“Regular” online casinos only accept Bitcoin along with other currencies, while Bitcoin casinos were built primarily around Bitcoin, adopting the way they operate, their games, transactions and promotions to Bitcoin.


They work exactly the same as any “regular” casino with a few advantages which Bitcoin offers (anonymity, security, fast transactions, lower fees, …) and offer games built on Blockchain technology, which makes them provably fair. See the question below for more information.


Bitcoin’s rising popularity makes more and more casinos adopt Bitcoin as a payment option so there are quite a lot of very good and authoritative casinos out there already. Other Cryptocurrencies are also fighting for their presence in the gambling market but are, of course, a much less frequent payment method in much less online casinos and gambling sites.


  1. Privacy: most Bitcoin casinos demand only your e-mail and e-wallet address so basically all your personal information is kept to yourself. People from countries with illegal gambling use Bitcoin to “avoid” these legal restrictions. Though I can’t endorse that I also can’t dismiss the fact that it is an option.
  2. Transaction speed: compared to credit/debit card transactions and bank transfers Bitcoin transactions travel with the speed of light. To put it simply: you don’t have to wait days in order to make a transaction, being a deposit or a withdrawal.
  3. Low transaction fees: the fees are so low, we can hardly call them fees at all. A lot of times casinos will cover them for you as well. And lower fees allow sports bookies to give you better odds as well.
  4. Provably fair: fairness of many games you can play with Bitcoin can be proved by examining the algorithm behind the “randomness”, which is published by the game provider.
  5. Bonuses: many times, Bitcoin bonuses are higher compared to regular-currency bonuses.
  6. Security: with an appropriately chosen e-wallet, you are safe everywhere since no one can hack your account – you didn’t provide anyone with any information in the first place!
  7. Taxes: Bitcoin is currently tax free so whatever you win you keep.


  1. Volatility: probably the biggest con but still not “as big”. Since the price of Bitcoin is always changing, your winnings can be affected as well. However if you plan on continuing to gamble with your Bitcoin winnings or you have a habit of paying for many different things in your everyday life with Bitcoins, this won’t impact you that much. Some people complain about Bitcoin price dropping in the “waiting time” between you withdraw your funds from the casino and the time you actually receive them. But this “waiting time” is short so even if the price changes, it won’t change much and additionally sometimes Bitcoin price can drop and other times it can rise so who says this can’t play in your favour?
  2. User non-friendliness: working with Bitcoin and e-wallets requires some getting used to, especially tech-wise. But if computers and smartphones are your everyday companions, this shouldn’t be any problem at all.

In general Bitcoin gambling has no additional prohibitions as regular gambling. Some countries (some US states for example) prohibit casinos from accepting Bitcoins, that’s why most Bitcoin casinos are not located in the USA. So generally any Bitcoin casino listed here is a legal Bitcoin casino.


The only thing that can concern you is whether you are eligible to gamble online from the country or state you are currently in. Each country and state has it’s own regulations, but usually casinos either list all countries that are restricted from playing there or prevent you from entering their site in the first place if you are in a restricted country.

Yes. As long as you have a smartphone. Most “bigger” casinos either offer mobile access or have their own mobile app. If you wish to play via the mobile app you will only need to check whether the casino (or app) is an android Bitcoin casino or iphone Bitcoin casino or both. All casinos listed on our site support mobile playing.


Some games may not be available in mobile even though the casino is “mobile”. However, since there are more and more people using smartphones compared to PCs or laptops, more and more games and casinos have the mobile option as well. So compared to most casino games, you have much better odds here 🙂

Suprisingly yes! You do need a compatible smartwatch though. The surest option here is an Apple watch. There are currently very few games available for smartwatches since it is still in the early days of development but more and more are coming out as we speak.


You will still have to create your account on a computer or phone first if you’re joining a new casino.

Because I am a gambler myself I regularly play or at least did regularly play at some point at all casinos I mention on this site. I use the bonuses as well so I pretty much test all the “fine print” regarding wagering, withdrawals, deposits and so on. Every once and a while I take some extra time to test the casino’s support, check their background, licences and other things I don’t regularly experience while playing. I put all things together and write the review and rate the casino myself, where my rating accounts for 50 % of the final rating. The other 50 % comes from customer ratings and reviews which I gather across many different websites to minimise the possibility of me being subjective.


To summarise, this is what I pay attention to:

  • registration process (is it simple, anonymous, …),
  • depositing (speed, bonuses, min./max. amounts),
  • general experience (can I easily navigate the site and find everything I need, is the site fast and responsive – including mobile – what can or can’t I play with Bitcoin/other currencies, …),
  • bonuses (I look for the “fine print”, check terms and conditions),
  • games (I play multiple games, different game providers, live games, …),
  • withdrawal (speed, min./max. amounts, different payment methods, wagering requirements for bonuses, …),
  • customer support (phone, live chat, email, responsiveness, their general attitude, …),
  • casino background (age, licence, past issues and customer complaints, rewards, …).

Every casino or gambling site mentioned on Gamblineers website accepts Bitcoin.


For those of you wondering if a casino I haven’t listed accepts Bitcoin, the easiest option is to look for “payment methods” or “accepted currencies” on their website and see if Bitcoin is on the list. And in that case, please, let me know so I can list the casino!

First you need an active Bitcoin wallet with Bitcoin in it. Then choose your preferred gambling site, register an account and find the “deposit” section. All Bitcoin-accepting gambling sites already have the Bitcoin wallet option built in, where you will find the casino’s wallet address (a sequence of random letters and numbers for you to copy). Copy the address, go to your e-wallet, go to the “send/request funds” section, paste the copied address and choose the amount you wish to deposit. Click send. Now you’re ready to play! Just pick your favorite game on the casino’s website and place a desired bet as with any other currency.


Withdrawing Bitcoins is then very similar except you copy your own e-wallet address and paste it in the casino’s “withdraw” section. Good luck!

There are many different Bitcoin wallet options to choose from depending on how you plan on using it and what features it has. I’m going to provide you with 2 options:
  1. If you don’t care that much and just want to play as soon as possible, I recommend the Ledger Nano (hardware wallet) or Electrum (online wallet). The end.
  2. If you want to have more options to choose from regarding operating system, your experience and additional features and criteria, I recommend’s wallet chooser (if you know what you want) or their helper (if you don’t know what exactly you are looking for).
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