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Dickson / Apr 25, 2024

crypto casinos with best customer support
Customer service is a crucial element in online casinos. Sometimes, when you’re looking for new sites to play, you may be enticed by sweet welcome bonuses, and it’s essential first to consider the availability of a crypto casino customer support team and what they offer by reading online reviews, testing the respective support before signing up, among other ways.
crypto casinos with best customer support

Top Crypto Casinos With the Best Support

Crypto casinos customer support varies across the board, and it may be challenging to settle on the best since, many a time, they offer a similar experience. However, some online gambling sites stand out, and we dug deep to discover them and what they offer regarding customer support.

BitStarz Casino

BitStarz has an in-house support team involved in the casino’s day-to-day activities and clearly understands how it operates. They focus on high-quality user experience compared to other crypto casinos that outsource support agents. Outsourced agents often don’t know all the details about the casinos they work for.

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A custom-integrated chatbot will first answer your queries by filtering out the issues before transferring you to a live agent if the area of concern is beyond its understanding. Note that the bot offers a live agent option at the start of the chat, and you can opt to talk to one immediately.

Usually, the support team at BitStarz responds near-instantly to chat queries, making you feel the personal yet professional approach to how they handle players. No matter how small your problem may be, you’re assured of satisfactory customer support at BitStarz Casino. Besides live chat, you can also reach the support team via email.

mBit Casino

mBit uses a live chat software from Intercom, and has one of the best Bitcoin casino support. All you need to do is click on the live chat feature on their website and go through a chatbot for introductory inquiries or talk to a customer support agent directly for quicker problem-solving. Unfortunately, the chatbot won’t help if you need more details or when something is wrong.

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mBit has one of the best live chat apps we’ve seen. It saves your chat history, so you can always pick up an issue from where you left off, even with a different support agent. Through experience during our mBit review, we noted that the live chat agents were very responsive, though in some cases, we had to repeat questions at least twice to get a response from them. Otherwise, the mBit customer support team is exceptional. Casino

At Casino, there are no chatbots involved! That’s one good thing about crypto casino customer support that makes it join our list in this guide. Casino Logo

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To reach the support team, you’ll talk to them directly via live chat, email, or a contact form. Live chat works well, and an extensive help center answers most queries if you need additional information.

The support agents at Casino are very professional and give straightforward and meaningful answers. They seem to know the casino deeply and understand gambling, which is a positive impression of the casino. In, be assured that your needs will be well taken care of.

Why Good Crypto Casinos Customer Support Matters

Most casinos hire agencies (usually from South Africa, India, or some other country with many English-speaking people and low wage rates compared to the US or EU) to handle customer support needs. Only a handful of casinos, such as BitStarz, have in-house customer support teams.

Whether outsourced or not, here’s why excellent customer support is essential in a casino:

  • Resolving issues quickly – Bitcoin casinos with the best support mean swift resolution of any player-related issues that may arise.
  • Building trust and credibility – Crypto casino customer support teams from top BTC casinos help build trust and credibility for their brand. When you know you’ll receive a quick response from a support team, you will most likely trust the casino with your money.
  • Provision of information and assistance – Good customer support helps you with information about games, the platform, or banking methods so you can better understand how to navigate the site. When the support team knows little about the casino they work for, they make little effort. They may be working for more than one casino and lack incentive, hence giving generic answers prepared beforehand.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulation – BTC casinos often have specific terms and policies regarding bonuses, promotions, wagering requirements, and other aspects of gameplay. Clear communication from customer support helps you understand these policies and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Competitive advantageCrypto casinos with good customer support can easily attract new users, retain existing ones, and contribute to positive word-of-mouth recommendations, driving growth and success.
  • Account security – Customer support plays a crucial role in ensuring the protection of user accounts. They can assist with account verification, password resets, and other security-related concerns to prevent unauthorized access.

What Makes a Good Support

Good customer support in crypto casinos shares many qualities with customer support in other industries. Still, some aspects are specific to the nature of crypto gambling that make it stand out.

Here are crucial elements that make for good customer support in crypto casinos:

  • A deep understanding of crypto by the support agents: They should have a solid knowledge of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and how transactions work on the platform to enable them to assist users with inquiries and resolve issues effectively.
  • Swift responses: Timely assistance is crucial in online gambling. Users expect quick responses to queries or concerns about a casino. All the Bitcoin casinos in this guide demonstrated a high response rate from their customer support agents during our respective reviews, and we applaud them for that.
  • Multiple communication channels: Good customer support provides various channels for users to reach out, such as live chat, email, contact forms, phone support, or even social media platforms.
  • 24/7 availability: Players prefer crypto casinos with readily available support teams since assistance may be needed at any time, especially when dealing with time-sensitive transactions or issues, and the support team needs to be readily available.
  • Transparency and clarity: Good crypto casino customer support is transparent about casino policies, terms, and procedures. They should explain clearly and concisely to users, especially regarding Bitcoin casino bonuses, promotions, wagering requirements, and account-related matters.
  • Problem-solving skills: Support agents should be equipped with problem-solving skills to address various issues that users may encounter. This skill is vital, whether it’s troubleshooting technical problems, resolving disputes, or assisting with account-related matters. Unfortunately, most outsourced support staff rarely understand the casinos they’re working for and end up giving vague, generic answers to customer queries.
  • Proactive communication: Good customer support doesn’t just wait for users to reach out with problems. It also engages in proactive communication, including sending updates on account status, upcoming promotions, or changes to casino policies.
  • Continuous improvement of customer support teams makes them stand out. They should strive for improvement by gathering user feedback, analyzing support metrics, and implementing changes to enhance the overall user experience.

These are just a few factors that make the best crypto casino support team. All the casinos we recommend in this guide pay close attention to most, if not all, of these practices.

Customer Support Channels in Online Casinos

Most crypto gambling sites use a live chat app with basic functionality for customer support. However, some casinos invest in superior chat systems for a great customer experience. Take, for instance, chat software like Intercom, which BC.Game uses. It beats alternatives like Livechat, commonly used in most casinos, by offering features such as integrated FAQs and news within the chat window and comprehensive chat history storage.

Despite the fantastic app used by BC.Game, their support team isn’t the best, unfortunately. They take a long time to respond to customer queries, sometimes up to hours, which can be annoying. Most live chat providers have recently integrated chatbots into their support team due to the widespread uptake of AI over the past year but have yet to do what humans can.

Many casinos with chatbots have ‘basic’ functionality where the bot gives preset generic responses, guiding you to answers or articles that explain how to do something in the casino – like a guided FAQ. Some casinos have well-integrated chatbots that converse with you as if you were talking to a live agent. Their primary shortcoming is the inaccuracy of their responses.

For example, BitStarz has a custom chatbot that’s so well-built and coordinated that you won’t realize you’re talking to one. The good thing is you’re never really talking to yourself since there’s always an agent supervising the chat.


BitStarz, mBit, and are the crypto casinos with best support teams. Much as some sites may claim otherwise, these are the only online casinos that merit our rigorous tests as we write reviews.

Many factors may influence the qualities of a great customer support team in online casinos, including vast crypto gambling knowledge, quick responses, 24/7 availability, and advanced problem-solving skills.

Best BTC Casino Support

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