Biggest Casino Win Ever in Crypto Casino

There are so many different casino games that allow you to win astonishingly high amounts of money. But which game offers the largest payout and which is responsible for the biggest casino win ever? Who wouldn’t want to win 11,000 BTC?

What was the biggest casino win ever?

The biggest casino win ever on the crypto gambling scene was achieved by a very skilful and lucky player named Antanas Guoga, also known as Tony G. He won a life-changing $7,750,652 in early February of 2022. This huge sum was won in an online crypto poker game. On top of that, not only did he break the record for the biggest crypto win ever, but he also broke the record for the biggest online poker pot of all time!


Were there any biggest casino wins in table games and slots?


The biggest casino win in slots game was accomplished by a BitStarz player who won a whopping $2,459,124! This incredibly high amount was won on a slot game called Azrabah Wishes, created by GameArt, IN A SINGLE SPIN! The highest possible multiplier for this game is x15,000!

Azrabah Wishes is a game where you can truly go on a quest for riches, since it has many inside features like free spins, that allow you to further increase your potential for winning. In addition, their mega multiplier feature allows you to increase your profits.

Arazbah Whishes

Online Live Roulette

Luck comes especially handy when you are hoping for a big win. However, adding some skill and strategy to this might just do the trick. That is exactly how one particular player won 53 BTC on Couldbet’s Live Roulette. In this case, the anonymous player was able to get a good use out of Cloudbet’s high betting limits, which ultimately resulted in such a big win.

Were there any big wins in crypto dice or crash?

There hasn’t been much talk about crypto dice’ biggest wins since 2013 when a player known as Nakowa won close to 11,000 Bitcoins! Of course, Bitcoin was much cheaper back then, but still the amount he won over the course of that fortunate and prosperous weekend totalled to around $1,3 million, which is definitely one of the biggest if not THE biggest casino win or winning streak ever for a crypto dice game!

He played one of the earliest crypto dice games in existence, forever leaving his mark on the history of crypto dice gambling. The game was hosted by a website called Just-Dice, which funnily enough, remains pretty much the same to this day so you can check it out and see where it all started! In the first month of its operation a whopping 429k Bitcoin were wagered, which added to around $38 million back in the day. Pretty wild stuff, huh?

Just Dice

Which casino games in general allow for the biggest wins and how can a player win?

Crypto gambling offers users a great chance to win really big prizes since you can bet a lot more with crypto than you can win fiat currencies. The games that were mentioned in the previous sections are different from one another and even though the winnings players received at those games are life changing, winnings like that don’t happen quite as often and are not that common – unless you are extremely lucky, of course.

However, there is a game which keeps on rising above the rest in terms of big winnings and how many times players manage to score big throughout. The winnings are not as big as a few million dollars, but they tend to range between a couple of hundred thousand to half a million, which happens quite often.

The game that allows for such winnings is of course CRYPTO SLOTS! And luckily for you, it is also one of the easiest gambling games to play! Nevertheless, there are certain tips and tricks you can use that will hopefully increase your chances of winning.

As the title of the game might suggest, crypto slots is a type of slot game which allows you to play with various cryptocurrencies instead of with regular fiat currencies. This option enables you to bet more than you could with fiat, which is one of the reasons why crypto gambling is becoming more and more popular. In addition to that, with crypto you can stay completely anonymous and the transaction time is typically way faster.

How to play crypto slots

Crypto slots work just like regular slots where you place the amount you wish to bet and then spin the wheels. As mentioned above, there are a couple of tips and tricks that you can use that will make your slots playing experience better and easier.

1. Read the terms and conditions. It is very important that you carefully read the terms and conditions of every game that you are planning on playing and of every casino that you are planning on joining. There is a high chance that the casinos have quite different conditions in terms of withdrawal limitations, bonuses, transaction speeds, privacy policy and so forth.

2. Watch out for scams. There are many people who want to take advantage of players who are desperately trying to get money quickly, in cases where they are not playing just for fun. If you find yourself in that position we advise you to defer from playing, as you will need your money for other things. However, if you truly do wish to earn your money this way, you should steer clear of games that say your win is “100 % guaranteed”, or something along these lines, because such games are most likely a scam.

Greatest win

3. Watch out for jackpots. A lot of casinos have a type of slot game which is referred to as progressive slots. Progressive slots gather a fractions of players’ bets, ultimately adding to the jackpot’s size! This is actually the main reason why progressive slots are the most popular type of slots in the gaming community. The prize pool just keeps growing and has often made it possible for quite a few lucky individuals to change their lives forever!

4. Try different games. There are a ton of different slot games that you can play for fun. They also vary in terms of the general feel, graphics and options. The most important aspect, besides reading the T&C and not spending your life savings, is choosing a game that you enjoy playing. This is what gaming is all about at the end of the day – fun.

5. Do your research. Some casinos offer bonuses that better suit your needs than others. This is why it is best to sift through a couple of casinos and their bonuses before actually opening an account. Some casinos have really good sign up bonuses and chances are you might miss the opportunity if you are planning on playing at only one casino.

In conclusion, you can win big at a lot of games with some luck and a little bit of strategy, depending on the game. If you are new to the crypto online gambling scene, we suggest that you start with slots since these are one of the easiest games to play. Best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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