit games or the simple games, so the games with the standard playlines, but on the other side, the VIP players or the high rollers are into super high volatile games like 100,000x multiplier possibility of a win.
So to answer your question, I would say it’s a combination of all those things – games adapted to market trends and needs with advanced technologies, different volatility levels and other gameplay features, and the mobile-first approach.

So what is your most played game and which games are most played among crypto players specifically?
It is hard to say because we are actually following and considering a lot of KPIs. But if we are talking about only crypto and VIP, then we are definitely talking about games with super high volatility. To mention a few of them: Money Farm Megaways™ and Pirate’s Pearl Megaways™ both of those games we released this year. Then we have Lunar Rabbit, Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways™, which is one of our most famous releases in 2021 and still smashing worldwide.
Also, Fruit Games are very popular among our players: 40 Super Blazing Sevens – Recent Release, 20 Hot Fruit Delights, Xtreme Hot …
Among table games, the most popular is Blackjack and European Roulette.
Our top-performing games among crypto players are: Money Farm 2, Nefertiti’s Nile, Lucky Coins, Azrabah Wishes, Tiger Heart, Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways, and Aladdin’s Quest.

Do you have any crash or dice games? If not, do you plan to develop such games in the future?
We do have dice games and I’m talking about those dice games that are slots converted into dice because of some requirements, especially in the Belgium market where the slot, the normal slots, can not be played. That’s because of the regulations there. And for those particular clients, we produce the dice slots. So at the moment, we have six of them and ten in development.
And regarding the Crash game, we have yet to get it. But we are now creating the first Crash game, which will be released end of October, beginning of November. The date is yet to be confirmed, but the name will be Yellow Diver.

Do you also have any provably fair games by the player?
No, we don’t, actually. Provably fair is well connected to the Crash games which are in development. And to be honest, we are not thinking about adding provably fair to our games. But on the other side, we have our games certified for many markets. So, our RNG is certified by two labs, not just one. We are using Quinel and GLI for the certification. So even without provably fair, our games are tested and certified. So, there’s nothing to be scared of.

Which cryptocurrencies can your games be played with? And which crypto is most played on your games besides Bitcoin?
Besides Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrencies are Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.
Regarding cryptocurrencies actually, we are supporting all of them. There is no limitation for adding any cryptocurrency on our end. The most important thing is that we have an official exchange rate feed that we can integrate on our end and it will take the latest prices of the bitcoin because, as you know, it is very volatile in terms of price. As far as we have the exchange rate feed, it’s good for us and we can add any of the cryptocurrencies out there.

What games (by name) would you recommend to high-rollers who are looking for high bets and high winnings?
I mentioned a few of them already in the previous questions. Both Megaways games were released this year, and there are Piggy Bjorn and Piggy Bjorn 2, a sequel we released last year. Both games are doing really well, especially Twitchers and other streamers who are playing those games because the big winnings attract viewers and followers and boost their reputation. Those games are famous on social media too. So we already had some huge winnings, we’re talking about millions of dollars.
We would recommend:

  • Piggy Bjorn
  • Piggy Bjorn 2
  • Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways
  • Money Farm 2
  • Money Farm Megaways
  • Pearl Megaways
  • Lunar Rabbit

But on the other side, you need to know that everything actually depends on the operator side because if they have some restrictions on how to play, let’s say a max bet over €5 and the game has a potential of 100,000x, so the players can’t win more than half of million.

Do you have the information on the biggest win on your games to date and how much was it? Was it on any of those games?
No, actually, the biggest win was on Azrabah Wishes a few years ago. It was, I think, a month or two months after we released it on the Bitstarz Casino. The win was 2.4 mio. This was, I would say, the biggest win on our slot so far if I don’t consider those on Twitch, which were also big but not like that one.

So what about Twitch? Do you have any information about the wins there? And how important is that for your business?
Sure, it’s very important for us, definitely marketing-wise, it’s a very good channel for GameArt and for other providers as well. So they are playing our games like average players, but of course, we are talking huge bets and huge wins. Most players are also playing the buy bonus feature because it’s exciting for the viewers; you go straight to the point, so you’re buying a bonus or the free spins or any feature the game has.
And the deal at the end, it could be with the Twitcher, it could be with the operator, so with the site, it depends. But to answer your question, yes, it’s an essential marketing tool for us.

Anonymity is important when it comes to crypto gaming. Some casinos only require an email to sign-up, deposit and play. How does it all work when it comes to games? What data do you need or gather in order to provide the game to the end user?
As a game provider, we don’t need any player-specific information. Everything is on the operator’s side. So they need to do the KYC, if they do the KYC or any kind of checking on their end.
When a player engages in our game, only their ID number is utilized on our platform, along with their location for the purpose of country restrictions.
Anything else is irrelevant for us, actually.

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